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 A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself.

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A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself. Empty
PostSubject: A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself.   A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself. Icon_minitimeFri 2 May - 16:55

Best Friends Interview !

1. How did you first meet Angel?
Jessie : I first met Angel when we were around 9 years old. We went to elementary school together in Palos Verdes, CA. Immediately we clicked and have been inseperable ever since.
Ginger : we met when we were about 13 years old. her and her family moved next to me and i met her one day when i was walking by her house.
Cameron : I met Angel through a mutual friend of ours named Hugo, who put us in contact after Angel mentioned she wanted to start a girl group, and he thought I'd fit the part. So she called me and I went down one weekend to audition and now she's stuck with me...haha.
Tara : met her at rokbar december 2005...and became friends a few months later!
Lil Brit : I met ang through Aaron first and I was soo scared!! (I was casually dating Aaron at the time) then that ended and angel and I just started hanging out a lot since I had been best friends with Tara for so long. Soon, we were inseperable!
Marie : A few years ago through some friends of mine.

2. What is your favorite thing about her?
Jessie : My favorite thing about Angel is her laugh. She has a laugh that can make anyone smile.
Ginger : haha, so much. she has a really unique personality.
Cameron : My favorite thing about Angel is that she cooks for me like a mom. Haha...she knows I can't cook anything so she always has to take care of me.
Tara : she keeps me young!! haha. and that she knows every lyric to every rap song known to mankind!!! seriously she really does! haha. and that she's just a really good person and will do anything for you if she can!
Lil Brit : She is a blast and we think randomly about the same things! Its crazy. She can make the most boring thing in the world soo much fun. She makes knitting the best thing ever. Ha
Marie : I love her, shes so caring and she will do anything for you if she can.

3. What is Angel really like, when no one is watching or when you're just having fun?
Jessie : Angel is the same person all the time. She is not different behind closed doors. She is funny, outgoing, generous, and just loves life. She is not afraid to tell you how she feels.
Ginger : chill, down to earth, and all about having a good time.
Cameron : Angel is just really silly! She can make fun out of almost any situation. We don't necessarily have to go out somewhere to have a good time. To everyone else we probably just sit around and crack stupid jokes, but we think we are hilarious with our inside jokes and stories.
Tara : well i guess it depends on what we are doing for fun! angel is angel and she's the same around just about everyone...she definately has her moments where you say really angel did that just come out of your mouth??? but for the most part shes just a goofball we both are!
Lil Brit : She is always laughing. She bites her nails and I always tell her to stop!! She loves her dog tiki. She changes clothes a thousand times before we go anywhere. She is just like any other woman having fun and loving life!
Marie : shes always the same..goofy and funny. I love her to death.

4. What are your favorite things to do together?
Jessie : Angel and I can do anything together and have the time of our lives. I think our favorite things are shopping, hanging out with our friends, listening to music and dancing wherever and whenever, and just being young and having fun!
Ginger : a lot of stuff. shop, hang out, do girly things...ect.
Cameron : Umm...we just like to hang out and go shopping, lay by the pool, EAT, and get dressed up to go to nice dinners
Tara : go out and eat! (el compadre, or taco bell)...umm...sit in our room and listen to music and dance around around in the car and listen to 80"s music with all the windows rolled down and put on performances for the cars beside us! haha. of course we like to go out and party with our friends but not all the time. oh and we love to eat ben and jerry's ice cream and angel eats all the good stuff out of it! man that irritates me bc i LIKE those too!!!
Lil Brit : I can't say haha. We love laying out and going out. We dance when we feel really funny. We laugh at random things. The 3 of us (Tara too) are retarted together. Haha
Marie : laying out, eatin good dinners, going out, laughing, playing uno and trouble. working out (haha thats a lie, we say we will but we never do lol)

5. What's your funniest memory of her?
Jessie : I have so many memories with her... I think the funniest memory would be when she lives in Florida and I flew down to visit her one summer. Aaron, Angel, and I were telling ghost stories and the story came up about on old indian burial ground. For the rest of the night Angel thought there were Indians peeking in the windows and haunting us. She was freaking out. It was sooo funny.
Ginger : i have wayy too many. but one of my most favorite is when we made rock angels in her drive-way haha, dont ask.
Cameron : Oh gosh...we have had a whole lot of funny moments, but this one time it was just her and I at our old apartment in Orlando, and we had these big walk-in closets in our rooms where she still had this big box from when we had moved in. The box only had stuff still at the bottom, so to reach anything you had to lean over in it because it was so tall. We knew there was Advil somewhere in that box, and we needed it, but we couldn't find it just by sticking in our arms and feeling around, so Angel goes in head first and got stuck with just her legs in the air screaming my name. After I stopped laughing and composed myself I finally helped her tip the box over, but that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
Tara : when i dyed her hair blonde the other week...omg you would have died if you saw it it was pretty bad and she was not happy! but man was it funny!!!!
Lil Brit : One time we went to this party up in the hills I think it was me angel Nick Julie and Tara and we were just gonna turn around and leave BC the cops were there and she had to pee so bad so she went behind this car and she was peeing and this officer started to come over and I yelled don't worry officer she just had to pee!!! We were dying laughing since its kind of illegal to urinate in public but I had been drinking and wasn't in my right mind ha. Fun times!
Marie : I have so many. one of the funniest involves a street made of cheese hahahah

6. What is her worst habit?
Jessie : Always being barefoot. I swear the girl hates shoes!
Ginger : ummm...?
Cameron : Biting her fingernails
Tara : duh! biting her nails...we are both really bad with that! really bad!
Lil Brit : Biting her nails and always being on her phone.
Marie : biting her nails and bein so insecure about herself.

7. What role does she play in your friendship..the leader or the follower?
Jessie : I think Angel is definitly the leader. She is so strong-willed and so am I so sometimes, like sisters, we bump heads. Not only is she strong willed, she has her priorities straight so I always end up listening to her because I know she knows what she's talking about.
Ginger : she's a leader Smile
Cameron : She is definately the leader type. She always makes her point known and isn't going back on her word.
Tara : if i had to chose id definately say leader she loves to be the boss but she will follow if she knows its something I really wanna do! but we compromise she's just lucky im usually just down for whatever or else we'd definately but heads a bit!
Lil Brit : I think she and I take on the leadership roles pretty equally and Tara kind of stays pretty mellow & and goes with the flow. So were both leaders.
Marie : she wants to be the leader. im easy going so I kinda let her Smile

8. Where do you see Angel in 10 years?
Jessie : I see Angel doing what she loves to do... whether it be singing, modeling, or acting. She is so well rounded and talented that I know she will make it big. She will be happy, I know that for sure
Ginger : successful and living the life she's always wanted. probably a model and living with her husband and children RIGHT BY ME
Cameron : Oh gosh, that's a hard one. I'd like to say settling down and having a family because I know she wants to do that someday, but she has so much she wants to do and accomplish that I don't know if she will be ready at 28. If not, she will definately be hitting her career head on.
Tara : lets say following her dream of modeling and or in the suburbs of LA with a husband a dog and maybe a few lil ones eventually! but knowing angel she could completely change her mind by then. shes young though its allowed!
Lil Brit : Shell almost be 30 so shell probably be married and modeling or some bigtime business woman calling all the shots and not taking no for an answer. She has ambition, it just takes her a minute to find it.
Marie : successful in her career, married with a few kids.

9. How is it when you go out with Angel, dealing with the papparazzi and stuff like that?
Jessie : It's not that big of a deal for us. Angel is pretty okay with stuff like that. She holds her head high and goes about her daily life. Living in LA and being friends with the Carters for coming up on 10 years now, it really doesnt phaze me. And Angel has grown up with it so it is especially easy for her.
Ginger : i dont really have to deal with it...
Cameron : Maybe after the show has aired that will be a problem, but the paparrazi doesn't really bother her yet.
Tara : they dont really bother her that much anymore! but when they do its not so bad!
Lil Brit : They kind of leave us alone and if there are paparazzi we have all been in the scene for so long that it makes no difference. Angel loves her picture taken haha she's great with the pap.
Marie : they dont really bother her. she's really good with fans. always have time for them.shes a sweetheart.

10. Do you have any embarassing stories on Angel?
Jessie : One time Angel and I were sneaking out of her second story bedroom when we were younger. We tied sheets together and I told her to go first. (I was too scared). She did and her foot got caught. Her parents were downstairs and she was upside-down swaying accross the window and no one even noticed. She landed so hard on a pile of wood chips. I couldnt stop laughing. She was so embarassed.
Ginger : oh we both do, on each other. when you spend so much of your time with someone like your best have ALL the dirt on them Wink love you legna!!!!
Cameron : I have plenty embarrassing stories on Angel, but I'm not gonna call her out like that. Haha...those are my blackmale stories... (I'm totally kidding!)
Tara : just the other night we were out at a bar in hollywood and we were getting our pictures taken and angel had a lil mishap in the top area...yeah the guy was nice and erased it for us!
Lil Brit : Ill have to ask her if I can tell....
Marie : oh plenty but I don't wanna call her out like that hahaha she will get revenge if I do!!

11. Do you think Angel would be any different if her family wasn't in the spotlight?
Jessie : Well ya, there is some sacrificies that any family has to make when they are in the industry. I think Angel probably would have chosen a different lifestyle... but her personality would definitly be the same. That I can guaruntee!
Ginger : honestly, no. she's definitely her own person, and the best friend someone can ask for
Cameron : Umm....I don't know. I think she would still be the same person with the same "go getter" attitude, but some of her experiences and the way she has grown up have made her who she is, so I don't think anyone would wanna change that.
Tara : not at all...i mean as far as her personality goes not at all...but her life experiences and views on certain things would be a lil different if she hadnt grown up in the thats just to be expected though!
Lil Brit : She wouldn't be as comfortable in the industry obviously. But no. She is prob the most real down to earth celeb I've known....
Marie : I think she is way more mature than most 20 year olds due to her family being in the spotlight. she made the best of the situation and she is a beautiful young woman. I think being in the spotlight made her have to grow up more quickly but she handled it so well. shes way more mature than anyone else her age.

Thanks girls for doing this for me, I love your answers! I'm sure Angel will get a kick out of some of them as well. Thank you for giving everyone a real look at Angel!

Source : Angel Carter Net

PS: Traduction sur demande

A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself. Causeex4

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A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself. Empty
PostSubject: Re: A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself.   A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself. Icon_minitimeFri 2 May - 17:09

Merci. Very Happy
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A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself. Empty
PostSubject: Re: A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself.   A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself. Icon_minitimeSat 3 May - 7:25

hihihi c'est ben cool Smile
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A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself. Empty
PostSubject: Re: A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself.   A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself. Icon_minitime

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A survey with friends of Angel's answering questions about Angel herself.
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