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BackStreet Boys: BackStreet Is Back
By: qthequestion

Interview with (article) Indianapolis_Colts_v_19011

The BackStreet Boys when it comes to most popular and biggest boy bands always make room for discussion. Making their mark in the industry in 1993 to group went on to sell over 100 million albums dominating the pop music era in the id to late 90’s. I’m sure you head the records their success is most noted for such as “Quit Playin’ Games (With My Heart)”, “All I Have to Give”, “I Want It That Way”, and so on. Now after nonstop touring and now back to release their first album since 2007, the boys is back to show the world the it will always be BackStreet.

In a exclusive interview with A.J. McClean, we come to see what was the original formula for the BackStreet Boys success. Why has the group taken time out and is it really great to be coming back out? At the same time why has the group remained tight over the years and the big question what is exciting about the new album, BackStreets A.J. McClean and discuss it all.

The BackStreet Boys are one of the most dominant and successful boy bands of all time. A.J., after a quick break from the scene, how it feels to be coming back out once again?
AJ: It feels great, so many people have thought that we have broken up or gone away for good. Really, we was just taking a well needed break. We’ve been touring nonstop for nine years up until the “Black and Blue” tour. We took a little bit of time off and to regroup back to square one. We’ve been around for 17 plus years and were blessed. We been doing it nonstop and were gonna keep doing it as long as our fans want to hear us.

You just mentioned how the group toured nonstop, but when was the signal called like “Ok ya’ll its time to get some rest?
AJ: I think we all got together during a tour and between different lengths of the tour we would talk. We would all look at each other and go see where everybody’s head is at. It goes into things like if were happy, healthy, personal issues, family, solo records, a bunch of things. If were all going through these things and want to take a break, we will take a break.

Talk about the bond and friendship in the group. You know how it is with a lot of successful groups egos clash. Some members to want to go solo, some envy each other, what was the foundation that kept the BackStreet Boys together?
AJ: The biggest thing with us honestly is communication. Its like any kind of marriage or relationship that’s really healthy, you gotta have communication. As long as we keep everything open and honest with each other then we will stay together. As long as we don’t hold no grudges letting things pile up and talk about it, that will keep us going.

The new album is called “This Is Us” can you talk about it, some backround?
AJ: “This Is Us” was just released on October 6. “This Is Us” honestly is kind of like a declaration and it couldn’t be a better title. This album is really us and a good pop/R&B album. It’s got everything from the euro sound, to the pop/R&B sound we grew up listening to. Its a little more mature, but still musical. It really is the album that sets us apart as usual. Its kind of like our first record and to us its like starting a whole new generation all over again.

The BackStreet Boys have sold millions of records collectively. As a member of this group, did you really see yourselves accomplishing this much?

AJ:It’s really an honest phenomenon. We are really blessed and grateful. All of this happened to us the way, because this is what we wanted. None of us really knew what was going to happen. We had our expectations and set our goals high working to achieve those goals. It really was a phenomenon as we had fans all around the world that wanted to hear us and even to this day they want to hear our music.

Many have been critical of the music industry these days. One is the fact that labels want product from artists real fast and for many groups this is the reason why many are not around. They feel as though groups take too long to develop and you can say to some extent boy bands don’t even exist. What’s your take on that?

AJ: I think music and the industry changed so much. It’s kind of become like you said “What is quick and easy, what’s easier to sell records”? The record industry nowadays is more on finding artist that they can push, push, push. The thing with groups your dealing with more than one person and it’s a little bit harder. I think the reason were still here is because we learned to work as a unit. We got great support and a strong foundation with our fans.

So let me ask, when your first joined group did you see this coming together? I know the chemistry was great in studio putting together hit records. Was it tough getting along at first?
AJ: Its just like anything when you start out in something, its fresh and new. It can be nerve wrecking, your anxious, and a little bit stressful. You don’t know what to expect, but once you get into a rhythm with your bandmates things come a lot easier. To have great family, comrades, co-workers, that you get along with makes your job less stressful and so much easier. We have a strong relationship for the past 17 years.

So AJ, do you have plans of releasing a solo record anytime soon from what I hear?
AJ: I just finished my first solo record and will release it later this year just to see how it does. I’m proud of it and excited. Nick released one before, Bryan dropped one, and now I’mma do my first one. I’m excited about it and it’s a great body of work so we sha’ll see.

As to other music in the game right now, who are you listening right now that you like?
AJ: As of right now I’m loving the brand new Muse record and I love Jamie Foxx’s music as well. I listen to and love a lot of old school rock as well. I like Lynard Skynard too, I completely diverse all across the board and there is really not nothing I don’t listen to.

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Interview with (article)
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