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 UNBREAKABLE TOUR: Backstreet Boys Steals The Hearts Of Women Lagunera

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PostSubject: UNBREAKABLE TOUR: Backstreet Boys Steals The Hearts Of Women Lagunera   UNBREAKABLE TOUR: Backstreet Boys Steals The Hearts Of Women Lagunera Icon_minitimeWed 11 Mar - 15:14

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
UNBREAKABLE TOUR: Backstreet Boys Steals The Hearts Of Women Lagunera
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Charisma, talent, sympathy and simply showed the Backstreet Boys in their first appearance in the Shire Lagunera, with some faithful followers who always showed signs of affection.

From an early hour, the group of American fans gathered at the Centennial Coliseum, site chosen for the first meeting between Brian, Howie, Nick, AJ and marsh.

At about 20:30 the lights disappeared from the Colosseum, where the signal is expected singers from Orlando to start with a magical night, however, is not expected to cause delirium, sighs and tears appeared on stage.

After a presentation-style box function of Las Vegas and dressed in boxers, appeared before his fans and after several minutes pretending to be fighting in a ring, intoned the first item of the night "Larger Than Life."

While Brian, Howie, Nick and A.J. are no longer teenagers and their followers also demonstrated that they are made of good wood, and that despite his choreographies were simpler, dexterity and coordination are still intact, allowing relive those years when the figure passed 100 million albums sold in five years.

After interpreting some songs from her new album and take off the robes that covered, Howie, a fluent Spanish to the public marsh that greeted him with shouts and applause.

"Mexico, we are the Backstreet Boys. Welcome to the Unbreakable concert. We are very happy to be here. Thanks for your support, God bless you, "he said.

He continued "You can let go" and "Unmistakable", themes that were to clap and sing to the present, to continue with "I want it that way."

The charisma and good Spanish language allowed Brian Howie, Nick and AJ leave the stage and change costumes.

Apiñonado the singer's face was drawn on the two screens located on the side of the stage and in the lyrics of "She is like the sun" that distracted the followers to reuse their throats when Nick went to the hearing to admit that " The city is full of the sexiest women I have ever seen. "

And with these words, sitting with his companions at a table with glasses started to chant "Show me the meaning of being lonely."

"Can you sing with me?" Asked AJ, who received an immediate response to hearing one choir while chanting songs like "More than that," "Spanish Eyes" and "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) ", last song is on the screens that showed the original video clip produced 12 years ago.

The singers said they were never separated and are producing a new album that will be released this year and will probably bring back to Mexico and of course La Laguna.

Contact with his followers

Just a hello from A.J. provoked a deafening outcry from the public, was surprised and shocked that the singer, who could only say "thanks."

After receiving the ovation continued, "ok, this is the first time we come here, so I say Hello! We are very pleased to be here for the first time and definitely not the last, "said AJ, who despite not speaking Spanish did not want to miss a chance to connect with the marsh, who have supported from the beginning of his career.

"Thank you, and I want the command kisses, kisses, kisses. Thank you for supporting us during these 16 years we've been together and I mean a secret at this stage, these are the new Backstreet Boys. I love you, thank you for being here, "he said with an awkward Spanish, but with a big smile on his face.

After this show of affection and gratitude, those present could not be left behind, so he shouted in chorus "I love you."

Of course it could not be left behind Nick, so he confessed in his language, which he knew not to speak Spanish, only a few words like crazy, but it was well understood, as their fans immediately took out their banners the description of "I love Nick."

The Backstreet Boys showing off their perfect choreography continued under the lyrics of "As Long as You Love Me" and "All I Have to Give."

Undoubtedly, the most chanted was "I'll Never Break Your Heart", a theme that was interpreted in both Spanish and English and was coreada and applauded.

"I'll Be the One" and "The Call" preceding the letter would be his last item of the night "Everybody (Backstreet's Back) ".

But more and marsh called Brian, Howie, Nick and AJ pleased the audience with "The shape of my heart. "

And so, with a smile drawn on their faces and hats with the phrase "Viva Mexico," the Backstreet Boys are off the public comarcano, which undoubtedly expect to fulfill its promise to return again....

Source: Milenio.Com

PS: Traduction sur demande seulement !

UNBREAKABLE TOUR: Backstreet Boys Steals The Hearts Of Women Lagunera Causeex4

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UNBREAKABLE TOUR: Backstreet Boys Steals The Hearts Of Women Lagunera
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