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 NY Trip ....

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PostSubject: NY Trip ....   Sat 20 Dec - 12:19

Friday, December 19, 2008

NY Trip
Category: Life

So anyways, where was I! Oh yeah, the next morning...So Nick had to get up really early the next morning to pick up Angel and her the Buffalo Airport. Greg and I drove out to the Peek and Peak Resort to check out the slopes. There was plenty of Snow, so we thought that the conditions would be good for skiing, and we decided that Monday would be the best day...what a mistake! It rained all day and the slopes were all icy. Nick and Angel and friends decided to try their skills at snowboarding, but it was so slippery all they did was fall down alot! I was laughing so hard at the spectacle of it all! Once they had enough of get their butts bashed, we all decided to go over to the tubing slopes. The icy conditions made it a blast! I put my snowsuit on and joined right in, Greg lost his tube on the last run, and made a desperate jump to try to catch it, but he landed just short of it. Nick loved it and laughed well, we ALL cracked up! Greg was a good sport about it all he is quite used to my teasing after all and we wanted to go longer but we had to go to the Lions Club Christmas Party with my father.

That story will be next!

Source : Jane's official myspace

PS: Traduction sur demande !


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NY Trip ....
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