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 Did you know - Did you know that

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Did you know

Nick usually shares a hotel room with Brian on the road
He hunts down a McDonald's instead of eating the local food in foreign cities
Nick is the biggest prankster of the group
Nick is also the clumsiest in the group
Nick once gave their manager Donna wright gum that tasted like fish
Nick and Kevin are most likely to get into a friendly argument
He likes to draw comic book characters
Nick is a licensed scuba diver
Nick is allergic to cats
He likes Camaros and Stingrays (cars)
Nick started playing drums when he was fourteen
Nick’s favorite holiday is Halloween
He says that he would definitely date a fan
Nick is actually scared of sharks.
He is really grumpy in the morning
Brian almost died the day Nick was born
He accidentely pushed howie of a stage once
Nick said he would never hurt a woman
Nick used to think there were little gremlins underneath his bed ,
He would never hang his feet off his bed because he was afraid that the gremlins would bite his toes off..
Pink ( the singer ) think’s Nick’s music is much better than Justin Timberlake’s music
That Nick cried during the movie Braveheart
Nick had food poisoning on his promo tour in Germany and Japan in 2002
He once got in a physical fight with AJ
He also once stole all of AJ's clothes from his hotel room
Nick was also in a garage band when he was 14 years old the name of the band was : The Fresh Chickens
He is really shy when he's around girls
Nick is a liscensed scuba diver
Once, during a concert, Nick got too close to Howie and accidentally pushed him off the stage
Nick wears glasses , not because he has to. But just because he wants to
Nick always closes his eyes when he kisses a girl.

Source : Nickalicious Website

PS : Traduction sur demande !

Did you know - Did you know that Causeex4

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Did you know - Did you know that
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