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 McLean's GF -- AJ Said He's an "Alcoholic"

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McLean's GF -- AJ Said He's an "Alcoholic" Empty
PostSubject: McLean's GF -- AJ Said He's an "Alcoholic"   McLean's GF -- AJ Said He's an "Alcoholic" Icon_minitimeTue 27 Jan - 17:25

January 27, 2009 - Tuesday 12:31 PM

McLean's GF -- AJ Said He's an "Alcoholic"

McLean's GF -- AJ Said He's an "Alcoholic"

Posted Jan 27th 2009 12:00PM by TMZ StaffThe
girl who's been dating AJ McLean for the past month paints an even more
depressing picture of the boozy Backstreet Boy -- telling TMZ he's
never been fully clean since she's known him.

McLean's GF -- AJ Said He's an "Alcoholic" 0127wendytmzvideoho9

The chick, Wendy Rice, is the one confronting him in the video posted earlier today -- she tells us during their argument McLean repeatedly told her "I'm an alcoholic."

McLean has a well-documented history of substance abuse.


PS: Traductions sur demande !

McLean's GF -- AJ Said He's an "Alcoholic" Causeex4

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McLean's GF -- AJ Said He's an "Alcoholic"
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