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 Tags 'Fashion Group' Offended Us A While, But The Years Proven Our Quality

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Tags 'Fashion Group' Offended Us A While, But The Years Proven Our Quality Empty
PostSubject: Tags 'Fashion Group' Offended Us A While, But The Years Proven Our Quality   Tags 'Fashion Group' Offended Us A While, But The Years Proven Our Quality Icon_minitimeTue 6 Oct - 6:59

Backstreet Boys on Tuesday published its latest album, 'This is us', which presented live at Madrid on 31 October

After publishing in 2007 'Unbreakable' and end a long world tour that ended last March, Backstreet Boys returns with a new work by R & B and pop, 'This is us', with which the band consisted of Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough and AJ McLean wants to show that, like good wine, over the years has improved. This new work will be released on Tuesday, 6 October and the U.S. group will live in Madrid on 31 November.

Backstreet Boys Boys, visiting Madrid to promote his new album, felt that 'This is us' is their best work and more mature. 'Tags' fashion group' offended us a while, but over the years-13 years ago that they released their first album, we have proven our quality, "he assured the members of the quartet, told Europa Press.

"I never chose that image and all these years we have continued to work to earn public respect," said Howie Dorough, adding that while initially unhappy that told them they were a group "for girls", as has happened other 'boys band' as, for example, the Beach Boys. "That image was not faithful to our quality," he said.

Without giving up at any point in his career, the band, especially after the departure of Kevin Richardson, has admitted to advanced and very contemporary music, as in the case of this 'This is us', which includes ballads, but dance music . This paper also authors also again become interpreters of the songs.

The first single to be extracted is 'Straight trhough my heart', produced by RedOne (which has led to success with Lady Gaga). This item comes with a dance video on 'vampire disco'. Also 'Bigger' (half time) or 'She's dream'.

"We feel very comfortable with this record. Over the years we have learned who we are and, not forgetting what we have been increasingly give more emphasis to our strengths," added Nick Carter, convinced that the end result of this' This is us' is "incredible."

One hundred percent involved in the entire record, the Backstreet Boys also are responsible for reviewing and preparing everything for managers are impeccable. "We like to take the music from the album and take it to live," said Carter, Dorough said that they also "loves to travel and play for many girls."

"Surrounded by kids adore"

Far from being annoyed by the harassment of fans, Backstreet Boys thank their fans around the world their support, which helps them to get here.

"Most of our revenue is not selling records (they have sold over 75 million copies) but for the concerts", recognized and added jokingly: "It's so hard to be always surrounded by lovely girls!".

After the start of the tour in Lisbon (30 October), will come to Madrid (only date in Spain). Also in this new tour will visit the UK, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Italy and Sweden, to conclude the tour on December 6 in Copenhagen (Denmark).

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Tags 'Fashion Group' Offended Us A While, But The Years Proven Our Quality
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