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Monday, September 22, 2008

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Hello Again

I am sorry I haven't been communicating too much lately. I have just been really busy trying to prepare my defense for this ridiculous charge that is being put on me. I am sure I will be vindicated as I didn't do the things they (my exes) are trying to say. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if they did it themselves so they could have a way to continue to try to torture me through the media. Wow, the greed in this world just makes me sick. People will do anything for $ not caring a bit about who they hurt along the way. I want to say thanks again for all the words of encouragement you all have sent my way. I believe it is helping to make me stronger, just knowing that all the world is not bad.

I have been talking to Nick and Aaron and they are doing very well. They are both at Nick's home in Tennesee and off the road for a bit. Nick has got Aaron on a new health plan and it seems to be working well. Aaron sounds happier than he has in a long time. Nick has been such a wonderful son for stepping up and helping his little brother get his life straightened out. Nick was painting a room in his house the other day, and he asked me how many coats he needed! I told him he would know when it looked good. I have always loved home improvement projects. Maybe thats something you never knew but I have always loved fixing up an old house! That was why I bought the one in Brooksville that needed so much work. It was my therapy after the divorce from Bob. And I wanted to have a place for all the kids to come home to once they realized I wasn't the bad guy. Thankfully, now they really have, but I lost the house. Oh well, as my Father Doug says, it's only material things, you can always get them again if you want. Your life and your health are the things you can't get back. So remember that all, you only have this one precious life, so try to do what's right and you can be happy, even without money and all the headaches and heartaches it brings.The ones who are greedy will always get their comeuppence. Like LOU PEARLMAN.

I found out that Johns(my 2nd ex)Attorney has ties to Lou Pearlman. And you all know that my ex Bob Carter fought me in court after the divorce so he could take Aaron BACK to Lou for management? And of course, he had the $$ so he won. This was after Bob and I as Aaron's parents had been suing Lou for years for royalties from his first Album.

Do you know that I found out that Bob Carter went to Lou Pearlman to get the money to pay my marital settlement? I walked away from a multimillion $ estate because I didn't want to drag my kids through a media feeding frenzy.Money is not what is important to kids are.

There is alot the public does not know. But I am now in a beautiful position. Because I am BROKE I am able to speak the truth freely because THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN TAKE FROM ME NOW. They can sue me all they want, but there is nothing they can take except my dignity, and my freedom, which is exactly what they are trying to do currently. But I can assure you, I will hold my head up high and plug on joyfully because of all the great love and support I have from you all, my husband Greg and kids.

Keep on writing! God Bless You All. Janie

Source : Jane Official Myspace

PS: Traduction sur demande !

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