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 Prayer Request For Baylee

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PostSubject: Prayer Request For Baylee   Prayer Request For Baylee Icon_minitimeWed 17 Dec - 19:26

December 17, 2008 - Wednesday
Prayer Request For Baylee
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I am asking everyone to please pray for our son Baylee. He was admitted to the hospital on Monday and we are still here. Please pray for our family!
Thank you
God Bless
The Littrell Family

I have not spoken with Leighanne or Brian, however, I did speak with Miguel. Baylee is doing okay. I don't have a great deal of details to share at this time. All I can confirm is that it is nothing life threatening, and Baylee is going to be fine.

Source : Littrell News Myspace fans

PS: Traduction sur demande !

Prayer Request For Baylee Causeex4

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Prayer Request For Baylee
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