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 Weird Kevin Quotes !

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PostSubject: Weird Kevin Quotes !   Weird Kevin Quotes ! Icon_minitimeSun 4 Jan - 18:38

"I like them big and floppy!"-

"When you're on the road its difficult to keep up with the laundry so you find yourself without a clean pair of underpants. You have no choice but to pop back on yesterday's pair. They tend to be pretty snug, though, which is lucky." "One of the strangest things, I think, is the time two girls hid in the storage space of our tour bus. That was really bizarre!"

"The lonliest times are when you're lying in your hotel bed late at night and you wish you had someone there to cuddle and watch TV with you."

"Mom never let me have girls up in my room."

"Isn't that 'N Stink?"

"This tight?"

"Howie look at..I mean AJ look"

"When all else fails you just gotta grab it with your fingers."

"His dancing SUCKED!"

"It looks like your know your THING...ya, your THING!!!"

"That was an inadvertant buzzer."

"We're touching people's lives and making people forget about their problems for a moment. That's what music's all about, I think."

"It's like family: we love each other like brothers, and we argue like brothers."

"I used to get teased by a lot of buddies on the football team. They'd call me Pretty Boy."

"Alright, Baby" (with a funky British accent)

"The loneliest times are when you're lying in your hotel bed late at night and you wish you had someone there to cuddle and watch TV with you."

"To My Four Little Brothers - I Love You" (this isn't actually a quote, it's from the album thank you's)

"I'd definitely date a fan, if she was someone who really liked me for me. The hard thing about this business is, you can never tell if someone really likes you as a person, or if they're waiting for 'Kevin of the Backstreet Boys' to make an appearance. It's a hard thing to get used to."

"I got it. You know I got it, and you want it!" (He mouths this to Brian during the PPV concert.

Weird Kevin Quotes ! Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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Weird Kevin Quotes !
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