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 The Backstreet Boys Cause Furore

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PostSubject: The Backstreet Boys Cause Furore   The Backstreet Boys Cause Furore Icon_minitimeThu 12 Mar - 15:45

March 12, 2009 - Thursday 11:38 AM
The Backstreet Boys Cause Furore
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The Backstreet Boys Cause Furore


Deafening and warm, strong and overwhelming, so it might be that the Backstreet Boys concert last night at the Coliseum offered centenary in this city. More timely than English, Brian Littrell, Howie D., Nick Carter and AJ McLean appeared on stage dressed as boxers on two makeshift rings. People went crazy when the lights revealed the silhouettes and still increased the size of the Larger Than Life ovation when resounded all over the place.

Two more songs have allowed the public to regain breath again lost when Howie went to everyone in Spanish, thanking the support of the fans and the presence of those attending the concert.

"Thanks for all your support," he yelled. The music sounded again, and while most members of the quartet came to the edge of the stage, arms stretched over power to touch ... a feat that very few succeeded.

If Never Gone was heard until the bride and groom face loosened a little jealous of the gesture and began to chant the theme of the penultimate album of Backstreet Boys. Despite that very clearly stated in the entry "No cameras are allowed," the brave and took advantage of the dark cell and small camcorders to convert the arena into a sea of small LCD screens.

I Want It That Way was the first item chanted nearly 100 percent of those present. As he recalled that there were other old and good times of the band such as Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely, More Than That, Spanish Eyes and incomplete. But, being honest, everyone expected the success of their first album, so the BSB drew a ten and a medley include issues such as Quit Playing Games, As Long As You Love Me, All That I Have to Give, and I ' ll Never Make You Cry (who sang in English and Spanish).

The finishing touch were the subjects rioja The One and The Call, which preceded the madness that caused Everybody, in a more rockerona. The lights went, but returned to shout louder than ever Torreon could hear a crowd popera. Shape of My Heart night rain sealed the paper and the flashes of thousands of fans in red bone more than 16 years have not left the band to die.

Better to just ...
Each of the Backstreet Boys could shine separately due to the subjects performed their respective materials. Howie D. was the first to show off with She's Like The Sun, a ballad with a lot of Hispanic influence in every note. Drive By Love, the next single, and by AJ McLean, gave him a touch heavy in the evening. Surprisingly it was one of the songs that most of the core audience from beginning to end. Nick Carter I Got You matter what all the fans who him the trousers for the evening. Finally, and Brian Littrell Welcome Home, the disc of the same name, echoed by the Centennial Coliseum favored by the strong ovation for a single.

It is important to note that one intervention with AJ McLean confirmed what has been published in an exclusive interview conducted by this newspaper last Sunday. The boys are preparing a new material which will be released this year, the first single has already been promised before the winter.

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The Backstreet Boys Cause Furore Causeex4

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The Backstreet Boys Cause Furore
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