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 Backstreet's bond with fans unbreakable

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PostSubject: Backstreet's bond with fans unbreakable   Backstreet's bond with fans unbreakable Icon_minitimeWed 10 Sep - 17:58

Is a statement being made here?

Backstreet Boys have called their last two albums Never Gone and Unbreakable. This implies longevity.

They've enjoyed huge success and taken a few risks. They've seen a dip in record sales but they have endured.

Despite a hiatus, Backstreet Boys have never gone. Despite some inner upheavals, they remain unbreakable.

Thus, they returned to GM Place Thursday night not as victors but as survivors.

After an excited but impatient audience of about 10,000 chanted "Backstreet Boys," Howie Dorough, A.J. McLean, Brian Litrell and Nick Carter appeared, preceded by a child who sang their introduction and then ran off.

The Boys entered wearing silk boxing robes and jumped into a boxing ring for their first song, "Larger Than Life." Did anyone miss the message?

They were backed by a tight and efficient quartet, while a video screen was about as elaborate as the staging got.

Howie, A.J., Brian and Nick concentrated on their dance moves and the hits, saving individual moments for solo spots Fleche down such as Dorough's in which he displayed his Latin roots and flashed a little Jackie Wilson.

The thought occurred that the choreography is so intrinsic to a Backstreet Boys show that they couldn't successfully make a live album. DVDs were made for them.

The Backstreet Boys of today seem an honest presentation of who they are and what they've become. They're not as obsessed with image or being a contrived package.

A song such as "Incomplete" packs an emotional wallop Fleche down not too hard but not calculating either.

When the audience sings "I Want it That Way" with them, it's confirmation that there is a lasting bond there never gone and unbreakable.

The concert started shrilly with Girlicious Fleche down wirrr Fleche down who have made an album --weeee Fleche down of danceable but shallow pop Fleche down bang.

In concert they are no more than choreographed lap dancers Fleche down wirrr. The four women are just meat Fleche down zing Fleche down neatly arranged on a conveyer belt Fleche down zip Fleche down in which the wheels are louder than the music Fleche down zing.

SOURCE : Incomplete Men

PS: Traduction sur demande !

Backstreet's bond with fans unbreakable Causeex4

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PostSubject: Re: Backstreet's bond with fans unbreakable   Backstreet's bond with fans unbreakable Icon_minitimeWed 10 Sep - 19:00

Merci. Very Happy
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Backstreet's bond with fans unbreakable
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