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 The so-called bsb problem...

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The so-called bsb problem... Empty
PostSubject: The so-called bsb problem...   The so-called bsb problem... Icon_minitimeMon 7 Sep - 5:27

The Boys have a problem.

There's this feeling in the world of pop music that they're damaged.

That they're old.

That they're adult.

Forget that red-one produced their new single...

"It's good I just wish it wasn't Backstreet Boys..."

Can I ask for a second why?

How many cd's have they sold worldwide?

How much have they done for pop radio?

How many lives have they impacted and how many people do they need today?

Oh, in the States? Not many.

So rightly so, they're going where they're loved.

Over there. The UK. Russia. You know, the countries which launched their dominance.

It's sad, really. We're passing the buck because had Lady Gaga done the song with Red-One producing it, we'd be all over it.

Forget their talent.

Forget what they've done for a format, for a genre. For a generation of fans.

Yup. We'll pass on what made us.

So the world can embrace them again.

I guess it's true that prophets aren't known in their own land.

But I'll not ever understand why we can be delivered gold and cast it to swine.

It makes no sense to me that we won't even pay attention to a group which has done so much for the music we played and to the sound we claim as our own as one of those in the pop genre. We explain away their relevance as being that which made the past possible without stopping to think that our female fans might just want to hear a bit of nostalgia which speaks to their hearts.

Which is missing in the sound of now.

Which might be the sound of now if we just stopped to listen.

I'm not saying we owe it to them. I'm saying we owe them a listen.

Our fans. And their fans. Will take it from there.

So how do we make this happen?

We reach out. We make noise. We stand up on that which we can control - the online universe - and we make noise which is free from marketing machines and free from radio station content directors who protect the product from that which might actually show what fans want to hear...

... and we keep at it.

We make a case. We buy singles. We buy full lengths. We go to shows. We support with that in a capitalistic society ultimately speaks loudest : Our pocketbooks.

Then, those who won't hear will have to hear. And when they do what we as fans hear will be clear.

This battle - although very clouded - is not lost.

Keep the faith.

Press on.

Voices which grow in chorus often resonate loudest...

... especially when it comes to the artists who make us feel.

Keep the faith, friends... this isn't over. It's just getting warmed up.


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The so-called bsb problem...
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