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 The OtherHalf - Part 2

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PostSubject: The OtherHalf - Part 2   The OtherHalf - Part 2 Icon_minitimeThu 3 Apr - 0:13

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Im sorry.....From Leslie
Category: Music

Being in a band is hard....first of all I would like to start off by saying that I realize now I cant just tell people how I feel when I get hurt by someone. My feelings are very heavily involved in this because I care so much about Dj and the band he just hurt me very badly with things he said behind closed doors which I will not go further into. I want to say Im sorry to him and everyone else. I definatly wish him the best. I have been doing this for so long I want to be taken seriously. When someone leaves something that they have promised to be in because interests changed my emotions will naturally flare up because I am a person. I can be a bit immature at times I am a 21 year old girl trying to figure things out and make the most of my life and those it involves. What happened between Dj and I is really our business. Maybe I just cared to much.

The band will continue no matter what as much as it might hurt or be a big bump in the road to stop is not something in our plans no matter what anyone says. We are really doing this because we love it period.


Source : Leslie's MySpace

PS: Pour traduction demander !

The OtherHalf - Part 2 Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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Lyne S
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I Still ...
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The OtherHalf - Part 2
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