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 Jennie Hermann über die Faszination Popstar + Translation

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Jennie Hermann über die Faszination Popstar + Translation Empty
PostSubject: Jennie Hermann über die Faszination Popstar + Translation   Jennie Hermann über die Faszination Popstar + Translation Icon_minitimeFri 27 Mar - 23:33

March 27, 2009 - Friday 12:40 PM

Jennie Hermann über die Faszination Popstar + Translation 3389635519b176a674a1o

Jennie Hermann about the fascination Popstar

the phenomenon fan is an addiction

What was the reason to write "backstreet girl"?

In June 1996 BSB give their first and only concert in Braunschweig. And nearly inadvertently I became a fan of the boyband... more exactly I became a fan of one of them. I've written hundreds of diaries for writing down my memories. But I also tried to explain the phenomenon fan. I got bitten by the bug and the phenomenon concerned me still in my university times. The publishment of the book shall be a memory about the 90s. That's why the book also fits in the archive of the youth culture in Berlin.

For which audience have you written Backstreet Girl?

For all girls who were together with me in front of the hotels and stages and had the same experiences. But also for readers who are interested in the phenomenon fan. It's like a three in one book. In the beginning there are the fan experiences which are very entertaining. Then there is the objective part. That's a scientific review about the fan life and fans who have published books about their experience as a fan. And in the third part there are interviews with fans of different popstars.

Especially in the diary part you allow us a private view into your past feelings. How many courage does that demand?

Feelings are the reason why you become a fan. This is the only answer for their behavior. To write about the appearance Fan without any feelings is like fireworks without fire. Time has past since I've been a fan and I get abstained to the experiences.

It's unusual that a fan is so close to a star and meet him so often. Is this a curse or more a blessing to you?

Sure, I'm not the only one who was so close to the Backstreet Boys. But I'm the only one who brings it to light. For me the time where I was a fan was an important experience. This experience didn't make me happy in the past. But I've learned a lot. It was a test on the way to become a woman.

After BSB and Take That NKOTB are also back. What do you think about this Reunion trend?

The Bands have to change their images as a boyband. If there are 40 years old singers like NKOTB with the same gestures and choreographics like they are still 18 and sing "Girl, I'll be your boyfriend". This is past one's best.

Past fans are still impressed when they see their idols now. How do you explain this phenomenon?

An idol in an open projection surface. The fan defers to them a relationship which just works in one way. But this can get so intensive that you'll never forget this person. To be a fan can also be an addiciton. That's why you can also feel your feelings you have to this person after many years you haven't heard anything about him/them.

Do you think you can become a fan again?

No way! I've visited many concerts within the last years and met many people from different companied from the entertainment industry. Today I know how many worth the reality is.


PS: Traductions faite simplement si vous le demander !

Jennie Hermann über die Faszination Popstar + Translation Causeex4

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Jennie Hermann über die Faszination Popstar + Translation
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