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 Whats UP!!!!

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Whats UP!
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Hello again! I hope everyone had a good weekend..I had a lazy one except I was cleaning up all my archives and such. So many memories, it is mind boggling what I have been through. I have all the Aaron Carter dolls, magazines from all over the Aaron was so little when he got into this business. So was Nick, though too.

I spent so many years trying to balance a family life with all the hectic schedules, and it seems in hindsight that it just doesn't work, although at the time, I was doing the best I could.

My ex, Bob was never a good provider, so I was left to find a way to support my family...who would have ever thought it would end up the way it did! It was a wild ride to say the least.

I was in a position to be able to give my kids things I had only dreamed of as a child.

But something happened, I realize now that nice things were not a substitute for the attention that my kids needed from me. Believe me, I was burning the candle at both ends! Life on the road was a fever pitch race for time to go here and there...a whirlwind of schedules and flights and rides in cars. And then when I got home, it was a race to make the most of the little time I had, cooking, cleaning, spending some Quality time with the family. Believe me I really tried to be supermom and do it all....but then something started to happen.

My husband, instead of appreciating all I was trying to do, started getting jealous...yes, jealous of me!

He started putting down all my efforts for the family. He would say mean things to me like, "you just think you're all that- the mighty Jane Carter". (and lots more I cannot repeat). He was out buying boats, cars tour busses, golf carts....if it was a luxury item, he got it!

I would defend myself and try to explain that I did what I did for our family, and he was the one who got to really enjoy the fruits of me and the kids labors....

He finally upset me enough that I had to get away or something really bad was going to happen to me..I just knew it.

Anyways, he was always partying it up when I went out of town, the evidence was slapping me in the face. Everyone in the small town we lived in knew Bob was a player. It had been that way for years, and I had always looked the other way for the sake of keeping my family together.

But in spite of all the grief he put me through, it has all been worth it. My kids are back in my life. They see their father for who he really is now.

And I have the most wonderful husband I could have ever hoped for, a man who wil NEVER cheat on me.

With all these blessings surrounding me now, life can only get better and better.

True Love will prevail over all the bad things.

Thanks for listening.


Source : Jane Official Myspace

PS: Traduction sur demande !

Whats UP!!!! Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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Whats UP!!!!
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