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 AJ Mclean on Musicacts live

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PostSubject: AJ Mclean on Musicacts live   AJ Mclean on Musicacts live Icon_minitimeFri 13 Jun - 14:09

AJ Mclean on Musicacts live
Music-live acts had the honour waschechten a Backstreet Boy in his first solo tour guide. The prang even get an interview, which we do not want denied. From whom we speak - AJ McLean of course!

AJ presented his solo tour for the first time, the fans his own songs. We already ahnten that it rocking, but what he offered us was really a surprise.

Four German country concerts were in the program. In Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg fans streamed into the small clubs, which were filled to bursting.
What was also very beautiful, AJ told in his shows are not always the same. He moved the program colorful and chatted repeatedly from the Nähkästchen.
Songs like "London" and "I quit" are already among the fans as potential hot first solo single. Hit guaranteed. But "Have it all", "What If", "Sincerly Yours" and the Prince cover "Geogious" were absolutely only classical music.

Since it was already a little pity that the concert after only an hour had passed.
But for AJ had a good choice for the Vorband. The no small as "Marnie" from Berlin. Rockiger sound, good beats and a fantastic melody. (Bal more Star Tips)

What is still to tell this show? There has been much bare skin shown, the hall was always hot (which was always the same?) And the fans were totally happy.
AJ was even a shop selling merchandise. In the up to three different T-shirts wet.

Sun, but now the interview:

Hi AJ, ersteinmal congratulations on your solo tour. The runs really top. thank you for your time, we have taken.

How do you like your solo tour to now?
AJ: It is madness. The feedback from the fans is so enormous. That I would not expect. They seem to my songs very much like and some are in almost all shows with it. This is cool.

Your album is expected by the end of the year in Germany out, you will then come back for a promotional tour?
AJ: Yes, it would be possible. But this is still nothing. But I will definitely correct then a larger tour. Either end of this year or in spring 2009.

Could you imagine, to emigrate to Germany?
Yes, definitely. Germany is like my second home. I could imagine a few years to live here. Moreover, I can by all the languages of the countries in which we were German best. Well, yes. I understand more than I can speak, but that is yes then.

Are you finding it beautiful, gifts from fans to get and what was the best gift you ever received?
Yes, it is quite flattering when fans bring gifts, but actually is not necessary. The most beautiful gift-reflection
A few years ago has given me a fan of the wedding rings of their parents a gift. That was really a crazy gift. And very emotional. That was definitely the best gift!

If you like a girl, would you like it?
Oh, I would keep everything very simple. No flirting acquittals or so. I would simply go to her and ask whether we have a drink coffee together. Then we would be put together and just a little chat and we know each other.

What does a normal day from Aj McLean, times when no show due?
I stand against the clock 10 or 11, then I may go jogging, shopping later, depending on which city I look at my sights, then put me together with friends and unternimm something with them. As for example. Cinema.

Some people say that the job of a Stars in addition to the performances consisting of little girls are in love so that they always come back to concerts. Is this true?
No, I would not say that. The fans come to our shows because they love the music and possibly the artists themselves as well. The beauty is, the fans forget in this 2 hour show just their concerns and problems throughout and just enjoy this moment. That is the main reason why the fans come to us. Toll is also that many fans there to meet and learn about shows. There are fans now for over 10 years in contact. This is really great.

What do you usually for a solo show?
So I will either go to the hotel, shower and look more comfortable then a movie, or I still do it. Then my boys and I go and go dancing or eating. But at the moment where I'm so alone, I usually go right to bed. Finally, I save and especially my voice.

What should a girl do and your heart to conquer?
I do not know. It should be spontaneous and honest. Just a nice personality and fun.

Thank you for the interview and your time you've taken this!
We want to continue to be a huge success in your solo project!

Bericht+Interview: Katrin Müller http://musicacts- aj_mclean_ 08.html

SOURCE: xGotMeTwistedx sur BSB Happy

Traduction sur demande !

AJ Mclean on Musicacts live Causeex4

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PostSubject: Re: AJ Mclean on Musicacts live   AJ Mclean on Musicacts live Icon_minitimeSat 14 Jun - 14:01

merci j'aimerai bien une traduction
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PostSubject: Re: AJ Mclean on Musicacts live   AJ Mclean on Musicacts live Icon_minitimeSat 14 Jun - 14:04

Merci. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: AJ Mclean on Musicacts live   AJ Mclean on Musicacts live Icon_minitime

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AJ Mclean on Musicacts live
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