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 Style Gazer: A.J. McLean!!

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Style Gazer: A.J. McLean!! Empty
PostSubject: Style Gazer: A.J. McLean!!   Style Gazer: A.J. McLean!! Icon_minitimeThu 15 Oct - 5:10

Style Gazer: A.J. McLean!! 34qn1ic

Style Gazer: A.J. McLean
Published at: 02:09 pm - Tuesday September 29 2009

:: Guess who popped by our Raffles City store over the F1 weekend? Its A.J McLean from the Backstreet Boys. The boys were here over the weekend to perform at the Padang, where I heard they rocked the crowd! And A.J here thrilled our socks off and even got himself a few items! We love the Backstreet Boys! ::

Style Gazer: A.J. McLean!! 2chvtjr

Style Gazer: A.J. McLean!! 2dhircy

Source : BSB Anonymous MySpace
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Style Gazer: A.J. McLean!!
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