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 Nick Cancels Show Due To Sickness

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PostSubject: Nick Cancels Show Due To Sickness   Nick Cancels Show Due To Sickness Icon_minitimeSat 22 Nov - 16:32

Saturday, November 22, 2008
Nick Cancels Show Due To Sickness
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Just wanted to inform all Laughing the BSB fans out there that I have spoken to Nick and my family and my brother was in the airport on his way to a show a starting getting a high fever and unfortunatly had to spend the day in the hospital instead of making the show, hes really sorry to dissapoint all of his fans and not be able to make up the show but as far as we know its nothing serious he is okay.

I appreciate all of the fans keeping in touch and wanting to know whats up? Nicks not very good at writing blogs on a regular basis so Im doing it for him. I know how hard Nick works and he usually performs even when hes a bit sick so if he cant make a concert never ever assume or believe any rumors of him being neglectful to his band and fans. He loves you all!



Nick Cancels Show Due To Sickness Nickcarter3kq3

Source : Leslie's official Myspace

PS: Traduction sur demande

Nick Cancels Show Due To Sickness Causeex4

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Nick Cancels Show Due To Sickness
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