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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stuck in a bunk

I tend to write in the weirdest places huh. I'm in a bunk on our bus. Were heading to Grand Prairie Canada. I'm a little beat, because we've been on tour for almost a year now. It's getting a little chilly outside and we are all trying to stay away from the cold bug. lol It's been amazing to see how many people still believe in what we do. There's been so much support its awesome. It feels like we've been doing our own crazy campaign like Obama for almost a year, going around reminding people that we still are here.( Speaking of him.) seeing him win makes me feel that there is still good left in this world. I'm very happy. It also makes me think that with hard work, dedication and belief, anything can happen. And the same goes for us, as a group and as an individual . Yes we can change. And that is exactly what we are setting course to do. We are going to change alot, The way our past records have sounded. The way were perceived . And just our message overall . I thank all of you in your strength too. You are some tough cookies. Its not that COOL to be a BSB or Nick Carter fan at times. But i promise you this. Were working to CHANGE all that. You know? With mistakes comes lessons. With lessons comes learning. And with learning comes teaching. I'd rather be the solution then the problem. I'd rather be a teacher of good than the teacher of bad. It's been a long tough road for us at times, ( Even AMERICA) But i believe what defines a true champion is endurance. When you fall , pick yourself off the ground and at the least , FINISH THE RACE. You've heard this " Its not how you start , it's how you finish". That's what we believe so should you. I'm very excited about everything we are about to do. Thank you for your love and let the revolution begin again. To all our BSB soldiers. Spread the word. Peace

PS. AJ says hi. lol

Source : Nick official Myspace

PS: Traduction sur demande.

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New Nick myspace blog
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