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PostSubject: LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: "OUR" Hero Baylee!   LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: "OUR" Hero Baylee! Icon_minitimeMon 22 Dec - 0:13

Sunday, December 21, 2008

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LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: "OUR" Hero Baylee! Bayleecj1

"OUR" hero Baylee!

Baylee and Dr. Nieh

At Scottish Rite Children's Hospital of Atlanta

..Thanks to WyleeBags's mailing list

To all of our friends and family, we would like to give you a very short version of what we have been going through for the last two weeks.
We really appreciate all of your love and support. You all don't realize how your prayers have changed our lives and how God has blessed Baylee. We are going to release this statement to let everyone know a little more about what has happened. We are deeply touched by all of you.
Merry Christmas
Leighanne , Brian and Baylee

On Saturday December 20, 2008, Baylee T W Littrell was released from Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Atlanta.
Before being admitted Baylee had been treated for or thought to have had; strep throat, hand, foot, mouth disease and erythema multiforme. After receiving a biopsy, blood tests, an EKG and 2 echocardiograms, Baylee was finally diagnosed with A-Typical Kawasaki Disease. We would like to stress A-Typical because Baylee did not have text book symptoms of any of the viruses they thought he had.
Kawasaki Disease causes inflammation in the coronary arteries as well as the walls of the small and medium sized arteries throughout the body. Unfortunately Baylee's coronary arteries were effected. He received an IVIG, which is a treatment to bring down the inflammation in his coronary arteries. Baylee will be closely monitor ed for the next 6-8 weeks by a Pediatric Cardiologist to see if the treatment was effective.

We want to thank every one who prayed for us as well as all of the emails and phone calls. Your love and support means so much to our family. The Hospital Staff were absolutely amazing. They made an extremely difficult time in our lives as comfortable as possible.
We are humbled by the love and compassion that people have for our son all over the world, thank you.
Brian and Leighanne Littrell

Source : «•º♥BackstreetGirlsEver ♥º•» Myspace

PS : Traduction sur demande !

LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: "OUR" Hero Baylee! Causeex4

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