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 LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1

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LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1 Empty
PostSubject: LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1   LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1 Icon_minitimeWed 18 Mar - 22:31

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback
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Laura Teixeira

Hello Leighanne and Miguel!

How are you? Im Laura, from Spain. I got my skulls scarf yesterday and,
just wow, I LOVE it! It's so nice and warm (and since it is still cold
in here, I wear it all the time!). Oh, and THANK YOU for the lovely necklace, what a nice surprise, I didnt expect it! Surprised)

guys are really fast by the way, I remember talking to Miguel by email
last week about the scarf and, tadam! first thing this Monday: the
scarf. Thank you!

Wish you all the best at WyleeBags & hope Baylee is getting better ;o)

sending you a couple of pics with my Wylee products. One hanging out at
a friend's place, and the other one getting ready to go have dinner
with some friends).

This was my first purchase but definitely not the last one!

Take care and keep up the great work!

Hugs from Laura.

Angelina Morland

Hi, I recieved the items that I have ordered in the mail today. I ordered
two hats, a rock star necklace, & an angel bracelet. I recieved
these items today & I have to say thank you! They are fantastic! I
am so excited about recieving these items and wearing them! The order
was fast, I didn't expect it so soon! It came in careful, nice,
individual packaging, very thoughtful. I am looking forward to
purchasing more items soon! : )

Thank you so very much,

Angelina Morland

Gaby Almeida

Hi Leighanne and Miguel how are you?

Ireally hope that everything is in the most perfect order! I am here,
again, to let you guys know that my Wylee Bags had made a true success
in my trip; and today, when I came home, mine absurdly pretty Prudence
Tote and my brilliant Necklace was waiting for me! I had to go to
Church with my pretty "new heart" and when I came back I take some

Thank you so much Miguel for the attention and care with me,

Love and I wish to the Littrell Family (and the entire BSB staff) a charming trip to Brazil,

God Bless
Gaby Almeida

Heather Mock

Leighanne and all at Wylee Bags,

I woke up yesterday (March 9th 2009) and was presented a pleasant surprise! A box was waiting and of course I dove was my order from WyleeBags! I had just ordered it 4 days before so I never expected to have it so quickly. It is gorgeous and exactly what I hoped for! What a
great start to, of all days, my birthday! I was able to go to my mom's
and use my backpack to bring home my gifts. So saying I am satisfied is
really an understatement... You truly have a talent and I hope you
continue making your bags for us to enjoy! They are just amazing! Thank
you for getting it to me so made my birthday even better!

Love and God Bless all of you!
Heather Mock


I just received my Rok star Tote and heart necklace in the mail the other
day and they are GORGEOUS! I absolutely love my Rok star tote! I can't
decide which side I prefer cause both are equally beautiful! I have
been a fan of yours and Brian's for years and now I am a huge fan of
Wylee bags! I will be making a lot of future purchases! God Bless you
and your family!


Hi Leighanne!

I received my new Wylee mini bag. I just luv it, you're doing a great job
and Baylee has got a real talent for it! I chose Pony-mini because I
luv horses.

I also want to thank you and Brian for a "little
". The card is beautiful and I actually cried when I opened it.
Since 2002 I spend Christmas and New Year far from my family and it
makes me sad, but a detail from you made this Christmas a little better.

I hope Baylee is doing better. I was worried when I heard the news....

I wish you and the whole family a fantastic 2009. May it be filled with
peace, love, happiness, health, success and everything you ask for.

Happy New Year and God Bless.
Hugs from Spain,

Amanda Bennett

Dear Leighanne,

I am writing to let you know that my Mini Georgia tote today!!! It is
absolutely beautiful and is the perfect size for me to use on a daily
basis. Keep up the amazing work and I am looking forward to puchasing
some more items in the near future.

God Bless you and your's
Amanda Bennett

Gaby J.

Hello,Family Littrell and Miguel,

I would like to tell you all that my Frenchy Back Pack is here with
me!! I'm complete pleased!! She's so cute and soft! My family loved and
when I was at the mall everyone wanted to know where I bought. Well,
said that, I want to share my Wylee experience. In any moment I felt
abandoned, especially with the care to answer, individually, to all my
doubts! Really, thank you very much for the patience with me! (… all
that emails)!

*KTBSPA* (by the way, I bought Brian's solo CD,
and I'm touched with it; I'm Christian and I'm glad to know that God's
gift granted to Brian was worked successfully, resulting in " Welcome
Home "!)

God Bless,
Gaby J


Dear Leighanne,Brian,Baylee and Miguel!

I just wanted you to know that i love my Wylee bags very much! I came to
NY to a trip in July and immediately ordered some of your bags and
jewelry. My favorite bag is the Sunny Mini that I ordered. the bag just
so cool! I take him everywhere I go! All my friends told me that it's the most beautifully mini bag they ever saw. Also the bag is so comfortable! I have to say that this is the best investment I have made!

My second bag was Roundabout Tote Bag, this bag is so
stylish, big and comfortable, I can put a lot in! Also I have to say
that I just love both sides of it! Next year I'll start study in the
university and this bag will come with me!

Also I ordered Key To My Heart necklace. When I first saw that necklace on the website I immediately knew I wanted one! I think that all your collection is awesome and I can't wait to do some more shopping! Thank you for everything. Love you all very much!

Take care and God Bless you all!
Alex from Israel!

Kelly Clark

I just wanted to write you a quick note to say how much I love your
bags. I purchased one of the Brian bags at the BSB concert in Toronto
on Thursday night and it is absolutely fantastic!! It's become one of
my absolute favourites.

I am an avid walker - I walk between 30 and 35 miles a week and I am
finding it just the thing to carry the few essentials I need without
feeling heavy or bulky. I also used it when running errands and
heading off to a Blue Jays baseball game this weekend. There have been
plenty of compliments about what a lovely bag it is.

I've been browsing the website and checking out the other bags you have.
I'm already telling my family that I would love something else from
your line for my birthday and/or Christmas.

Your designs are wonderful. I am looking forward to adding one or two more bags to my closet.

Best wishes to you and your family.
Kelly Clark

Heather H.

Hello Leighanne, Brian, and Baylee! Smile

I just want you to know I am totally in love with my Wylee Miss Java Tote
and Angel bracelet. They really do fit my personality and are so comfortable and stylish. The tote is perfect to carry to class! All my
friends love them and they get so many compliments!

I highly recommend your products to everyone and will continue to be a loyal supporter.

God Bless,
Heather H.
Charlotte, NC

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LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1 Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1   LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1 Icon_minitimeWed 18 Mar - 22:33

The suite ...

Marlena W.

In February I made my first Wylee Bag purchase… The Rok Star Back Pack, Handi Sak, and Makeup Bag… For me they were the best investment I have made in awhile. There are times my work takes me out of town, through airports. Since purchasing my bags, every trip, every day of work,
includes them. They're like an extension of me. And, of course, no
grocery trip is complete without my handi sak safely attached to my
shopping cart.

Since I was so pleased with my first purchases, I knew that I would be a
returning customer. The next item I picked up was the Brown Croc Angel
Bracelet. This was such a fun purchase the make. It is bold and makes
quite a statement when I wear it. I'm a believer in angels, so it's
nice to be able to have a tangible one with me. My most recent purchase
consisted of one item for me and two gifts. I ordered the Open Cross
for my dad. He loves wearing crosses, and I thought that was a perfect
choice for him. It was hard to give the necklace up, though, because
once I had it in front of me, I wanted it for myself. For my mom I
ordered the crown necklace. She loves the necklace and got a kick out
of the fact that I ordered it for her. The problem is, I keep
"borrowing" it because I like it so much myself. It looks like I might
have to order another one! The item that I did get for me, though, was
the Key to My Heart necklace. I first saw that necklace in person at
the Healthy Heart Club Bowl-A-Thon, and when I saw it I knew I wanted

All of the jewelry that I purchased has been great treats. They are
different and funky and bold. I'm always getting comments on them, just
as I continue to get with my bags. I don't think I know a single person
that hasn't heard about Wylee Bags from me. I think it's an awesome
collection, and I can't wait to do some more shopping!

Thank you for everything! Take care and God bless!


Kelly Liechty

Dear Leighanne (and Miguel),

Today (6.14.08) I came home and found a box from the Post Office on my
doorstep. My mom picked it up and said "It's our Wylee Bags! " I
couldn't believe that I had gotten the totes so soon, as I had ordered
them on Wednesday, June 11th. I opened up the box and found both totes
inside and was very impressed by the packaging. Then I was more
impressed by the bag itself! I got the Roundabout Tote, and I love the
pattern. It's really cute. I found that I could fit my entire purse's
contents inside the bag as well as my daily calender which is really
big! I love the inside design too and how you can switch them in and
out. It's like having two bags in one. You can definitly tell that
these totes are hand made, but yet they look very professionally done.

I think this tote will suite me just fine in my daily life, especially
when I start the fall semester of college. It'll be easy to just grab
this bag and go off to my classes.

Thanks Leighanne, for creating this line. I will be saving to purchase the
Baylee Blue bag line as well. Blue is my favorite color!

God Bless

Dorothy Liechty

Dear Leighanne,

For the past few months my daughter has been wanting to get one of your
bags. Finally she decided to get two of the totes... and surprised me
with one for my birthday. She got me the Patches Tote. I was very
impressed with the presentation when I received it in the mail. I loved
how you put the tote into a sheer bag. I loved the advertising of your
other bags and jewlery. I loved how you took the time to pack the tote
before putting it into a box for shipping.

I was also impressed with how fast it arrived. My daughter, Kelly,
ordered the bag on Wednesday and I recieved it on my birthday (Sat.
June 14). I cannot get over the pattern used! And I love the denim side
too! I can't decide which side I want to carry the bag on. I know I
will be swapping it out many times. My husband and I help with a Drama
team at our church. The season just ended, but when it starts back up
again next year I know I will be able to use this bag to carry the
things I need to each of the churches the drama team visit.

Thanks for making this line and creating cheaper bags. My daughter loves your Baylee Blue bag line, and while I'm sure it's worth the price, I like
how you created something a bit cheaper, but yet it looks like it's
worth a lot more than it is.

I'll be using this bag a lot!

Take care

Sheila Navarro

Buenos dias Leighanne and Miguel.

Soy sheila de Barcelona. Te escribo para decirte que ya e recibido las pulseras. GRACIAS

Son unas pulseras preciosas y la presentacion muy bonita. No sabes que
ilusion me hace tenerlas ya conmigo. Gracias por hacer que todo haya
ido tan rapido y tan bien. A sido un placer hablar contigo. Un beso a

Por cierto, dale de mi parte un beso a leighanne por ser tan amable y paciente con las fans. Dile que la queremos un monton.

De nuevo, gracias

Annie and Mandy

Dear Leighanne & Miguel,

Well finally we are proud owners of some Wylee products, too.

After we already got these amazing Angel Bracelets from you and buying a
Cross Body Bag during the European „Unbreakable" Tour, we now received more great Wylee items, including the Baylee Blue Back Pack, the
perfect matching makeup bag, the New York Makeup Bag as well as the
Open Cross Necklace.

The first surprise after opening the package was the way all products are
packed. This is something special, a very cute idea and definitely a
great way to get a Wylee item as a present for someone.

We knew that the bags consist of great fabrics but honestly we never
thought that they will be so great. Everything feels so soft and the
manufacture is incredible.

If you buy a back pack, you actually do own more than just one simple bag. For example if you order the reversible one, you can decide between 2 different looks and you also can change it to a tote bag. The bags are
very functional, give variety and offer a lot of space for any personal
stuff. The whole style is just perfect and not the same as other
typical bags.

The makeup bags also feature a little surprise. The inside is really cute
and a lot of fun. You definitely recognize that a woman has designed
them because only a woman knows what can happen with makeup items which run out. So a Wylee makeup bag is definitely a Must-Have for every
female who likes to carry her beauty products in a securely way!

The Wylee things we own also have catched the attention of various friends
and we just can recommend them to everyone. You can be sure that we
make as much advertisement as we can for your collection.

We ordered some more products because we were so surprised about
everything we've got so far, and we also will do so in the close future
since we already dally over other awesome items.

Love & God bless,
Annie & Mandy

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LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1 Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1   LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1 Icon_minitimeWed 18 Mar - 22:35

The suite again ...

Maria Dolores "Loli"

Hola, Miguel,

Es muy bonito todo, no me esperaba algo a si, ya que nunca me habian regalado ninguna pulsera ni colgante, ni pendientes, si no ropa, y eso era lo que esperaba. me gusto hasta como venia envuelto..

Pero en ningun momento durante el dia se separo de la pulsera, la tenia a
mano para ense?arselo a todos, incluso el sabado en casa de los amigos
de la familia no dejo de ense?arla a todos los que entraban en la casa.

Muchos saludos a ti y a la familia Littrell.

Emely Rodriguez (2)

Dear Leighanne,

I must say, this whole Wylee Bags thing is one great idea! I love all of the items!

The style is adorable but with a funky / glamorous twist which makes it
suitable for women. I want to be hip but I'm not trying to look like a
kid! That's why your collection is exactly what I've been looking for!
(You should come out with a clothing line too!)

My fiance Scott and I don't have children yet so I'll pass on the diaper
bags for now. But I fell IN LOVE with the beach bags! I don't go to the
beach, but as a New Yorker, I feel that I need to carry everything that
I own with me at all times "just in case", and these beach bags let me
do just that. They're extremely large, but not annoying to carry... and
they are so cute!

I'll be sure to order more items in the near future. I just wanted to
compliment you on your creativity and let you know that your work is

On a more personal note, I had the priveledge of meeting you (along with
Howie's wife Leigh, and the Backstreet Boys) at the signing for the
release of Unbreakable at the Virgin Mega Store in Times Square. We
didn't speak because I didn't want to bother you, (there were so many
fans jumping all around you!) but when I saw you, I thought to myself,
"wow, what a rockstar! "

You were so graceful with all of those girls yelling to get your attention.
You spoke to every single one and even took pictures with them. I just
thought that was really nice of you to have done that. Looking back, I
kind of wish I would have just snapped one picture of you or would've
said something to you. I guess this email is my second chance. I really
hope you receive this.

Well, I should wrap things up so you can get back to your busy schedule. Let me just say this, I am very proud of Brian for releasing Welcome Home. The teens at my church know all the lyrics because I play it almost
every week. (I am a Youth Group Leader) It was a wonderful (and much
needed) album. So thank you for that.

And I must also let you know that Miguel Torres is a sweetheart! He had
called me because he wanted to make sure that I wanted a white puffy
heart bracelet instead of a pink one, and we just started talking and
talking. He is really a beautiful character. (Miguel, if you're reading
this, tu eres maravilloso! Muchos besitos!)

Ok... this ended up being much longer than I had intended. Thanks for reading and God bless you and your family!

Lots of love,
Emely Rodriguez
New York, NY, USA

Scott and I will be at the Backstreet Boys concert in Atlantic City, NJ
on August 15, 2008. Maybe we'll see you and Baylee there!

Emely Rodriguez

Hi There:....

I received my Wylee merchandise today. The beach bag is bigger than I had expected... well, the bigger the better right? I love the bag's
material. The mini catalog is adorable. It's all so beautiful. I am a
huge Wylee fan now!

I'm going to take pictures of me with my Wylee accessories and bag, and send it to your email so you can add it to the site.

Thank you for being so helpful and sweet. Eres una bella persona. :-)

Emely Rodriguez



As you know, I recently went on a little trip. This time I went to the Spanish city M'laga and took the Ellen Back pack and Handi sack with me. And I have to say: it was like heaven on earth.

It was so easy for me. From day one I used the back pack to store everything me and my friend would/could need during the day. It was perfect for me. I had both my hands free wich was an absolute must. ' Why?' you ask. Simple: I needed one hand to hold the city map (so I could find our way back to the hotel) and the other hand. Well since my friend is blind (she was born blind), I needed my other hand to safely guide her through the city. And with the back pack I didn't have to worry about anything falling out of my hands or gliding from my back. The back pack stayd perfectly in position. And even with the warm weather we had, the Ellen back pack was a pleasure to carry around. I mean, Do you know those back packs that stick to your back and cause sweat marks? Or when it's getting hot the straps start to cut into your flesh? Well, with the Back pack from the Wylee collection, that problem wasn't an issue. The fabric that is used is so soft, it's almost like a second skin.

In the evening when we went out for dinner, I used the Handi sack. As the name says: it is handi. You only take the essentials with you (money, ID), click it on the belt loop and of you go. And again: you have your hands free for other things.

I also used the Handi sack as an extra with my Back pack. Especially when we were travelling by plane. It was so easy. Just hook the Handi sack onto the back pack and you can put your essentials in it (like keys, cellphone). No need to say, when you get back home from travelling you don't want to spent 15 minutes outside your house searching for your housekeys. So hooking my handi sack onto my back pack was the perfect solution for me.

And I have to say: the wylee bags are not only functional, but they are also, how do you so it, easy to the eye. The 2 main reasons why I bought them ;o) I'm thinking about doing another purchase. That jewelry line looks amazing.

So, to close of this feedback on the wylee bags I can only say one thing: Thank you Leighanne and Miguel!! You have created an amazing collection of functional and beautifull bags. Keep up the good work and God Bless you all.

Take care

Source :

LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1 Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1   LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1 Icon_minitimeWed 18 Mar - 22:36

The suite more ...

Inmaculada Perez Lagomazzini

Hola Leighanne and Miguel!!!!

El viernes me llego el paquete con mi gorra y la pulsera. Me han encantado
las dos cosas!!! Me hizo mucha gracia como ven?a todo envuelto en su
bolsita celeste... muy mono todo!!! :oP Y nada Miguel! I just wanna to
thank YOU for putting me up with heheheh and I want to congratulate you
and Leigh for all the hard work. I think your bags, hats, jewelry are
great and I know I will come back to get some more in the future!!! Im
sending a picture to let you know how happy I was when I got my
bracelet and hat heheheh And Miguel... let me know when u get to Spain,
you gotta come to Andalucia, it?s a beautiful place, all of it!!!
Thanks a lot!!!

Inma, C?diz (Spain)

Carolina Mir

Hi, Leighanne and Miguel

Me a llegado ya el pedido de las pulseras que te pedi, bueno que decirte
que es una maravilla ,es precioso, una de las dos pulseras que era para
mi madre al verla se a emocionado, tanto ella como yo, coincidimos en
lo bonitas que son, bonitas desde la atadura para atarlo, hasta el
ultimo detalle de la pulsera. Yo tambien me e emocionado al ver las
pulseras, ver el envoltorio como va preparado todo, la bolsita, las
fotos, el catalogo, todo es precioso..

La verdad no tenemos palabras para describir lo bonito y lo maravillados que nos hemos quedado al verlo todo.

De parte de nuestra. Muchas Felicidades por estas grandes cosas que haceis en WyleeBags.

Miguel una pregunta.. ?les podras pasar las fotos que te pase de ellos en Barcelona?

Muchos Saludos.

Ya sabes que puedes ponerte en contacto conmigo siempre que quieras o
cuando vengas a Barcelona de Vacacions. Aqui estare yo para lo que

Rachael Wright

Jjust got back from holiday and parcel was waiting for me.
Think the bracelet is absolutely gorgeous !

Stephanie Copeau

Leighanne and Miguel,

I have to say that I really like my bracelet and my make-up bag. The
make-up bag is really great and I can put a lot of things inside which
is amazing since I love make-up.

The bracelet is gorgeous and since I have it a lot of people tell me that they love it and wants to know where I bought it.

Thanks again a lot for these two amazing items and I hope I'll be able to buy more things soon.



Dear Leighanne,

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your new line! I ordered the
Roundabout tote for my mother as a Mother's Day gift. Not only did it
arrive nicely packaged and within a few days of ordering, my mom loved
it! I will definitely be ordering more from your collection in the
future for myself! I have been a fan of the Backstreet Boys for about
10 years. You, Brian and Baylee seem like such a great family! Thank
you again and Happy Mother's Day!


Magdalena Jawkowska

Hi again Leighanne!

This time I have good news!Igot the merchandise today. It turned out that
the package has been mis-sent to Tokyo (that's what the label and
Japanese mail seal on it says) and they sent it back to Spain. That's
why it took so long. Anyway, the thing is I finally have it. I love the
way you pack the items, it's a great presentation. And this little
catalouge and a postcard you sent with a package is a great idea!

The items look even better then on the pics (usually it doesn't happen when you buy something on internet). The bag is bigger then I thought and I can use it almost on any ocassion and with many clothes... The hat
looks great on a head... I'm so glad about my shopping and hope to buy
more stuff from you in the future. Thank you for all and for creating
Wylee Bags. And I apologize once again bout all that mess with my order.

God Bless You and Your Family

Aline Auffret

Dear Leighanne and Miguel,

Thank you so much for the Wylee bags! I received mine a few weeks ago and I'm so happy with them. They're so convenient and I get lots of compliments on how cute they are. My friends and my colleagues at work first loved how the bags arrived each in an organza bag and now they are asking me where I got them.

Really, I'm so happy with them I start offering them left and right, and I never met one woman who didn't like them!

Thank you again for them!!

Take care,

Vera Pires

hola miguel y leighanne!!!

esta manana ha venido el mensajero con un paquete para mi!!!!! haha, y era de Wylee bags, gracias por tardar poco tiempo, y por la delicadeza de
envolver los regalos. Estaba muy contenta y ansiosa por verlos...

deciros que la gorra me encanta, es preciosa como me la imaginaba, y la pulsera me ha dado un poco de problemas porque yo soy delgada y peque?ita y es casi mas grande la pulsera que mi brazo, haha, por eso le he quitado dos corazones y ahora me queda perfecta!!!!! A una amiga le ha gustado mucho y mi madre quiere comprarse un bolso, asi que no sera el ultimo pedido!!!

a ti Miguel, decirte que yo tambien tengo un viaje planeado a Los Angeles
con las amigas asi que seria perfecto que nos vieramos. Espa?a te
gustar?, mucho sol y playa... aunque en Los Angeles tambien....

un besito a ese ni?o guapoooo, baylee!!, y por supuesto a los padres que
son maravillosos,agardecerles que nos hagan participes del crecimiento
del peque?o backstreet

gracias a ti tambien Miguel por soportar todos mis mails..hihihi, si puedes se lo traduces a leighanne, me gustaria que supiera que queremos a su

un beso, dios os bendiga
vera pires


Dear Leighanne,

I recieved my Wylee order the other day and I must say that everything is
absolutely gorgeous! I bought the Brian bag on the Unbreakable tour and
then decided that I wanted more Wylee products. I must say that the
jewelery is gorgeous and the hat is perfect!

I also want to say thank you for who you are, I was very lucky to meet you at the BSB soundcheck in Zurich, Switserland and you are one special woman with a lovely personality. Thank you for being such an inspiration and thank you for Wylee bags, I adore every single peace of the line and I'll make sure to buy a lot more in the future.

A big thank you to Brian for being the inspirational man he is and a hug
for Baylee because he truly is one of the greatest kids that I have
ever met. I hope the Unbreakable tour is a lot of fun and maybe I'll
see you somewhere on tour soon Wink

God Bless you and your wonderful family!
Love, Sabine

Aya Yamanishi

Hi Leighanne and Miguel!!!

How are you today???

I got some merchandise which I ordered from you. And I'm sooooooo excited to go out on the weekend wearing your merchandise like a bag, jewelry and hat.

These are so cute!!! I love them!!! You have a good sense of design!!!

When I opened the box, I was surprised. Because these were wrapped
beautifully. I noticed that it's a good idea to get them as a present
for a friend or mother! I want my friend to wear your merchandise too!

Actually, I was not so interested in fashion so much. But after I got your
merchandises, I feel like I'm excited to coordinate them with me. I'm
like "Which hat should I wear this weekend? " or "Which bracelet is the
best for today's fashion?

I can't wait to go out every weekend! I'm excited to wear them!!! And I'm
looking forward to seeing new merchandise from Wylee Bags soon.

I don't have a baby now. But if I get a baby in the future, I'd like to get my diaper bags from you!!!

Lastly, I really appreciate Miguel. Thank you for your kindness.

Please please say hello to the Littrell Family!!!


Shannon Bookhardt

Hello Leighanne,

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my Wylee bags. I ordered the Ellen backpack and the Yoshie handbag. I love them!! For the price I think
they are great and so roomy! I would pay the same amount for a coach
or dooney and bourke purse and get less room. I plan on purchasing
more bags at a later date.

My husband and I are both in the Air Force and currently stationed in
Italy. We recently went on a family trip to Rome and I brought both
bags with me. I carried the backpack on a daily basis when we were
walking around. It was perfect to carry my stuff and all the items we
needed for our 11 month old! We didn't even need to carry her
diaperbag!! It was amazing and so durable!

I love the items (and the cards that came with it showing all of your
other bags). They're beautiful and very well made!! Congratulations on
your success with the bags! I hope it sells very well for you. Have
fun on the current BSB tour and much love to you and your family! I
wish I could go see them in Rome but have yet to find anyone to go with
me and my husband doesn't want me to go alone (6 hours away from where I am) so, oh well Smile.

Take care and God Bless!

Audrey Tisserand

I wrote this email because I want to thank you for the package I received this morning!

Gosh I never thought I would get my Wylee stuff that fast! It was an awesome surprise to start the week with! Smile

I want to tell you I really like everything I received (mini bag, hat, handi sak & makeup bag) I am so happy with my order!

Oh and I really enjoyed the way you sent everything....what a nice idea to
send your stuff in that nice little package! Really great presentation!!!! I really appreciate that little attention!

Now I really hope I will be able to order other stuff sometime soon! I so like a lot of things I see on the Wylee site! Smile

Thank you for creating this fantastic line! Its really well thought! Wish all the best to the Wylee collection!

God Bless
Much love

Marlena C. Wilson, Director


I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for designing such an
amazing line of bags. I've seen that some people have complained about
the cost and have been critical, but I am more than pleased with my
purchase. Recently I ordered the Rok Star backpack, makeup bag, and
handisak. When my order arrived to me, I was thrilled with the product
and presentation. Every day I carry a bag for work. Normally a backpack
is not what I would choose, however, this works perfectly. It's
sophisticated enough for work but still allows some "fun" in the style.
I can't even begin to tell you the number of compliments I have
received. So thank you for your wonderful design that is fun,
functional, and perfect for a woman trying to carry and do it all! I
love my bags and I look forward to making future purchases from Wylee.

God Bless!

Source : WyleeBags.Com

PS : Traduction sur votre demande seulement.

LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1 Causeex4

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LEIGHANNE LITTRELL: Something For Everyone - Wylee Bags Feedback part 1
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