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 Premiere date for "Fast Glass"

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Premiere date for "Fast Glass" Empty
PostSubject: Premiere date for "Fast Glass"   Premiere date for "Fast Glass" Icon_minitimeThu 15 Oct - 5:17

It mentioned that the movie's title had been changed. Searching on the title and the director, I (not me lol) have found that the moviing will be premiering on Nov 6th, I think in Santa Monica. Note the movie has a couple of alternate titles

Kill Speed

Alternate Title: Fast Cash
World Premiere
English - Action/Adventure - 110 mins.

Screenings (Click time to add to Outlook Calendar)
Friday, Nov. 6th - 5:00 PM - Fairmont #1

Epic Pictures Group, Inc.

Nick Carter, Andrew Keegan, Brandon Quinn, Natalia Cigiluti, Reno Wilson, Tom Arnold, Albert Patrick

Kim Bass

Kim Bass

Kim Bass, Deanna Shapiro, Kevin Heard

Production Status

Completion Year


Interesting, the title above is not that one that was mentioned before, so it might be another working title.

I'll check more info, but I'm pretty sure the screening is part of the AFM, the independent film distributors Expo/Convention, which is held in Santa Monica. I'm pretty sure Fairmont refers to the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica. If you've read my posts about it in the past, you know it's the same festival where "The Hallowed" premiered in 2004. If the "rules" are the same as back then, the screening is only open to Expo attendees, and possibly residents of Santa Monica. I'll try to get more info about how/if the general public can attend.

... also, the guys will be touring in Europe, so Nick will not be attending the premiere.

Link to the Film Festival/Expo website:

Source : BSB Anonymous MySpace

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Premiere date for "Fast Glass"
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