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 BSB in Monterrey - Article

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March 11, 2009 - Wednesday 12:16 PM
BSB in Monterrey - Article
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Night of euphoria
by: Juan Alvarado Gonzalez, March 10th, 2009

The euphoria of the Backstreet Boys Monterrey remains unwavering, at least it showed last night.

The euphoria of the Backstreet Boys Monterrey remains unwavering, at least last night showed that 8 thousand attendees at the American vocal quartet that in exchange for reviving all its successes, all armed to make an uproar over his concert of his followers were foot singing and screaming ovation.

Arena Monterrey seemed to come down with all the atmosphere that made Nick Carter, Howie D, AJ McLean and Brian Litrell among the public, that at the end of the night Recognizing that had been compared to other public effusive.

At 21:10 hours, the four singers to appear dressed in boxing robes, similar to the action it took that same scenario almost exactly a year ago, and although at that time was the official figure of 9 thousand people, this time were a little less, but with the same idea of going to either pass it to your favorite band still despite the years and that is no longer with them, Kevin Richardson.

"Larger than life," was the first topic to which opened the concert, where the shows of affection in the region were not particularly expect to Nick, but the others were not winning and the end of the day each had your audience.

"Everyone," "Any other way," "You can let go" and "Unmistakable," were the following items that were heard just before the time came to interpret "I want it that way", which got all attendees become monumental in the chorus of the night.

"Mexico, where are your hands, " he said in Spanish Howie D, while adding that it would interpret some songs tonight from his new album "She's like the sun," where the singer quite sexy.

Seated at a table Pokar and acting a bit, the four singers continued with the theme "Show me the meaning of being lonely" and "More than that. "

It is worth noting that as time passed, the artists were changing costumes, using bags, shirts, hats gangster type.

A.J. commented that they were very happy to return to Monterrey and then Nick was joking with the audience telling them that they were very mad when you return to this city.

Then, some people who were in front of them and throwing two hats and Nick and Brian do not think they are.

Other items were performed "Trouble is", "Incomplete" and "Drive by love", a heavy rock song with that AJ showed his tough side when making suggestive movements, touching parts of your body or tongue.

There is no doubt that one of the most endearing moment was when I performed the medley with the themes "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) ", "As long as you love me", "All I Have to Give" and "I'll never break my heart. "

The Backstreet Boys were accompanied by three musicians, and who saw the concert did not demonstrate that the singers bring an elaborate production, unlike its appeal was his presence and his songs, which at the end of account sufficient to drive to his followers .

Also present were the melodies "Wellcome home, " "The One", "Treat me right," "The Call" (rap version) and of course "Everybody (backstreet's back) ", which was dismissed.

The public was not yet in line again and asked her stage presence, and they returned to finish with "Shape of My Heart", dressed in shirts braces, Howie was a Mexican hat, raised the Mexican flag and was fired at 22:55 pm.

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PS: Traduction seulement sur votre demande ...

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BSB in Monterrey - Article
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