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 BSB in Zurich + Alex dance for press

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BSB in Zurich + Alex dance for press Empty
PostSubject: BSB in Zurich + Alex dance for press   BSB in Zurich + Alex dance for press Icon_minitimeTue 8 Sep - 9:40

Age does not protects from fan-love!

ZURICH - The "Backstreet Boys" have become older. And with them their fans. But one thing never changes: Even today, the girls (or women) wait outside the hotel on their boys.

Elodie and waiting for hours from her friends in front of a luxury hotel in Zurich. You only have one thing in mind. Their "Backstreet Boys". They spared no effort or expense to be close to their idols, Nick, Howie, Brian and AJ, the four of hearts from sunny Florida.

Even in the 90s, the girls were at the front there when it came to lay siege to hotels. Meanwhile, their mid-twenties, but their charm is undiminished, "They are just so insanely great. I love their music, "says Elodie, which is specially arrived from Lausanne. Your friend from Belgium even had to cry when she was early today, the boys within reach.

Unfortunately, all the women could not get hold of a ticket for the Energy Live Session tonight. For all Ausgesperrten has a special treat in stock: AJ dancing - preferably only for his fans. See for yourself!

Source : BSB Anonymous MySpace
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BSB in Zurich + Alex dance for press
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