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 Exciting news for fans of the song I NEED YOU TONIGHT ....

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PostSubject: Exciting news for fans of the song I NEED YOU TONIGHT ....   Wed 2 Apr - 21:03

This is great news for all the Backstreet Fans out there who happen to enjoy my song I Need You Tonight. There is a good friend of mine who is a talented recording artist named Lucas Prata who is about to release his new album May 20th on Ultra Records. He's the guy who sang that big dance hit AND SHE SAID..... You can hear it on his myspace page which appears on my top friends list or the

He recorded a newer version of I NEED YOU TONIGHT which will appear on his new album. It came out GREAT and once the album gets released, I will put his version of the song up on my page for you all to hear and enjoy. I'll also put a banner to the place where you can purchase it if you'd like. Hopefully, you will all request it at your city's radio stations across the country/world. Let's make it the single it always deserved to be!!!!! hehe Ok, no more plugging. Im goin to bed.



PS...this will be a fantastic Birthday gift. I was born May 8th for those of you who didn't know.

{Smile) (I dont like telling my age so lets keep it a mystery still ok?) haha

SOURCE : Andrew's Myspace

PS: Pour traductions demander !


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PostSubject: Re: Exciting news for fans of the song I NEED YOU TONIGHT ....   Thu 3 Apr - 18:44

Merci miss!! Very Happy
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Exciting news for fans of the song I NEED YOU TONIGHT ....
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