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PostSubject: Heaven ...   Heaven ... Icon_minitimeMon 23 Mar - 15:40


Yet a tour around the world, I'll turn crazy, but hey it's my job and I will not change for anything in the world, even if it's hard sometimes. What I mean by hard is that I can not think of a love life, girls are too tired of me after a while or I'm off ... Well, I tell myself that one day I 'Will my luck as Brian & Kevin.

To speak of me (while I think) Although I was Nickolas Gene Carter I'm blond with blue eyes. Measuring 1m81 and weighs 180lbs ... Yo, I say all this me? You all know me! It must be the usual (laughs).

As I said earlier, I go (yet) go around the world (as for the Black & Blue World Tour) It was so popular with fans, that has decided to repeat it, for our pleasure, but for the fans too!

-While looking forward to starting again in the adventure? Brian asked me at the same time i'm going in the car we went back to the airport.
-If I say no, is it going to change much? I replied at the same time the car started.
-Umm ... No! Tell me he laughs.
-In case there is I can not wait! Tell him I make a grimace.
-Good found our little Nicky! Tell Howie.
-Grrr ... not call me Nicky, you know I hate that! I said. And I'm not so little as that, I'll over you will be! I added, laughing.
-Oh, but it scores a point! Brian said in jest.
-Damn! Howie said pretending to be frustrated.

After arriving at the airport, we are all descended thereafter to embark on our private plane Well ... yes ... You know where it is written Backstreet Boys? So ... That's ... It(Laughter) Our first stop is Rio, where it was hell last year!

-Guys, you realize that the country is the craziest! I said
-Tell me not! Said Kevin. I hope it will not be like last year.
-Oh yes! Said there at the same time.

In Rio, it was just hell, worse than the previous year, the girls just threw at us, some had difficulty in approaching too close to the bus! Really everything to make us mad, the Boys and me. It has toured all countries as possible, it is now around New York City, where the fans are all just lovely and quiet.

-Let 's go guys! This is your last stop, later you can all go home each wisely ... So fun! Launched a bodyguard.
-YEAH! I shouted at the same time.

We descended on the land in New York, where some fans were expecting we wisely. They drew themselves without us that we need to "run".

Heaven ... Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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Number of posts : 11517
Age : 35
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PostSubject: Re: Heaven ...   Heaven ... Icon_minitimeTue 24 Mar - 18:18

I spoke with a woman when I heard my name come from behind. It was a woman in the groin 30 I would say who was there.

-Yes! I said, smiling.
-I really must talk! She says with sincerity.
-Of course! Let me 1 minutes! I said.

I signed and asked with a young admirer, later I went to see the woman who was a little further.

-Well, I'm all yours! Tell him I smile.

She let out a small laugh.
-In fact, it's not for me, I'm here ... For a young woman who adores you more to finish. In fact, it is taken from a heart problem and we do not know if it will cope. There are fears for his life. It is here, but it does not want to come see you, you see it prefers by far (laughs). Ask me why, I do not know anything, she wants no pity for people, she hates this!
-Oh, but where is this girl? I asked.
-She is sitting there backs against the fence, she listens to music!

I turned and saw the girl she was talking about.
-What 's his name? I asked him.
-Mary ...
-Thanks! I say to begin with.

I walked towards the girl in remembering all that this lady had said about her. The more I progressed the more I saw. She wore a blue band (like AJ) of sunglasses covering his eyes. His hair was a blond remarkable. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt sport quite large, but it went very well. She was leaning against the fence, a discman in his possession. It seems pensive, just elsewhere.

-Mary! Say I am looking at its height.
-Who showed you my name? Asked me Does a sweet voice, while dragging her headphones in her neck.
-The lady there! I say in the matter.
-Maggie ... I was told that I did not want to see you ... It is not badly! She says softly.
-It is I who insisted! Say I sat beside her.
fine so what’s do you want? She says looking at me from the top of his glasses (At the AJ).
-It 's rare to see the fact that a fan does not jump over you when you're near it! I said, smiling.
-You may be Nick Carter, but to my eyes, you're an ordinary person! She says.
-Even more wierd that! I said.

She let out a small laugh.
-This is certainly not why you came to me about? She says with a smile.
-Well, as you just do not see us, well I am here!
-Humm! She says. BSB that a "short" after a fan? We do everything for! She laughs.
-I admit that it is rather far-fetched, but what do you want? I laughed too. But I do not regret having done so! I added.
-Me either! She said rather embarrassed.
-Well, you see, I have to insist!

She smiled in response, that I went too.
-So you listen? I asked him.
-Oh ... your song, Love To Love! She says.
-How do you think?
-Simply beautiful ... I love the lyrics and your voice, it is even better! She says with a shy smile.

I do not know if she wanted me to be ashamed, but that is what happened.
-It is Nick Carter reddened! She said to me one of those throwing glances.
-I might be Nick Carter, but I am not immune to the shyness! I say to defend myself.
-You do not need to be defensive, you know Nick! She said laying her hand on my shoulder.
-Sorry, it's habit! I said, laughing.
-Do not see serious! She looked like humming a song that had not unknown.
-You sing Heaven! I say listening.
-Yeah, I love that song! She says.
-Me too! Tell him I smile.

I began to sing with her. It has a sweet voice, she sings really well. The fans present were returned to us to listen. I could see that Mary was really embarrassed. I sang while watching, she slid her finger under his glasses, which are meant she was crying. When we finished singing, have heard the applause of fans who could not help but to shed tears.

-What 's really a very beautiful voice! I said after the girls have spoken with us.
-Thanks! She said timidly.
-It 's okay, but I think you really know! I said.

She smiled. I could see a notebook out of his bag. For a girl who wanted to see us (laughs). She followed my gaze, to see what I watched. She smiled and took her purse out of me and the tender. I opened it and signed it:

"At a super girl,
Keep your courage and
continues to go!
I'll forget, never your joy
voice of angel!
With Love
Nick Carter

I restore the notebook, put it in her purse after silky read. She looked at me and smile.


I'm happy to smile.
-Nick! I could ask a favor? Asked me does after a few minutes without speaking.
-Yes of course! I say watching.
-It may seem trivial to you, what I have to ask, but hey ... Can you squeeze me in your arms! Asked she embarrassed.
-It is not trivial just ... Go see it! Say I open my arms.

She smiled and came to snuggle in my arms where I pressed against me. I could see if it felt good, I was happy to feel that it was appreciated. It was time for me to go join the others, but I did not want Mary to leave, so she knew me. But it was impossible for me to stay here. I stood up and stretched her hand and she was helping to recover.

-I'm sorry Mary, but it is time for me to leave! I say with an air of regret.
-Yes, Nick I understand you can go! She says with a smile.
-Go, come here! I say giving him arms.

It came in my arms and I pressed against me. Thereafter, I made the kiss, it is time it did drop a paper in my hand. I took with a smile.

-I hoped to have the chance to see you again one day! I said.
-Me too! She said to me smiling.

I embraced one last time in my arms and look for others who were waiting. I was happy to finally return home, but in a way, I was not ... I would no longer revise Mary and I miss her already. I know it's crazy, I hardly know ... But you know what feeling to know it has always been! Although it's like that with Mary.

-I am not sad to finally come home! Said AJ.
-And me!Said Brian.
-It 's clear! Said Howie.
-Me I can not wait to find my wife! Said Kevin.
-Nick ... you say nothing! Said AJ.
-Hein? What? I say out of my mind.
-Hum ... He too must think of the girl with whom he was talking over an hour. Said Brian.
-Ah, guys! It is simply adorable. I feel I know her since forever! I said.

They were surprised by what I had responded, we say that this is the first time that I say such a thing, but what do you want the truth, why hide them? That would be really con on my part.

-Come on Nick, this is the first time that you see like that ... Are your sure that’s your okay ? Brian asked touching my forehead.
-I’m not sick dude! I said removing his hand from my forehead.
-What are fly-bitten men? Said Howie.
-His story just touched me, I do not think that it happens one day! I said.
-His-story! Said Brian.
-Yeah! I replied.
-Well tells! Said there.
-In fact, the girl we love more than anything, but it is taken from a heart problem and doctors do not know if it will cope. They fear for his life! So I go to see, this girl is simply adorable and has a voice of angel! I said.
-What is the name of this angel? Brian asked me.
-Mary! That's all I know! I said. But it really has a very strong personality and is fun with it! Say I put my headphones on my hard man my ears.

The Boys looked at me without saying anything and we continued to discuss them. I remembered that Mary had given me a paper. I left my pocket and unfold it, there was inscribed:

"If ever the urge to talk to me
you come, you can do it
sure it will be less than pleasant
true ... Anyway ...
I embrace you ...
Love 4ever
My cell phone: 221-1822

I smiled, folding the paper that smelled her perfume and put it in my pocket. I sleep in flight.

Heaven ... Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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PostSubject: Re: Heaven ...   Heaven ... Icon_minitimeThu 26 Mar - 17:59

Months have passed before I called Mary, we say that all commitments with the group and for my solo album Time is rare fit. I intend to catch up with me and it would be today.

" Dring Dring "

"Hello? Launched a little voice that I am grateful.
-Hello Mary! I said.
"Nick is well you! "She said merrily.
-Hey baby, I rather not call you and I'm sorry.
"It's nothing, I did not expect what you call me one day! "
-I could not, not call you, you missed me too! I said.
"Oh! I miss me too Nick! "She coughing.
-What's new is this time? I asked him.
"Well, I'm in remission, they are still my tests, I've really tired! (She coughed) I look forward to release me! "Does it end.

It made me ill to know how it's seen that she was suffering.

-You're going to get Mary, is trust! "I like me reassure myself.
"Nick, I fear the worst! "She said with a sob in her voice.
-Mary, did not say that! Believe in yourself! Yes I am aware that it's hard for you, but you must be strong my dear!
"Nick is not as easy as you think ... and you're away from me ... I'm not going! "She wept.
-Oh ... But my heart is with you, it's already something! I said trying to comfort her.
"I'll try to believe you! "She said. "Nick, I gotta go more tests ahead ... I love you! "She said.
-Take care! I love you too! I said before hanging up.

After hanging up, my tears came to my eyes. I wanted to have life after Mary ... I took the CD from the Bryan Adams Heaven where he and began to repeat. I sing and could not help but let my tears flow.

-Oh, but what's wrong? Brian started at the same time he entered.
-I called Mary and it really weakened by the day. It is making a series of tests and it can ... I am not losing me! I said with a sob in her voice.
-Oh, I'm sorry Nick, I did not know! He said in submitting her hand on my shoulder. She will get out I am sure!
-I like too, but as she says, it's hard to believe! I said.
-Go ahead, we have a practice to do!
-Go ahead, I'll join you.
-Okay, but soon! He said on leaving.
-Yeah-promised! I said.

I stayed a few minutes in my room and left to join the others who were waiting below. We turned to the place where we had practice. I was not really to my 100%, but I did my best to not make the "stupid". I had Mary in mind, it obsessed me as it does not! I was for her. I was hoping that good!

-Okay-old! AJ asked me.
-Yeah, I'm just tired! I said walking to my Jeep Green.
-I hope that this was a passenger was our concert in less than 2 months!
-I know men, worrying is that passenger! I was lying.
Akay-based it! He said.
-Yeah! You just B-Rok! I said.
-Yeah-I! He ran.
-You know! Said Brian after a few minutes in silence.
-I am supposed to know what me! I asked.
-I think about it during practice write ... Why not a little something to Mary?
-Yeah, you right, it could make her happy, although I doubt she can hear! I say sadly.
-Do not think about that Nick, thinking of Mary! He said of landing in the car.
-Yeah! Take Care Frick!
-Take Care! Frack

I booted up and headed home ... More than 1 month is passed ... I am always writing a song for Mary, but it's really not easy, too much rush in my head at the same time. I often try to call, but whenever his laptop was close ... It really worries me.

Heaven ... Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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PostSubject: Re: Heaven ...   Heaven ... Icon_minitimeSun 29 Mar - 22:53

This is 2 months now, the day of the show and I'm not even trying to go ... I am here for me Mary! Boys say that I should not tell me that it must be going well, I do not stop me do, but it's not easy saying.

The concert was very good start, I try to give my 100% even if it was not full easy I must admit. Now is the turn of my solo ... After the Boys is moving each turn, it was my turn.

-Let 's go Frack! Brian started by giving me a pat on the shoulder.
-Well thank you Frick! Say I go on stage.

Everyone began to shout in seeing me. I went to the microphone and breathed a deep breath.

-I know you want to die to hear me sing, but just before I wanted to convey a message ... Not really a message, but it's the same for me ... Whatever ... Tk ... (Laughs General of the crowd) The song I'm singing, beats the same thing for me ... Yes I love all that, but to me it is worth more now! I will always remember the voice of an angel with whom I sing and to make me cry su ... Bah yeah me Nick Carter (Laughs) I can know that wherever she is, she ' entends ... Basically, I want her to know that this song I sing for her.

With these words the first notes of Heaven starded. I took a breath and began:

-Oh- thinkin' about all our younger years
There was only you and me
We were young and wild and free
Now nothing' can take you away from me
We've been down that road before
But that's over now
You keep me comin' back for more

Baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to belive
We're in heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it here in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven

" I am back after hearing screams and a female voice sail "

(Mary) Oh- once in your life you find someone
Who will turn your world around?
Bring you up when you're feelin' down
Ya- nothing ' could change what you mean to me
Oh there's lots that I could say
But just hold me now
Cause our love will light the way

" I go near it "

(Nick & Mary) Baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin ' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And I love all that I need
And I found it here in your heart
It isn't too hard too see
We're in heaven

(Nick) Yeah
I've been waintin' for so long
For somethin' to arrive
For love to come along

(Mary) Now our dreams are comin' true
Through the good times and the bad
Ya- I'II be standin' there by you
(Nick) Yeah!!!!

(Nick & Mary) Baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven

(Nick) Yeah!!!
And I love is all that I need
And I found it here in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven, heaven
Ohhhhooo....No nooooooo

You're I love is all that I need

( Heaven-Bryan Adams sing by Nick Carter)

Tears fell on her soft cheeks and even on my own. I went to her and shook in my arms. She was so beautiful, dressed in a jean size and a low fitting black jacket that is in the middle of the back, her hair falls over her shoulders. She had come I was not sure how, but she was there. I made the kiss, a party behind the scene and other Boys saw me to close the show a few hours later.

Stage direction I was going behind a towel on his head, hoping that Mary will always be there and to my delight, she was going to her smiling. She approached me and hugging. I was so happy to finally see her again and I think also it was for the same thing!

-Happy to see that you are happy to see you again ... I was tell you Mary! Said Brian.
-Yeah! Thank you guys! She replied by smiling.
-Oh, but nothing was done that for a good cause! Said Kevin.
-Is it that I could understand? I lost.
-Well,Nick, if I am here with friends, they called me and asked me to come to the show ... At first I was not so sure if I had come, but they have convinced me! Said Mary, smiling.
-Oh, that's why you asked me my laptop! I started with Brian.
-Yes, it was to find the number of Mary! He replied.
-Really ... Thanks guys! "I moved.
-It 's all men! Said AJ. I think you have much to say to you, then we will let you! Rajouta there.
-Yeah, and thank you again! Tell me I turned to Mary. You coming? I asked him.
-Of course! She said following me.

We are out of the arena where we gave our concert and left the hotel.
-I am so happy to see you! I walked by his side.
-Me too Nick, you can not know how I can not wait to see you again, you missed me! She said timidly.
-I missed you too! You can not know how! I said taking his hand, shook it away.

We continued our journey in silence to reach the hotel after a few minutes. We took the elevator and Montamer at the 6th floor. I noticed that Mary always held my hand which made me smile naturally. Mary leaned her head on my shoulder, she seemed exhausted. It is to the same time as the elevator doors will reopen. I tirais a little on his hand so that she follow me and walked down the hall to get to my room.

-That there is! I say once inside.
-Wow! It is as beautiful room! She said amazed.
-It 's because you have not yet seen my house! I said, laughing.
-Yeah, it's clear! She answered, laughing too.
-It does not bother you that I take a shower? Chu all sticky and sweaty!
-No, it's nice you can go! She said sitting on my bed.
-Thanks! I said, smiling.

I went to the bathroom and took a deserved shower, I emerged a few minutes later, wearing a simple black boxer and went to join Mary. It is so beautiful, she is lying down and listening to TV. I would sit beside her, she came softly huddle in my arms where I pressed against me. It sticks its head in my neck that I disliked war. It was at that time will be triggered, that our eyes are crossed ... I approach it gently, it did the same. I felt his heart beat faster growing. Our lips were finished by touching herself and us, we kissed tenderly for a few minutes. Thereafter, it make me a smile, that I went and leaned his head against my heart, closed his eyes and gently rocked to sleep by the beating of my heart.

Heaven ... Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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PostSubject: Re: Heaven ...   Heaven ... Icon_minitimeMon 30 Mar - 17:18

The next day, when I woke up, Mary always slept in my arms ... She looks like an angel ... She opened her eyes a few minutes after me and smiled. I naturally went without hesitation ... I saw in the eyes of Mary, she seemed uncomfortable and so I have to say ... Not that I hate to kiss him, far away, only I do not know ...

-Nick! She said softly.
-Huh?! What Mary! I say out of my mind.
-Does it could be that you feel uncomfortable, like I feel too! Wonder she sat on the bed.
-Yeah ... It's not that I did not like kiss you ... Far from it! I said.
-Me either, I did not hate it ... But I think I am not ready for this relationship! She said.

I was relieved when she confessed that.
-It 's the same for me. Since Cammy, I have trouble with is kind of relationship! I said.
-So we act as if nothing had happened and we still there? I suggested she says.
-Market concluded! Tell him I smile.
-So Cool ... Friend? She said.
-Yes miss ... Friend! I said.

She smiled and lifted it. I was really relieved that she agreed with me, because to tell you true, I was not really ready to engage in a serious relationship ... Especially with the time occupied by my album as well as with Boys, I really see where I could not find time for a girl!

When Mary out of the shower, I went to my turn, to highlight a few minutes later dressed in jeans and a t-shirt (what normal!) I was going to join in the future Mary, who was dressed casual. Jeans size bass, t-shirt, hair softly etc ... She knew how to be adorable!

After a few minutes we reach the Boys went ahead in the bottom for lunch.
-Yo! I started entering the room followed closely by Mary.
-Well,you're you! Said Kevin.
-Yes! My stomach screamed famine! I added.
-It 's not new Frack it, you still hungry! Said Brian laughs.
-Hey! I am growing Frick you know! I say to defend myself.
-Oh ... And it takes how long? Said AJ.
-All … In ... Life! I said, laughing.
-It 's what I thought too! Said Howie.

After risk for a few minutes, we assimilated and began to eat while talking.
-So Mary, you stay with how long we? Asked Brian.
- One day or more. I have a series of tests still to go! She answered.
-Again?! I said. They do not made you let go!
-Yes again! She says while drinking a sip of his orange juice.
-They are not possible! I said.
-Oh, but you know, I used Nick!
-You must be sick! Said Kevin.
-Yeah, I admit that I'm starting to be a little tired, but -I still hope that one day they will find what! She answered.
-It is including! Said Howie.
-But that was before you learn that you were taken from the heart? AJ asked.
-Well, I sang, I had an agent who gave me a small concert here and there in New York, but when he knew for my heart problem, he let me say that I do it could not continue! She said a little sad.
-Oh, but it is really part of his stupid that! I said. Yet you have a beautiful voice!
-Oh, you know, it's not too serious, I am put out so now I sing for fun to sing!
-And your parents what they think of this? Asked Brian.
-My parents are dead now ... 2 years 1 drunk driver is back in! She says.
-Oh ... Sorry! Lança Brian.
-It is not Brian, it's still 2 years ... At the time I was 17 ... Now it's past, I forget! She says.
-It is quite sad what happens now is that there you will always smiling! I say watching.
-It is clear, you can always count on us! Rajouta Brian.
-Thanks, you guys are adorable! She said letting the tears slide.
-Oh, it's natural baby! I started shaking in my arms.

We continued to talk all together. After several hours, Mary was gone shopping with Leighanne, wife of Brian.

-Hey, I thought of something! I started with the Boys.
-What! Asked Brian.
-Well, I think it would be, Mary, sings to all our shows, the song Heaven with me! What do you say?
-It would be nice, but you should talk to Mary before! Said Kevin.
-Yeah I know that I'm going to talk about when it will come back to shop! I said.
-Oh, but you think it is followed! Said Howie.
-Yes I know D, I will call and take care of it ... That's of course if she wants! I replied.
-You really think you all! Said AJ.
-Me? Also see! I said, laughing.

We each went into our suite. I was sitting on the floor playing Playstation until Mary returns. I did not need to wait long before it happens.

-Hey Mary! I said, smiling.
-Hi Nick! She sat behind me on the bed.
-So is shopping! I said looking at his bags.
-I am exhausted, we have not stopped for one second! She says.
-Oh, with Leigh, it's always like that! Say I sat beside him.
-I've seen it! She says.
-Mary, I have something to offer you! I said after a moment of silence.
-Go ahead-I'm all right! She says looking at me.
-I am in discussions with the Boys and they told me it was a good idea! I said.
-And what is it?! Ask Mary.
-It 's that you follow us on tour and at each concert, you sing with me ... Heaven
-Nick, I can not accept, I have tons of treatments to be done and I can get sick anytime! I will cut it.
-Mary, I just call the doctors, I'll take care of you me, the other Boys More ... In addition, we lose not seen ... Go Mary! I said.
-Okay, you won! She says, smiling.
-Ah I adore you !!! I say the shaking in my arms.
-I adore you too! She says, smiling.

I announced the good news to other Boys and they were all too happy. After having "negotiated" an agreement with physicians by Mary, the tour was played, Mary was now part of the Backstreet Family!!

Heaven ... Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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PostSubject: Re: Heaven ...   Heaven ... Icon_minitimeFri 3 Apr - 3:20

Months went by and Mary is really great, her sweet voice of an angel to stir everyone ... even me and the other Boys, in short everyone. Mary is just adorable, we are inseparable, so much so that some may believe that one is broken, but it is not the case.

-Nicky? Said Mary entering the hotel suite.
-I am on the terrace Mary! I said.
-So are you! She said in submitting his hands on my waist from behind.
-It 's safe! And this you shopping? Tell me I turn to face her.
-Oh, you know me, I robbed half the shops with Leigh! She says to me making a hug.
-After you're wondering why you're tired! Say I kiss him.
-Although it does not matter at that ... Oh I made a little something for you! She said upon entering the room.
-To me! I say surprised. You can’t not see! I added the following.
- Well and I hope you enjoy it! She says to me that in a package of tissue paper.

I caught and went to sit on the corner of my bed. Mary came to sit beside me and looked forward to I open the package. I opened it slowly to avoid damaging the paper. After a few minutes I had in the hands ... What was there was simply cute ... It is a frame with me and Mary in the provision of Heaven. I turned to her and her smile is.

-It's lovely, thank you! I say the shaking in my arms.
-Happy to see you love that! She said caressing my back one of his hands.
-It 's certainly see .... In addition to have you near me, well I'll have you in my heart! I say playing with a lock of her hair.
-Oh, you're all sweet! She said to me smiling.

I made him smile. She looked up at me, I gently stroked her cheek, she leaned her head on my hand ... I deposited a kiss on her forehead, she snuggled in my arms and eventually fall asleep. .. She's so beautiful, it looks like an angel, they're there to sleep like a baby in my arms ... Let Nick, what do you take? It has made the right decision in staying there and staying with friends ... But not if I wanted it! Men I'm sleeping better too ... I'm crazy!

The next day, Mary was sweating in my arms, in addition to being cold as ice. I was moving slowly in order to wake up.

-Mary, wake up! I say gently.
-Nick! I have cold! She says in sweat and shivering.
Mary? But what do you have? I worried in the shaking in my arms.
-I do not know Nick! She says scrapie. I have a pain anywhere, I feel my legs practically!
-Shh, I'm there Mary! Say I caressing his arm to warm it up.
-I 'm afraid Nick!
-Calm down, I'm here! I say even more worried.

I saw her falter increasingly reassured me that is not at all, I then called the emergency services who arrived minutes later. They put Mary on a stretcher and carried in an ambulance immediately leaves the hospital. I watched from the ambulance in the distance, I had a big heart and I felt bad, but mostly guilty.

-Just, we'll join! Fit Brian applicant me one hand on my shoulder.
-I'm Brian guilty, so guilty! I said.
-Hey, it's not your fault old ... I'm sure she will cope, it is strong Mary, you do not worry like that! Said Brian.
-Shit, you do not understand! She was with me and time for everything, I never saw that something was wrong ... I made a promise to his doctors to take care of her, but suddenly, it ' is not that it's product! I replied despair.
-Nick is not your fault you stop feeling guilty! Said Kevin.
-Kevin at Nick! AJ replied. We will go to the hospital and she will be able to agree!
-Mouais! I said, taking leave in the limo.

We all left all the Boys to the hospital where Mary was. We pray that a few minutes and we were already in front of it. We avançâmes to the office of the receptionist.

-Yes, I can help you? Wonder it.
-Yes, a young girl named Mary, must be here! I said.
-Yes, that is correct, make sure you sit a doctor will tell you in minutes! She says.
-Okay, and thank you!

I was going to "sit “in the waiting room and waited for a doctor arrives. After waiting 1 hour a doctor appeared.

-Hello I'm Dr. Collin, I'm dealing with Miss Taylor.
-Yes, say, is she okay? I asked worried.
-In fact Miss Taylor made a relapse, it is in a coma, we do not know how long it will take like that ... We are not even sure it will come out! Says Dr. Collin. We will give you news as soon as we have! Rajouta it before leaving.

Following what I had heard, I felt low, my heart lifted, my head turned, my world was collapsed on me. I hear nothing ... I let it fall onto the seat behind me.

-Bring him water! Lança Brian. Nick said something, go talk old! Begged me there.
-What do you want me to say after what I just learned? I started taking the glass of water that Kevin handed me.
-I realize that Nick is hard, but not let you shoot like that! Howie said.
-Men, Howie, Mary is unconscious, between life and death! --How do you think I feel? I had to take care of her and see where it is! I said.
-Nick it's not your fault! Said AJ.
-Stop telling me it's not my fault ... YES it is! I started by raising the tone.
-Calm down men! Said Brian.
-We would that’s calm down ? Brian, Mary is in a serious condition, how do you want me to calm me knowing it? HEIN HOW? Say I frightening.
-Nick begins with you sit and there you go calm! Kevin Said an authoritarian tone.

I sat down after Kevin told me I had no desire to resist, I could not do that to Mary. The Boys had all fallen asleep on a chair, I could not sleep, I felt too bad about Mary like that, I had no desire to close the eye. That's when Dr. Collin came to me.

-How does it go? I asked him very softly in raising me.
-Mr. Carter, Miss Taylor is in critical condition, I really do not know if it will take a long time like that, that's not what I want, but I do not know if it will remain alive!
-What? You must be mistaken identity! Say I felt my heart tighten.
-I'm sorry, I really the case of Mary in the hands and I can swear that I am not mistaken ... I am sincerely sorry Mr. Carter! He says.
-It 's okay, you do your job ... But can we go see? I asked.
-Of course, the Board, 204! Dr Collin said.
-Thank you so much Mr. Collin.
-It 's natural seeing, I will keep you posted if there is something new.
-Okay, and thank you again!

He left after these words.
-What 's what he said? Brian asked who it was awake.
-The same thing this afternoon ... She is in critical condition and they do not know if it will survive! I said letting a tear flow that j'essuyais immediately.
-Oh, I'm sorry! Brian was as sad as me.
-He told me that we could go see her in the room 204! I added.
-Then there is? Said AJ who was also awake.
-Yeah! I say to begin with.

It took only a few moments for Boys is all standing and follow me. When we enter, what I saw before me shivers down the spine. Mary was under white blankets, the pale ... It was connected to machines that were doing a hell of noise.

I pulled a chair to be near his bed, I took her hand in mine, it was cold ... My tears could not help but sink. Other Boys sat close behind me and not say anything, it was better like that, they are silent. I watched and I really wanted. She is too young to die, she has no right to leave, leave me alone like that.

Heaven ... Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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Brian took the initiative to call our manager to explain what happened, he understood and was kind to cancel concerts, interviews in short, any time ... for some fans were disappointed, but come to understand. Several of them had sent gifts, letters, cards Mary. Unfortunately, she could not read because it was still in a coma. Dr Collin was very often give us news about Mary.

While the Boys were on the coffee where to look a gift for Mary, I had decided to stay close to her ... I took his hand and began to speak:

-You know Mary, you gotta fight, you have no right to leave like that ... You're thinking to me in all this! If you leave like that, is that you loose (a sob rising in my voice) It's not you who told me that you were afraid in the dark! So why do you guard your eyes closed! Where Mary is my angel eyes? You did not already soaring! Nan you do not have the right, you promised me we would be together for eternity, you tell swore you would always be with me ... These are beautiful promises evaporate such already! You always kept your promises, so why do you change it now? It's not in your habits to be low ... You have always said you hated that you take pity, but the people here is just what they have for you (sniffles) Damn Mary, open your eyes, tell me, is not silent ... I need you ... Yes, it surprises you huh? Although I can be in need of something and in my case is that I need you Damn ... are you talking about?! (I started to cry) Look here what you do to me, you're proud of you! You managed to make me cry! How can I be as pitcher for love you huh! Would you tell me ... Yes, yes I am in love with you, it surprises you huh! I have had said "Friend," but I can not control my love for you Mary ... Damn I hate you I hate you, you hear me! This is just the cowards who parte like that, not the angels, angels like you! Mary I took, part not, stay here with me.

I could not continue to talk more, I was crying too much to continue. I took a handkerchief with me to dry my tears.

-Who are you talking about Nick! Brian was followed by entering other.
-I was talking to Mary! I say a sob in her voice.
-You know it's all that beautiful, but it does not answer you! Said Howie.
-D I know! But it feels good to empty the heart! I replied.
-Nick Yeah right! Said Kevin.
-You know Nick! Said AJ. I am sure you heard that Mary! said there.
-Yeah I know!

It was at that time was Mr Collin arrived.
-You have news? Asked Brian.
-I am sorry, Miss Taylor is not doing! Said doc.
-WHAT? You're wrong! I said. Mary is strong! I added.
-I'm afraid this is the end of Mr Carter.
-NONNNNNNNNNNN me heart, give him anything done, but do not let go! Say I put myself to cry. I made you! I added the shortness of breath.
-I'm sorry! Said Mr Collin leaving.

I let it "fall" on Mary.
-No worry ... I took Mary, will not let me like that ... you are my angel Bat, shows them that you are strong! I took thee will not let me! I said crying even more.
-Nick calm you ... Stop! Said Brian filing his hands on my shoulders, it will change anything if you cry like that! He said squeezing me against him.
-I do not want to lose it ... I need it ... What will I do without it! I say with tears in her arms.
-You'll continue to do the best job in the world, while watching over her! Said Kevin.
-Shit, she'll die! You've heard the same as me! I said.
-Who is going to die! Said a low voice.

I turned.
-Mary! I say "running" towards it.
-Why are you crying Nick! She says looking at me from his little angel eyes.
-But ... Dr Collin said you were going to die! I say the shaking in my arms.
- How many times will you have to repeat that I do not believe doctors! Said Mary she caressing my hair.

Kevin was out to get the doctor while the Boys were all about Mary.
-Push-up! Said Dr. Collin.
-You said it was going to die! I say to document while holding the hand of Mary.
-That 's what we believe, but Mary is a miracle! Said there.
-I had told you!Brian threw me a smile.
-Yeah! I said, smiling through my tears.

Mr Collin took some blood and taken him several tests.
-Mr. Carter, I can talk alone? Dr Collin said after a few hours.
-Yes of course! I read in his office.
-Sit down! He says pointing me in a chair.
-Thanks! Say I sat.
-If I was brought here because it concerns Miss Taylor.
Yes, what's wrong? I asked worried.
-In fact, Mary is not completely healed ... In fact, it needs further treatment even more sophisticated than we had given ... But the problem is that these treatments cost $ 5000 U.S.! Said there.
-I am ready to pay, if I swear it is completely healed! I said.
-She will be ensured. However ... She should go to the hospital in L.A .. It is the hospital's most sophisticated of all the United States! Said there.
-Count on me ...

I stood up, gave him his hand and join the other party.
-What 's what he wanted? Asked Brian styling the hair of Mary.
-He wanted to tell me about Mary! I said.
-What 's that you say?! Kevin wonder.
-Mary ... In fact is not fully healed ... we must bring in a more sophisticated hospital and is located in L.A
-Well-what are we waiting for? Howie asked.
-But how much is all this? Asked Mary.
-5000 $! I said.
-What? Said Mary. I do not have that fortune! She said.
-Maybe not you, but yes! Said AJ.
-No ... I do not want you to pay me! She says.
-If you knew as we do not care Mary! Said Brian.
-So well-compute ... It would do us $ 1000 each! Kevin was quick to add.
-Exactly! I out $ 1000.

Each Boys released a ticket of $ 1000 and put in an envelope ... Mary has come to accept that pays for it ... Anyway, even if it did not want, they would have done the same ! (Laughs)

From the next morning we left for L.A.
-Don 't be worry Mary, everything will be OK! I started taking his hand.
-I hope so! She says. I am so afraid that this does not work!
-That will work I assure you! I began to reassure.

With these words, the aircraft landed on the runway to L.A we took the first bus there and we were left to the hospital. Finally arrive at the scene, Mary gave its name to the receptionist who was quick to give us "his" room. We are headed towards the bedroom. Mary had her hand in mine and shook nervously. We were all sitting and waiting for a doctor arrives.

-Hello Mary, I'm Dr. Rodriguez and I'll take care of you during any intervention! Lança this lady.
-Okay! Said Mary nervously.
-Don’t worry, everything is going very well happen, you have nothing to fear ... I understand very well that you are nervous but do not worry, everything will go well! She said. You are ready to begin? Interview she said.
-Hum-hum! Said Mary to tears.

She rose to follow the Doctor, she turned to me.
-Don’t worry because I'll always be there! I say by placing a hand on my heart.

She smiled and she "disappeared" in a room where we can not enter. The clock is ticking and Mary had still not returned, I was there to make the 100 steps.

-Nick sat up do you want, you stuns and you will use your shoes! Said Brian.
-I'm too nervous Brian, I can not stay in place! I say still more beautiful.
-Calm down Nick, Mary is in good hands, you do not have to worry how it will be up soon! Said Kevin.
-I am aware, but it's stronger than me, I'm sorry guys, but you will need to endure!

Each Boys began to sigh and looked at me as possible. The ordeal of Boys finally stopped when Ms. Rodriguez came.

-She okay? I asked nervously.
-Yes, it's all very well, Miss Taylor was asleep, but you can still go see it! She says sweetly.
-Thanks! I said, starting to his room followed by the others.

When I came, Mary had just woken up. I approach it gently.
-Hi my angel ... How do you feel?!
-I'm fine, just tired, but it's ... Ms. Rodriguez was lovely with me! Said Mary in a voice still asleep.
-You go out when! Asked Brian.
-I do not know, need to ask! She says.
-You should get my rest, you lived a lot of emotion today! Say I caressing her hair.
-Yeah, you right ... But just before I wanted to thank you! She says smiling. Without you I do not know what I would become!
-Mary, have you had always said that we would always here for you in the right as the wrong time, so it is natural that people do that for you! Said AJ.
-More! We have found our angel! I added.
-Thank you, really! Said Mary moved.
-It 's nothing going asleep now! Say I put my lips on his forehead.

She smiled and gently close the eyes and eventually fall asleep.
-We should do the same! Said Kevin. There was need for sleep so do we!
-Yeah, you right! I began feeling my eyes close on its own.
-Good-night gang! Said Howie.
-Good-night ... Howie And please try not to snore! I said.

Everyone will be laughing, but fatigue soon took over and we're all asleep without being pray. The day after we had all woken up to 8hrs AM. Ms. Rodriguez appeared.

-As far as I see you are all up! She says smiling.
-Yeah! Be launched simultaneously.
-(laughter) So Mary how you feel? Asked it.
-Well, but I can not wait to finally be able to enter! Said Mary.
-You can finally return home, but make sure you agree! She says.
-Promis! Said Mary.
-I count on you to watch over it!
-You can be sure we will! Lance-I.
-So Mary, good recovery and rest yourself! Said Ms. Rodriguez.
-Promis! Mary said smiling.

After the doc to be part ... Mary Mary threw happy:
-Finally, I can go home!
-Yeah! I said. Just go back on! I added.
-With pleasure! Said Mary standing in the bed.

Mary spoke one last time with Ms. Rodriguez, and we could from the moment then to the warm sun of Tampa. I was really disappointed not to finally return home and the other Boys not say.

Heaven ... Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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We were in the plane that would take us to Florida. I sat next to Mary.
-So how do you feel? I asked him.
-Much better, although a little tired! She said reading the maps that fans had sent him.
-You will have to rest for a while! I added.
-I am aware ... And you have to go back in the studio and your concerts! She says.
-Not at this time, it was all a few weeks of vacation yet!
-Oh, okay She says, smiling.
-Mary ... Would you like to come live with me, my house is big enough for two and I could watch over you! I said, hoping that it accepts.
-You do not find that you've done enough for me! She says. I do not want to harm you! She said.
-Well, you do not harm me if I ask you is that I really want it ... Go Mary said yes please! I say with small eyes that are merciless.
-Ahh ... How do you want me to resist you when you face that makes me here? I asked she said.
-So it is yes? I replied.
-Well yes my big teddy bear! She said to me smiling.
-Ah ... Thank you! I in the shaking in my arms.
-It's not up to you to thank me, it to me! "She laughs.
-It's not that serious! Thank you the same! I laughed.
-Hey love, what it can do! Said Kevin.
-What? What? Said there.
-Shut up! I along with Mary.
-So what is true! Retorted he.
-KEVIN! Be launched.
-Yes I know ... Shut up! Said there.

Se laugh that made everyone even Mary. I was glad to see her smiling also.

"Please fasten your seatbelts, we will land in a few moments! " Said a voice in the speakers.

We did everything she told us and we landed. We then took our luggage and we descended on the land.

-I am not disappointed to be finally on the ground! Said Mary smiling.

Mary is like me, she hates to fly it airsick Ah ... you think we have much in common it and me! Having said all to the next, we all left to our respective lives.

-You just Mary? I taking my bags.
-Yup, I am! She said taking his.

We took a taxi and we went at me.
-Thank you and have a nice day! Said the driver after I paid.
-Thank you! I say out bags by hand.

I prayed to Mary to follow me, which she did while being amazed at was that stood before her eyes.

-Wow, is not it a home! It's a castle! Exclaimed Mary entering.
-(Laughs) There you are in my house which is now yours! I said.
-Thanks Nick, but it will take me months to not lose me! She laughs.
-Do not worry, you'll be fast! I said. So I make you visit! I added.
-Yeah, it would be better for my health! She said to me next.

I started to laugh after that remark. I fis visit the bottom of the house. I came to his room which was just opposite to mine.

-Wow! You mean I'm sleeping here! She said surprised.
-Of course, you do not like! I asked him.
-On the contrary, it is beautiful! Does it end.

In fact, it had a balcony in the same room with an ocean view. Her bed was a former model, a kind of canopy bed, the walls were a pale green. Anyway.

-So I will let you install! I said before leaving. And do not forget, you gotta relax.
-I know and I'll do it now! She said without taking the trouble to undo his bags.
-So good-night! I said before leaving.
-Nick! She says.
-It 's nothing! I said.

I gently shut the light and the door and went to sleep in my lap.

The next day I got up in pain and misery of my bed and went before the Board of Mary, I opened the door slowly, she was still asleep at the closed, I gently shut the door in order not to wake up and get off at kitchen.

Heaven ... Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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I was sitting at the table a newspaper and a coffee in hand, when Mary came into the kitchen, she was a kick, but still very pretty.

-Hello Mary! I threw him a smile.
-Hello! Said she yawned.
-Are you okay? Sleep well!
-Yeah, great! Whatever I lost a little! She laughs.
-Oh! Over time, you used!! Tell him I used a cup of coffee.
-Yeah ... In a couple of years! She says.
- (laughter) You just my ambition is beautiful! I tell him submitting his cup of coffee on the table before her.
-Thanks! She says. I not ambition but barely! She said.
-Come on Mary, you will soon find my slow cooker, you'll see in a few weeks, it will be like if you lived there ever since! I threw him a smile.
-Okay! I will believe you in case there is!

After all this, Mary insisted on doing dishes with me, so I finally agreed and gave him a cloth to wipe it! Each pieces that I gave her, our fingers affected is that made me shudder every time. Thereafter I proposed to Mary to come out for a boat ride, she of course accepted my great happiness.

While she changed, I want to prepare a little something to nibble in case she hungry. I was down and was waiting when she appeared wearing jeans low size of an upper pale green bikini that made her eyes out which were the same color as this. She had very little makeup and had her hair blond in clear "lulus" braid on each side of his head with a hat on his head and his glasses in his hand smoke. I was amazed at his silhouette is fit to the blush.

-I'm ready! It ends by saying shyly lowering her gaze to the ground.
-Hey! I raising his face towards me. Do not hide your eyes like that!
-Sorry! She said blushing slightly.

I took my basket and we left to my boat which was just behind the house, where there was our beach PV.

-If want to miss taking place! I in him reaching out to raise.
-With pleasure! She said taking my hand and amount.

I bring it to a place where I was often alone to escape or to write songs. I stopped the engine and going to join Mary, who was sitting on the edge of the boat.

-How do you find it! I asked him in my hands each applicant along with her.
-It 's beautiful ... I have never seen a place as beautiful! She says, smiling.
-This is where I come when I want to escape or writing songs in a calm ... I never brought anyone here before today! I said watching.
-Oh! She says blushing. In the event, I am pleased and honored to be the happy elected! She said.

We stayed like that a few minutes without saying anything, to freeze the ocean and listen to the lapping of the waves hitting against the boat.

-Mary! I finished by saying.
-What? She says turning her green eyes, to mine.
-I 'am tired of having to hide it! I said.
-From what hide Nick!
-What I love about you ... I know I told you that I agreed to stay friends with you, but I can not fight against my heart! I said watching.

I saw tears delicate drag along its soft cheeks.
-Nick! If you knew how long to wait now. Whenever I'm with you, my heart beats wildly. She says.
-So would you agree that trying to be together? I asked.
-I ask that!Said she leaves gently slide her tears.

I gave him a smile, wiped the back of my hand her tears, slowly approached my face to hers. She closes her eyes at the same time I put my lips on her soft lips. Of my hands, gently surrounded its size, it subsequently filed his hands around my neck, but does not leave my lips. When his tongue gently stroked mine walked me chills all over my body. When we stopped we embrace, Mary remained in my arms.

We spent the day together in the arms of one another we kiss, laugh and talk about lots of stuff and more. Everything happened so quickly at his side, I did not notice that night had fallen, the moon and the stars shone in the sky. It was beautiful as well as being with a girl simply extraordinary.

It should be 23hrs when we arrived home.
-Nick! Said Mary threw the head out of the bathroom.
-Yes my angel! I said.
-You know where I put my hairbrush! Wonder she says.
-She is on the kitchen table, you want me to deliver it?
-No I will look! She says.

The exit from the bathroom, wearing a boxer and a jacket hair still wet ... Really, it is to crunch like that!

-Wow. You are beautiful! "I amazed at it
"You're not difficult Nickou! She said blushing while taking his brush.
-No matter how you are, you will always be beautiful to me! -I in the surrounding of my arm.
-Thanks! She says blushing.

I looked into the eyes for some time and finally put my lips on hers. After we kissed Montamer on the floor together to my room.

-Just there! I open my legs so it sits in front of me.

She did so, I took his brush and brush her hair. I love this girl, she is sweet, delicate, fragile, sensitive ... Anyway, I do not enumerate all of them it would be a long while because I can tell you is that I ' love to bits my little chip!

When the Boys are learned to me and Mary, they were only too happy for me ... I must say for us!

Heaven ... Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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As with every concert, Mary is always singing Heaven with me. It is still all move people with his sweet voice of an angel, in short it really likes it, which is to pay every time his heart happy. She could not help letting the tears flow.

One evening when I came late to the recording of new album of BSB, Mary was not lying, actually she was sitting at the table with hundreds of sheets to offend him.

-What are you doing my angel! I asked him.
-Waaa! She says jump. You scared me! She said, taking her heart
-Oh! I'm sorry my baby! "I shake in the back. But what are you doing?! I said.
-It 's nothing! Ah ... stuff I scribbled on a sheet! She says.
-I can see? I asked.
-If you want! She says to me that.

I took a few minutes to read it and I quickly realized that this was a song. Mary really talented.

-It 's really beautiful you know!
Bah-it is nothing! Mary was no more.
-You kidding? It is shine! I say sincerely.
-You think? I mean, you really think? Asked me she blush.
-Yes sweety I filing a kiss on her forehead. You know what?! It should even write together! I cast.
-I'm not sure I could! She says.
-You 're gonna be, because I love you! I replied, smiling.
You think?
-Yeah baby! So you're okay?! It's been a couple of months I think! I added.
-Uh ... Okay! She says.
-Cool! I smile. So we had 3 times more jobs my angel!
-I know! She said getting up.

She took the crumpled sheets and sent in the trash. I would join my arm and went back around his waist and put a kiss in her neck. She shivered and turned to face me. I was watching a short time and eventually put my lips on hers. I took my arm and led him to my room, for the subsequent drop gently on the bed. I had still not left his lips, in fact I love to kiss (laughs) it did not seem to complain the most, since it would not leave my lips. At the same time that I kissed I did slide my hands gently on her, she seemed nervous, his kisses were frequent and less flicker.

-What 's wrong baby? I worried.
-Nick is my first time, I fear! She said downcast eyes.

I pressed against me, to reassure, I wanted it to feel good, she is not afraid, she sees that I loved her and that I would do to feel safe . I love her so much, I do not want her to feel threatened. She lifted her head she cried, I was wrong, so I wanted it to feel good. Gently wipe the back of my hand her tears.

-I love you Mary, I do not want to force you to do things that you do not, I'm sorry! I lowering the head.
-Hey! She said lifting my head to it. You forced me Nick to nothing! She said.
-Mary, I love you so much, so I do not do something to hurt you! I Said look in the eyes.
-Nick, I love you too, but stop to think you hurt me it's not true ... I just fear ... this is my first time and it terrifies me! She says.
-Mary I understand ... When you're ready let me know okay?! Say I caressing his cheek.
-I am Nick, I assure you ...
-What are you afraid?! I asked.
-spoil everything, not to be at the height of evil! She answered.
-You can never spoil everything, it does not spoil stuff! I said in the shaking in my arms. Not up to par, that's impossible because I love you, no matter how it happens. And fear of evil, it's normal all girls in their first times are like that! I finished.
-I am ridiculous huh?
-No, not at all, Mary ... Your afraid ... With time everything will be clear to you my angel I promise!

She smiled and nestle in my arms. I at least managed to reassure ...

Months have passed since that conversation. Mary flourished increasingly, it took trust it, trust me ... It was written some songs, there was even thought to do an album every 2. The Boys on we even offered to help us, that has to accept.

Our Boys album and I sold like hot cakes hot, which fit our happiness ... So that my solo album "Now Or Never" everything was fine too. Then the Boys and I decide to celebrate! It seems that Mary has something to register, I wonder is what it is, I try to find out, but each time she told me "You'll see the party not before ... "Say it a little troubling to me, hoping that will be good news.

-You got nervous air Nick! Said Brian.
-Although I am waiting for weeks to tell me that Mary is that it must register, I did not want to be bad news say! I said.
-I am not sure, Nick you're doing for nothing! Said there.
-Yes, you probably right!
-Go have fun, it's our party! Said Brian.

The party was going well until now, Mary had just come up with other friends of the Boys.

-I think I've done enough waiting! Said Mary.
I think, I would know there! I said under the gaze of others.
-I know ... What I have to confess Nick, is that in 9 months we will be 3 in this house! She said nervously.

I watched without really understand ... I thought for some time and finish by saying:

-You're pregnant? I moved.
-Hum hum! She said timidly.
-It 's great! I Said in the shaking in my arms.
-You're not frustrating! She said surprised.
-You kidding? I'm so happy Mary, I Do nothing better my love! I love you.
-I love you too! She says with tears in their eyes.
-Finally! Said Brian.
-What finally? I said.
-I 'could keep more than that! Said Brian.
-What! You mean you knew from the beginning!
-Have the know all! Said Kevin, Mary had said, but she would not worry that she wanted to talk to you a surprise! It ends.
-Although a surprise, it is successful! I smile.

The rest of the evening went beautifully. I came back that I would not be a father in 9 months, it was like a dream, but it was real, and nothing in the world I want to change, I was pleased with what I lived.

Mary's pregnancy was going very well, I was always close to her for help, even if she ever said she is fine.

-Mary! I said.
-Yes! She said leaving the head of the bathroom.
-We should talk!
-What? She said from me.
-You know that I love you huh? I said.
-Uh ... Yeah! She said nervously.
-So you know I'm ready to do everything for you! I added.
Hum-hum ... What is it Nick, you scared me! She said even more nervously.
-So would you be willing to make me happy for the rest of your life, in good as in bad times! I leaving a small box of my pockets while introducing knees on the ground.

Mary looked at me with tears in their eyes, without saying anything. His silence made me afraid.

-Said something please! I worried.

She began to kneel before me.
-Yes ... Yes, I spend my life with you in the right as the wrong time! She wept.

I smiled, slipping the ring on her finger, wiped away her tears gently with my thumb and would lay my lips on hers. We exchanged a long kiss, and ends in our room ...

Heaven ... Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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Months have passed ... Mary and I are married in January ... she gave birth to a baby girl we call Faith Carter. She is adorable, like her mother ...

Our album to me and Mary and now run ... It is titled "Music My Love " and the song of the same name is frequently on the radio. Mary is in agreement with me that we have done a very good job.

I am now happier than ever thanks to all that a world tour that made me experience the love of my life!

Heaven ... Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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