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 Backstreet boys: Howie has close ties to fans

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Backstreet boys: Howie has close ties to fans Empty
PostSubject: Backstreet boys: Howie has close ties to fans   Backstreet boys: Howie has close ties to fans Icon_minitimeThu 31 Jul - 14:03

The Backstreet Boys still have fun on stage - also after 15 years. Especially Howie Dorough is excited to meet his fans on every concert. FIRSTNEWS has interviewed him. Howie described that there's a strong bond between him and the fans:"Some have grown up with us. It's very exciting to see fans who are with us from the first day on. Some of them have their own families. But there are also new faces. That's very cool. Our concerts have developed to something like a family event. Many fans who were 20 in the beginning of BSB are now 30 and they take their own childs with them to the concert. And their childs love also our music."

The Backstreet Boys don't want to break up. Nick Carter & Co want to publish soon their 7th studio record. hat-enge-bindung-zu-fans/] hat-enge-bindung-zu-fans/

SOURCE: Return of Backstreet

PS: Traduction sur demande !

Backstreet boys: Howie has close ties to fans Causeex4

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Backstreet boys: Howie has close ties to fans
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