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 The LiveDaily Diaries - New Leslie's Blog

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PostSubject: The LiveDaily Diaries - New Leslie's Blog   Thu 3 Apr - 0:10


The LiveDaily Diaries
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First of all, to all of you who are my friends I just want to say thanks. I have set my privacy settings so only my friends can view my profile because I want to be able to write on my own blog and not be judged so much, I believe that on my own page I should be able to express my true feelings to the friends I do have out there because you guys are the ones who send me emails about your stories and I listen and take it in. I feel better because of you all believe it or not, the last thing that I want is pity, but if I feel like shit I feel like shit i dont deny it, Im as real as it gets.

One thing I would like to say is LiveDaily I personally love message boards and this is one of the best sights out there, people can say anything they want and that is their right I would never want to stop that, sometimes they can make you feel so bad though, the only thing I can be sure of is that people out there are intelligent, we are all pretty smart and can see when people are stirring the pot to plug their band or telling lies just to get attention because it makes them feel better, for those of you who can read between the lines I say thank you, you are awesome. I'm not always right, I dont claim to be this perfect human being who never makes mistakes. Im lucky enough to have friends out there who say Leslie that was *ucked up or your wrong because sometimes you need a good kick in the ass when your being a jerk. So I guess this kinda concludes my thoughts for now I will of course be writing later, and also for those who pick on my family and claim to know me, thats old news find something new to talk about, we definatly wont mind : )

SOURCE : Leslie's MySpace

PS: Traduction sur demande !


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Lyne S
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PostSubject: Re: The LiveDaily Diaries - New Leslie's Blog   Sun 13 Apr - 13:55

Tout ce qui concerne TOH et Leslie je les ai déjà vue,car j'ai un support page sur eux avec Annie Razz Mais je suis contente que tu les postes ici!Smile
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The LiveDaily Diaries - New Leslie's Blog
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