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 Boys in Berlin

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Backstreet Boys in Berlin – Photos
September 9, 2009 by Lauren Croteau

The Backstreet Boys were in Berlin recently to promote their new album This is Us, and they seemed to be having a great time getting back into the public eye.
They attended a fan meet-and-greet where BSB lovers were crazy wanting autographs and photographs. I love the little red heart they hold up (in later pictures). They all looked pretty good and seemed like they were having a good time. Although, it does look like Brian is a bit too close to AJ’s…”microphone.” Are you guys glad to see the Backstreet Boys back in the spotlight?
Boys in Berlin FP_3564314_BULLS_Backstreet_Boys_090709_thumb

Boys in Berlin FP_3564304_BULLS_Backstreet_Boys_090709_thumb
Boys in Berlin FP_3564306_BULLS_Backstreet_Boys_090709_thumb

Boys in Berlin FP_3564313_BULLS_Backstreet_Boys_090709_thumb

Boys in Berlin FP_3564307_BULLS_Backstreet_Boys_090709_thumb

Boys in Berlin FP_3564517_BULLS_Backstreet_Boys_090709_thumb

Boys in Berlin FP_3564527_BULLS_Backstreet_Boys_090709_thumb

Boys in Berlin FP_3564317_BULLS_Backstreet_Boys_090709_thumb

Boys in Berlin FP_3564512_BULLS_Backstreet_Boys_090709_thumb

Boys in Berlin FP_3564520_BULLS_Backstreet_Boys_090709_thumb
Image: Fame Pictures

Source : InPieces from Evergreen
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Boys in Berlin
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