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 Nick Carter Supports Little Brother Aaron on 'Dancing With the Stars'

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PostSubject: Nick Carter Supports Little Brother Aaron on 'Dancing With the Stars'   Wed 7 Oct - 15:01

PopEater recently visited the Backstreet Boys at a Hollywood studio where they were rehearsing for their upcoming tour. While there, we spoke with Nick Carter about the group's new album, 'This Is Us,' and his younger brother, Aaron, who will be a contestant on this season of 'Dancing With the Stars.' "I'm excited for him," Nick said. "I think he's going to really do well cause my brother's doing his thing and he's in a great place." Ever the helpful sibling, Nick plans on lending Aaron as much brotherly love as he can. "If my brother wants me there then I'll be there," he says. "At least I'll be in the audience supporting him." Carter also said that if they were asked, the Backstreet Boys -- who worked with the likes of T-Pain and Ne-Yo on their album -- would certainly be willing to appear on the show. "If that's what they were up for, of course," he said. "Absolutely." For Nick though, this is more about the Carter brothers getting a chance to clear up some long-standing negative perceptions. "With 'House of Carters,' the world saw the biggest lows in my family ever. It's unfortunate but that's just how it was. That's where we were in our lives," he said. "But now this gives a whole different look into who we are as people and artists, good people, not just the bad side of things. That's what's great about [Aaron] being able to be on this show and me being able to do what I'm doing at the same time. He's even said the same thing; we both want to mend what has been torn apart."

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Nick Carter Supports Little Brother Aaron on 'Dancing With the Stars'
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