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 Men !!!!!!!

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Friday, October 17, 2008


About Men.

I have been doing alot of thinking lately, about men and the choices we women make when we fall in love with one of these strange creatures....

I know how alot of us gals are, we get attracted to a lot of them because of some strange quality that some of them seem to possess, called Charissma. I think we often confuse our attraction to this quality with real love, which it really is not.

Believe me, I had to find this out the hard way and first hand, from experience. It is hard to resist, and it can even make you go a little bit crazy, causing you to not make the right choices when it comes to a relationship.

I have discovered, at the ripe age of 49 that true love actually is something that grows over time, if you only give yourself the time and chance to let it.

When I met my first husband Bob, I was swept off my feet because he was the "dangerous bad boy" in our small town. He had all the girls swooning over him...the fanciest car, clothes, a real reputation as a ladies man.

I on the other hand always looked at myself as the ugly duckling in town. I was ostrasized throughout my High School years, it was a truly miserable time for me. The only thing I found a little bit of respite in was sports. I played on the Basketball Team, Swim Team, Track Team, and was the first girl to be on the track team ever at that time.My average in Phys Ed was 100%.

I was also the first girl to take Shop class. I insisted on it, and won.

So one day, after I had graduated from High School, I ran into Bobby Carter. Of course, I knew who he was and his reputation was notorious. I was both flattered and flabbergasted. Why in the world would this notorious womanizer be interested in someone like ME!

The mistake I made was thinking that I WOULD BE THE ONE to change him, to help HIM find true love.

Boy was I wrong. And I spent my whole adult life paying the price.

And MY CHILDREN paid the price.

So what I am trying to say now, I guess, is there is ALOT to be said about a good steady, honest, faithfull Hardworking man.

He need not be rich.He need not be the best looking guy ever. He need not be dangerous and exciting. He need not give you butterflies.

The guys that do are NOT going to be the man that you can count on, the one who will stand by you through lifes ups and downs.

The kind of man that will look at you exactly the same at 23, 49, and 78. You will always be THE ONE in his eyes, no matter what.

So my little message here for you is, girls, DON'T overlook what is a great guy standing right in front of you because he is too nice, too sweet, too caring, too normal, too whatever it is we gals do to rationalize making the wrong choice and going for the bad boys.

Best to all,

Love Janie

Source : Jane Official Myspace

PS: Traduction sur demande !

Men  !!!!!!! Causeex4

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Men !!!!!!!
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