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PostSubject: Switzerland Interview NEW   Switzerland Interview NEW Icon_minitimeThu 1 Oct - 5:56

AJ:" No Fans who waiting for us outside the Hotel???" That would sux!!!! It would be like Hell!"

In the 90s they were on every Cover of the World, every Show was sold out and the kids were screaming. The Boygroup Virus hit ..Europe.. and the most girly fans with enough Money from their parents bought every CD.
Now the Backstreet Boys and their Fans grown up and the Guys are the Dinosaurs under the Boygroups who are still there to rock the World. The new Album is coming out on October 2nd 2009 and just met them for an Interview. Here it is Switzerland Interview NEW Icon_smile

Interview: Dave

16 Years in the Business and still there! Look back and tell us some memories:

BRIAN: We have a lot of beautiful memories with the Fans! We grow up together and we hope we have more memories to come. And we are the only Boyband who is still there. Every other Band disappeared. It’s a great feeling that we are not just a One-Hit-Wonder and that everybody knows it. This is us…

There are over 30 Fans outside the Hotel waiting for you Guys. Grown up Women who aren’t screaming anymore! Are you happy with that?

AJ: I think we have both. At first the grown up Woman, some of them married with kids, who support us from the beginning. And sometimes they bring their kids to our Shows. That’s great because it would be like hell to see that there are no Fans outside the Hotel. We would ask ourselves it we did something wrong.
BRIAN: We are just happy about the Situation now. We had sold out Shows all over the World. Maybe we can have it again someday, maybe not. Look at the Music Industry: today you sell 2-3 million Records, 10 years ago it would be 15 million copies. The Love of music counts for us and that we are happy.

Now tell me why the Fans should by the new Album “This Is Us”?
BRIAN: Its 100% Backstreet Boys with a lot of good Pop-Songs, what we hopefully do really good. It has so many music influences from Pop to Euro-Dance to Urban. We want to show them that we are, even in the near Future, still there! With the same Quality and the typical Backstreet Boys-Beats.

You Guys are jumping and dancing in the new Video “Straight Through My Heart” like in the good old times. Aren’t you a little bit too old for it?
AJ: Not at all! Why not? As long as we have the Feeling and the Love to dance and as long as we don’t need crutches we still doing it! (laugh). We still feeling young and hey who wants to see a Backstreet Boys-Show where we are just sitting on chairs? How boring would that be? We want to have Fun, Entertainment and Happiness – that’s a part of us and we want give that back to the Fans.

Since 2 years you are just a 4 member Group, without Kevin. Do you miss him as a Band member?
BRIAN: Kevin left because he wanted to do it. He has a Family with a Son like I have. That’s ok. If he wants to come back one day and if we want him back, he can come back. Let’s see then. The Future right now is without Kevin. I am a husband and a father too, as long as we can have a little bit of a private life, the Backstreet Boys rock the World for many many more years.

I just read you Guys are planning a World Tour. Tell me something about it:
BRIAN: That’s true. The whole “This Is Us”-Worldtour is going around for about 1,5 Years. We are gonna be in ..South America.., ..South Africa.., ..Russia.., ....Dubai....….. we are Everywhere. And after the Tour we go back into the Studio for a new Album to close the circle. (laugh)
AJ: It will be an amazing Show! We will dance for about 85% of the Show and for that we have to work our ass off in the Gym…

Source & Translation : ☠AJ McLean's Lounge☠
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Switzerland Interview NEW
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