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 THE BACKSTREET BOYS: Seen At 944's Young Hollywood Party! [Friday Night]

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THE BACKSTREET BOYS: Seen At 944's Young Hollywood Party! [Friday Night] Empty
PostSubject: THE BACKSTREET BOYS: Seen At 944's Young Hollywood Party! [Friday Night]   THE BACKSTREET BOYS: Seen At 944's Young Hollywood Party! [Friday Night] Icon_minitimeWed 11 Feb - 17:11

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

THE BACKSTREET BOYS: Seen At 944's Young Hollywood Party! [Friday Night]
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ANGELES — Britney Backlash: Alli Sims Assaulted With Alcohol by Film
Producer | Playgirl: Paris Hilton Hits Hollywood With Hef | Natalie
Cole Doesn’t Regret Slamming Amy Winehouse | Pop Tarts Sightings

Britney Backlash: Alli Sims Assaulted With Alcohol by Film Producer

Britney Spears and Alli Sims may no longer be on speaking terms, but it seems Miss Sims is still subject to Spears-related dramas.

The aspiring pop princess turned up to a Katy Perry-hosted
bash at L.A.’s Style Mansion on Monday night to celebrate the launch
Australian beer "Bondi Blonde" but ended up being assaulted with the
low-carb alcohol by her former film producer/manager, Nathan Folks.

to eyewitnesses, just as everyone was leaving the party after midnight
the two got into an argument and Folks (who was once in charge of
nurturing Alli’s strut to stardom) threw beer all over Sims.

the incident, Brit’s self-proclaimed cousin broke down in the kitchen
in hysterics and said that Folks had been stalking her. She was also
heard announcing her intention to press charges over the attack and
anger that Folks was even invited to the Beverly Hills bash.

turns out that the two are in quite the legal mess. Late last year
Folks wrote a letter to Sims, accusing her of lying to the media and
about her relationship with Spears and Sam Lutfi. He
also insisted she pay back rent money that she reportedly cheated him
into dishing out. Apparently Folks and his team were under the
impression that they were going to help Alli make music videos and
record an album about her relationship with Brit but were peeved when
things fell through and they came to believe the wannabe pop star was
developing other deals behind their back.

Folks did not respond for comment.

of Spears sagas, however, it turns out that the comeback queen has to
fork out $935.00 per hour to her attorney just to defend the case
against her own former manager, Sam Lutfi. Last week Lutfi filed a suit
against the Spears family, accusing them of defamation, battery and
breach of contract over not receiving payment from his days of managing
Brit’s career.

back to the bash, host Katy Perry arrived particularly late but made up
for lost time by working the crowd like a party-pro. But being the
daughter of two pastors, it seems Perry’s parents still haven’t quite
accepted the "I Kissed A Girl" starlet’s choice of words.

one thing they are relieved about is that I’ve at least made something
of myself and I’m not calling them telling them that I’m poor and
" she said with a smile.

Perry recently split from "Gym Class Heroes" star Travis McCoy, but said she’s been far too busy with her current tour to even begin to enjoy the single life. As for her thoughts on the Rihanna/Chris Brown incident:

"It’s so awful and shocking, " Perry said.

Playgirl: Paris Hilton Hits Hollywood With Hef

Paris Hilton
is currently amid casting for the second season of her MTV reality show
"My BFF" but it seems the hotel heiress hottie is more-than-happy for
the time being to hang out with Hef and his big brood
of busty babes. Pop Tarts spies spotted Paris Hilton partying up a
storm last Friday night with the men’s magazine mogul and his twelve
scantily-clad young girls at new Hollywood hotspot, MyHouse.

"Hef is going back to his party days," an inside source told Tarts. "Holly (Madison) didn’t like going out so they barely ever went to clubs but Hef’s new girls really love it. "

(Mind you, it seems Miss Madison has seriously changed her ways since she started spending lots of time with her beau Criss Angel
in Sin City. The two are out at least a few nights per week, and Pop
Tarts spotted them on Saturday night at LAX and Sunday night at the
Hard Rock’s Body English making out like there was no tomorrow).

back to Hilton, it turns out that Hef wasn’t the only VIP she gushed
over all night - remember this party princess likes to be wherever
there is a little limelight. Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes was given the Tinseltown treatment at the club, schmoozing with the likes of Jermaine Dupri, Kevin Connolly,
"The Hills" stars and of course our Paris Hilton who was quick to
congratulate him on the big win and the two posed together for pics.

Natalie Cole Doesn’t Regret Slamming Amy Winehouse

Natalie Cole, daughter of famed jazz performer Nat King Cole, sparked controversy at the Grammys two years ago when she expressed her opinion that Amy Winehouse didn’t deserve to win Best New Artist. But despite all the attention, Cole has no regrets.

got into a bit of hot water for what I said about Amy Winehouse and I
still say it again. I'm an ex-drug addict and I don't take that kind of
stuff lightly," she said. "It stayed in my body for 25 years and it
could still happen to this young woman or other addicts who are fooling
around with drugs, especially needles. I would hope that what happened
to me does not happen to her.

believes she contracted Hepatitis C over 20 years ago from heroin use,
and even though she is still awaiting a kidney transplant the R&B
star is still proceeding with a tour this year.

challenging part is I have to have a dialysis wherever I go. That means
every other day, three times a week; I have to find a facility. The
facility that I go to, they will research and find other facilities all
over the country. It's amazing. They're really all over the country.

Pop Tarts Sightings

Chris Evans celebrated the opening of his new action film "Push" at the opening of Tantra in St. Maarten, toasting alongside Gabrielle Union, Terrell Owens, Robert Iler and Amanda Beard.

Usher & Jermaine Dupri attended the Ne-Yo
concert at the Pearl Concert Theater inside the Palms Casino Resort in
Las Vegas on Thursday. Usher watched the performance intensely, before
heading up to N9NE Steakhouse.

Kanye West
had dinner at Dakota at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel last Thursday,
where he tore into a steak and left everyone singing his praises over
his friendliness. The hip-hop hottie then headed out to MyHouse to see
his friend DJ Justice perform at the Belvedere IX launch.

Bruce Willis, girlfriend Emma Hemming and daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah
had a family dinner at Koi Los Angeles on Monday night. They left all
smiles as did their servers who received quite a hearty tip from Bruce.
Close to the Willis family sat Michael Buble, in for his second time serving of Koi in a week, accompanied by two lovely ladies.

Jessica Szohr, Lindsay Price, AnnaLynne McCord and Rob Buckley
invited Armani Exchange shoppers to "Kiss For a Cause" at the A|X SoHo
and Santa Monica locations to raise money for the National Aids Fund.
Jessica Szohr and Lindsay Price gave love and kisses to adorable babies
and puppies and puckered-up with candied lips. Meanwhile AnnaLynne
McCord and Rob Buckley handed-out sweet treats and greeted fans in a
kissing booth at the A|X Santa Monica store location.

Nick Carter, Howie Durough and AJ McLean
of the Backstreet Boys showed up at 944's Young Hollywood party on
Friday Night, but the boy-band got the time wrong and ended up arriving
early so they enjoyed a drink while staff was setting up.

PS: Traduction sur demande !

THE BACKSTREET BOYS: Seen At 944's Young Hollywood Party! [Friday Night] Causeex4

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THE BACKSTREET BOYS: Seen At 944's Young Hollywood Party! [Friday Night] Empty
PostSubject: Re: THE BACKSTREET BOYS: Seen At 944's Young Hollywood Party! [Friday Night]   THE BACKSTREET BOYS: Seen At 944's Young Hollywood Party! [Friday Night] Icon_minitimeThu 12 Feb - 8:09

Ma Puce tu as poster deux fois la même chose Wink

Bon et bien tu me donne du travail à faire ! Aller en route pour la traduction !
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THE BACKSTREET BOYS: Seen At 944's Young Hollywood Party! [Friday Night]
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