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 This Is Us : Thank You

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PostSubject: This Is Us : Thank You   This Is Us : Thank You Icon_minitimeWed 30 Sep - 10:38

AJ Well, Well, Well here we go again. First I have to Thank the big Man upstairs for without his Love and strength I could not still be able to do such an amazing thing. I am truly blessed. Next I would like to Thank my Family for without them my Backbones I would have nothing. First my Mommy. Mom I love you and appreciate you with all I have. You have taught me all I know about being a Man and a good Person. You have never given up on me no matter what and Ill never give up on you. I love you. Dad you are the best Dad I could ask for and the way you have brought so much joy into Mom..s Heart and World it makes me so proud to be your Son and to call you my Dad. Sis what can I say beside we need to spend more Time together and no more purses for u at XMas u have enough:) I..m so glade to finally have a Sister someone I can look up to and talk to whenever I need that sisterly advice. I love you all. Next I wanna Thank my Brothers. Boys, Boys Boys Where do I begin and what can I say that I haven..t already said every other Record. Fellas I love you ALL! You are my Lifeline and my other Family and Thank you Nick, Brok and Howie (New Daddy) for all your Love hard work and Patience with me throughout the last 16 Years. Let..s do another 16!!! Next there are some very important Friends in my Live that have been there for me and loved me with all they have and I wanna give you all a shout. Chris my BF and I love you Bro, Rene, Britt, Terry, Jewzee an amazing Guy smart and very talented keep it up and I love ya Bro (No Homo) Jewzee, Jewzee so unstoppable. Jaime, AK, Yvette, Chrissy, Pasha, Tanjee, Ana, Jenna, Mica, Jaime2, Prophet, Ryan Durr, Lauren, Leigh, Leighanne, Bailey, James Dourogh HEEHEE, Gabby1, Gabby2, Sarah ST Amand, Megan Macauley and all my Friends that I didn..t Name, I love you all.
Just cant make this thing too damn long like I usally do Smile Ray Ray we have been thru so much and just want you to know I love you to death and wish you all the best. To my new Crew Dom, Isabelle and most importantly POOPOO Melons I heart you. You really are the greatest and you Rock my Face Smile PS "What are you doing"? Smile I wanna Thank everyone at Jive Records and our Management prospect Park. All of you Guys Rock and Thanks for all the Hard Work. To all the amazing and skillful Producers and Writers that we were so fortunate to work with on this Record Thank you all for believing in us and I hope we can all continue to make amazing Music together for many years to come. Eric my Boy, my Manager you are the best Manager ever and lets do this Damn thing and show the World that made of and knock this one out the Park. Tyler lets keep making Pics that drive People crazy and Thanks for believing in me and my Solo Stuff and Dreams Let..s Rock this Mofo! Well Peeps if I missed anyone I apologize bit just know that everyone in my Life, Good or Bad, I have learned from you all and grown more because of all I have been thru with you all in the past Year so Thank you. Lastly my Loves, ernie and Ozzy. Boys I love you. Too bad you can..t read you just poop in the wrong Places but I love you just the same. I dedicate this Album to my Grandparents and to any whose lost a loved one. I love you Guys and Thanks for always looking down on me from Heaven giving me a little extra boost when I need it. To all our Fans which BTW are the greatest Fans in the Universe I love you all and I will see you on the big Stage this Year when I am doing my first Solo Tour and Ablum. Thanks for all the Support with both BSB and myself. I love you Guys. Thank you to all of you I named and even those I didn..t. I love you all. And remember, Life is just what you make it. So I..m gonna make it Kick Ass. BFN, and too all a Goodnight........This is us.

NICK I would like to first start off by saying Thank you to God. I call him Pops, my true Father.
Anytime needed you, come through. You deserve the best from me, and I am forever in your Hands. I am your soldier. Together we will chance the World. When you think about it, Life is full of unique and wonderful surprises, you never know what gonna get. (Thanks Forrest. LOL!) and even though experienced so many amazing highs and lows; I fell like Life has just begun, I have yet to climb and conquer my greatest mountain. Some call it not being satisfied, others may say I..m stubborn, I call it drive and determination. Any the will to be the best I can be. We all know it takes a lot to get to this Point, and we can..t do it on our own. So I have to Thank everyone, From Jive, to prospect Park, to our amazingly talented Producers, to all the Boys, to my Family, to my Heart, my Management Team and to our beautiful Fans all Around the World. I truly believe that with positive thinking and faith in Pops, anything is possible. They think BSB is Over. I say just begun. What do you think ? Believe, Believe, Believe. We will do it again. Nothings gonna stop us. Thank You Kevin Richardson for giving me that Book. And Thank you Mr. Norman Vincent Peale. I wish I could have seen you speak... You changed my Life.

BRIAN Hebrews 13:15 - By Him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of Praise to God continually, that is, the Fruit of our Lips giving Thanks to his Name. /To my family and close Friends; I wanna Thank You for loving me and being there for me, Not only in the High Times but also in the low Times that Life can bring. I love you and I..m very grateful for How you make my Life better each and every Day. To those who make Backstreet Boys possible; Management, Label, Radio, Internet and the best Fans in the World, We appreciate you. God Bless P.S: CHIRP

HOWIE D It..s kinda crazy to think that from the last Record to this Record I lost my Father, but also became a Father with a new light in my Life. That being said, I have learned a lot recently. I know try never to take anything for granted and appreciate very moment for what is it, knowing that it could be last. At the same Time I see how the circle of Life really is powerful and I want to thank God for the Gift of Life everyday. / I want to start off by dedicating this Record to my Father Hoke Dorough. He was one of my biggist teachers and supporters. He not only stuck behind me and supported my career since I was a little Kid but also taught me how to be a great Person and Father to my new Baby Boy James Hoke Dorough, in whom my Dad..s Spirit lives on. To my Son James, you have become my biggest inspiration for this Record. I now have even more of a reason to try and be the best I can be to set a good example for you. Welcome to the Family. I am so pround that you will be the first boy carry on our Family Name.
To my loving Wife Leigh, Thank you for giving me not only the best Gift of my Life, a start to our Family but also for all your continued Love for me in everything I do. You really are my BFF. I am so happy to be a Part of your Family and to have you be a Part of mine. /To Mammy D you will always be my Teacher and have always been my biggest supporter in my Life and Career. You are such a special Woman and I love you so much not only as your Baby, but also as your Friend. To John, Pollyanna, Caroline, Angie and the Rest of my Family, Thanks for always beleiving in me and for keeping me grounded so I never forget where I came from. To the Boniello..s, Bonafide..s and my whole Jersey Crew, Thanks for all your Love and acceptance into your Family, and the best Gift of all, Leigh. To Dale and the Cox Family, Thanks for always watching after me and my Family, you truly are Part of my extended Family. To Hor Dog and the Core Peeps, Thanks being my #1 Fans! /Now on to the People that made this Record possile JIVE/Zomba/Sony/BMG. Thanks to Barry, Peter, Tom, Teresa, Jeff, Joe, Strazza, Ken, Nicole, Gina, Janet, Joann, Jackie, Wendy, Adrian, Donna and the whole Record Staff Around the World for believing in us once again and allowing us to experiment with this Record. JR - You definitely have been the first in a lot of our Major Moies in Life but don..t fogert that I was the first one to have a Boy, LOL. Looking forward to many Family Vacation together! To all the Producers and Writers we worked with in the Record, Thanks for delivering your best Material for us to make this Record. To our Manager Jeff, you are the mastermind behind all of our greatest decisions. Pete, a Tour World not be a success without you. To Jenn, aka. Chicatita and small Fry, you truly are the glue at the Company that keeps this Team together. Thanks for all your Patience and Hard Work with us. To Vanessa, Michelle, Kai, Lee and the awesome Staff of Prospect Park, you Guys Rock!!! To Jordan Keller, Thanks for all you legal advice and friendship throughout the Years. To Oppenheim and his entire Staff, Thanks for always watching after our Business. To our Band, Security, Road Family and Ground CTRL here..s to getting this Show back on the Road. /Now to my Brothers AJ, Nick and Brian to whom none of this would have been possible, we did it again. We have been through so much together and Iam so glad to be growing old with you because every Chapter keeps getting better!!! / To our Fans, we hope you enjoy the record as mich as we did making it. Can..t wait to see you on Road, so buckle up! Thanks for always KTBSPA!!!!! Smile

THANK YOU On behalf of the Group we..d like to Thank the following people for helping make This Is Us a reality !! We had such an amazing Time making this Record and are very excited for you to finally listen to it in its entirety. Hope you love it as much as we loved making it for you! / Thank you to all the amazing Producers and Writers on the Record - Max Martin, Redone, Tarin, Jim Jonsin, Claude Kelly, Ryan Tedder, Radio, Brian Kennedy, Eman, Soulshock and Karlin, Jordan Omley, Mike Mani, Printz Board, Da Connect, Infinity, Kristian Lundin, Rami, ETC. It was incredible working with each and every one of you. /Thank you to our Record Label Jive - Berry Weiss, Tom Carrabba, Peter Thea, Teresa Labarbera Whites, Joe Riccitelli, Jeff "JR" Rizzo, Bridget Germroth, Jessie Maldonado, Shannah Miller, Jeo Daddio, John Strazza, Danny Cooper, Linda Cangro, Nathalie Marin, Doug Hamann, Phil Poulos, Robyn Stimac, Jennifer Zidel, Beate Czechowski, Kari Crowley, Randy Reyes, Jennifer Frierman, Wendy Washington, Gina Orr, Jeff Dodes, Nicole Bilzerian, Janet Kleinbaum, John Anderson, Julia Savoca, Josh Fein, Michelle Borek, Guy Vaughn, Stepahnie Freese, Jackie Murphym, Denise Trotman, Michelle Ryang, Nancy Roof, Lisa Pinero, Gerry Kuster, Brian Gately and Jess Aber. /Our Managers - Jeff Kwatinetz, Jennifer Sousa, Peter Katsis, Lee Trink, Vanessa West and everyone else at Prospect Park. You Guys are awesome! / Our Attorneys - Jordan Keller, Td Ruth and Jason Turner at Lassiter, Tidwell, Davis, Keller and Hogan, PLLC / our Agent - John Marx at William Morris Agency. / Our Business Managers - Michael Oppenheim, Monica Cisek and Kevin Kanegai at GUDVI, Sussman and Oppenheim Business Management. / Our Publicists - Steven Trachtenbroit and Greg Miller at Big Hassle PR. / Our Fan Club and New Media Brains - Eddie, Matt and Justin and everyone else at Ground CTLRL. / Randee St. Nicholas for the amazing Photo Shoot and Kai Regan for the sexy Video. / Our Stylist, Nicole Janowicz and Hair and Make-Up Team, Frankie and Rochelle, for making us look gorgeous. /To our Touring Family - Mark, Q, Josh, Brandy, Digby, Ethan, Zito, Nicole, our Band, etc. Thanks for making every Day on the Road fun and interesting!

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This Is Us : Thank You
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