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 Howie interview, "Stuttgarter Zeitung", Mar28

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Howie interview, "Stuttgarter Zeitung", Mar28 Empty
PostSubject: Howie interview, "Stuttgarter Zeitung", Mar28   Howie interview, "Stuttgarter Zeitung", Mar28 Icon_minitimeThu 3 Apr - 21:01

- If he had a son and the son wanted to join a boy band?

He would support that decision. He would support his children in whatever they wanted to do, just as his own Mother supported his career.

- Did he enjoy the earlier years of BSB more than now?

Different types of enjoyment. Back there, there was excitement from the newness it, in seeing new countries, and the experience of seeing thousands of fans. Now he has his family with him on tour; and he gets joy from the fans' happiness.

Summary now: he talks about the ups and downs of the group's popularity, mentions Bon Jovi as another group that has gone through the same phases; the importance having support from worldwide fanbases when support in the US slows.

- How important is Management in the success of a group?
It's a combination of factors, but if the group didn't have the talent to begin with, management wouldn't support it.

- On reverting back to their earlier music style on "Unbreakable" after the more "rock" style of "Never Gone":
The style (of Unbreakable) is old style, but it's new too. Never Gone's music didn't transfer well to the stage. Unbreakable is very stage friendly.

- Part of their initial success was based on their youth and appearance. How is the group dealing as it ages?
It's a part of life. The fans are also growing up too. Perhaps good looks helped originally, but in the end the music gives us the power to endure.

- You must all be multi-millionaires by now. Why do you continue? According to the 7-record contract you signed when you started, you only have to release 1 more CD.

It's not about 7 records. When we release the next one, we will probably sign another contract for another 7 records. We do it because we love what we do, we love music. It's an addiction, it's in our blood.

SOURCE : Mike via LD

PS: Traduction sur demande !!!

~~~ Perso ... J'espère vraiment que la dernière réponse soit vrai !!! ^^ ~~~

Howie interview, "Stuttgarter Zeitung", Mar28 Causeex4

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Howie interview, "Stuttgarter Zeitung", Mar28 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Howie interview, "Stuttgarter Zeitung", Mar28   Howie interview, "Stuttgarter Zeitung", Mar28 Icon_minitimeMon 7 Apr - 19:11

Je le souhaite aussi ma belle!!
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Howie interview, "Stuttgarter Zeitung", Mar28
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