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 Hologram (lyrics)

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I I gotta make make my way way through all these people
I didn't pay pay all this money
Just so so I I can see you
I'm about to act the doggonne fool
I use to dawg on you
I'm about to bon bon chicky bon bon bon you
Run it back to you

I got technology
X-Ray vision and a game I can see through
I get static every time you speak
Gotta be equal
I'm tired of playing
Can't even hear the stuff you sayin'
Cause it's like round round round round...

I'm pushing up close But it's hard to get to ya
There's a glitch in the system
Tell me What I gotta do now
Illusion, confusion
I'm losing ground
Oh oh oh... hologram
Eh, eh... hologram
Eh, eh... hologram
Eh, eh... hologram
Eh, eh... hologram
Oh oh oh... hologram

You want me to flip the switch
Just so I I can be your victim
I ain't gotta slip up
Like going outside in the rain
With no umbrella
What the hell you take me for
Imma take take a different route
I'm about to bon bon chicky bon bon bon you
Run it back

Bang bang choo-choo train
Baby put that thing on me
You'd rather see my main frame
Not the cage
'Bout to see another side of me
And she'd be like C minus 7
Before my system shuts down
Matter of fact I think I'm about to shut it down right now

Repeat Chorus

I'm tired of playing with you
Right now I think your time's up
Giving mixed signals
That I don't have control of
I'm losing my mind
Perfect model before my time
Download to my instinct data
Give me a sack I can plug in

Source : InPieces from Evergreen
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Hologram (lyrics)
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