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 The Boys in ''InRock'' Magazine

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PostSubject: The Boys in ''InRock'' Magazine   The Boys in ''InRock'' Magazine Icon_minitimeFri 11 Sep - 8:55

The Boys in ''InRock'' Magazine 6nz9cz

The Boys in ''InRock'' Magazine 2j4uhxt

InRock (a Japanese Magazine) Vol.10 2009 will be publish in next Monday (Sept 15).


When they change their clothes during the break of the interview,the other three were changing their clothes at the corner - Only Nick,he took off his blouse just before the female reporter, and talking about Japan and let her shoot photo with his upper body naked.

Nick even said that This Is Us is the best of the best album on this planet.Better than the last three album they had released.


The whole article will be published next Monday.

[c] to
Tony @t LD

Thanks to BsBAnymous

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The Boys in ''InRock'' Magazine
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