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 Watch out Europe...We're Back!!!

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Watch out Europe...We're Back!!! Empty
PostSubject: Watch out Europe...We're Back!!!   Watch out Europe...We're Back!!! Icon_minitimeSat 12 Apr - 14:20

Watch out Europe...We're Back!!!
April 12, 2008 @ 8:37 AM
Hello everybody!! Howie here - writing to you from Oslo Norway! Its Friday here and we have almost been out on the road for two weeks. Europe has been awesome. We started out in Germany but because of the schedule I didn't get a chance to do as much sightseeing as I would have liked. When we got to was time to party! Nick and I had our own floor at the hotel and we had a chance to get out to a few local spots to have fun...needless to say we were up pretty late! Its such a beautiful city and the people were really cool. The next place I had a chance to get out was Copenhagen. There are really cool restaurants on the water there and got a chance to check out where the royal family lives. Some of the shopping streets were closed off so that you could walk through without traffic. The streets were all cobblestone. I took some video which I will definitely try to get to you asap. Today it was actually snowing when we got to Oslo. I thought it was pretty cool since I dont see much snow in the states...only when I'm snowboarding! Had a chance to get out today for a bit before the show as well and went to a couple museums. I tried to see the large cathedral in town but unfortunately it was closed for renovations. I wish we could stay in Oslo tonight because the nightlife here is cool but we have to do a quickout after the show. Its a super long drive to Stockholm. Tomorrow is a day off in Sweden!!!! I love Sweden and can't wait to hang out. I will give you an update soon. Hope to see all of you out on the road!! Howie D.

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Watch out Europe...We're Back!!!
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