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 Interview with a fan on the cruise

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Interview with a fan on the cruise Empty
PostSubject: Interview with a fan on the cruise   Interview with a fan on the cruise Icon_minitimeWed 22 Dec - 15:41

    Interview with a fan on the cruise Lafede2

    Post by Luca, Valerio and Federica (just for a one day Very Happy)

    Here we are, sharing with you the experiences of a fan like us, who allowed us to interview her, and told us something about the cruise. So, before we begin the post, we'd like to than Federica for her kindness (you can also have a look at the two photos taken by her here in the post!).

    Q: First of all, how many Italians were there on the cruise?
    A: We were eight Italians at all... and among us there was a guy too! There were a lot of Japanese people though.

    Q: How did the BSB behave towards the fans?
    A: They were fantastic, I really didn't expect something like that! They showed themselves very often, even during the meals, and also during the concerts they came down from the stage to stay among the crowd... Howie was the only one who stayed more by his own. One of the best things of the whole event was that, differently from what happens during a common concert, where you can see them for just 2 hours... in such an occasion like this one you can see them as they really are all day.

    Q: Which event did you prefer?
    A: Absolutely the Beach Party, they had a lot of fun too, with the tug of war and playing volleyball.

    Q: What can you tell us about their girlfriends/wives? How did they behave?
    A: The one who mostly stayed by her own was Howie's wife, while Brian's wife was always present, in every event... it was like she was the fifth Backstreet Boy; Lauren was always with Nick (there was also her father); Rochelle was always black dressed and she stayd by her own too...

    Q: Is it true that they've drunk a lot?
    A: Well, they all drank indeed... but mostly Nick did, I think he really gave his worst!

    Q: Have they added some changes during the concert "This is us tour"-like?
    A: They've sung a short piece of the song they've recorded with the NKOTB and Nick let us hear two new songs to be released with the next CD ("I'm taking Off"), they would also like to record a CD entirely composed by unreleased songs and it seems they're gonna party up their 18 years of successes, organising a new cruise very soon, maybe in Europe, and they'll rent the whole ship this time.

    Interview with a fan on the cruise Lafede

    Credit :: @fede2085
    Via :: House Of Cards In A Hurricane

Interview with a fan on the cruise Causeex4

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Interview with a fan on the cruise
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