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 Update(Big girls dont cry 2)

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PostSubject: Update(Big girls dont cry 2)   Update(Big girls dont cry 2) Icon_minitimeFri 13 Jun - 14:38

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HAHAHA Sooooo after allllll I DID end up having a kick ass time going out and getting over my so called birthday blues. Earlier in the day I started off with a speed boat rental that I got to drive myself, all over Ontario lake and by the CN Tower, after that a bit of shopping and then some car got towed for the first time in my life, totally shitty, but after that did some pre-drinking and then got a ride in a red Ferrari to the club. It was nice to have my closest friends coming from all over the place just to celebrate my life with me.

I didn't end up throwing up either (ewwwwww) : ) which as I have been told by many is a birthday tradition, I spent most of the night feeding the two bottles I had gotten from the night club Circa here in Toronto, to everyone else and as I progressed more and more vodka was flowing down peoples shirts rather than their mouths. I guess Im bad at pouring while slightly intoxicated ; )

Another one of the things I end up doing is wandering off when Im drunk but fortunately Mike had a whole group of friends looking out for me the entire night. So there it is friends do it all, the get you in just enough trouble to make you feel like your having fun while at the same time keep your from losing it all. What a nice thing huh?

Love you guys for coming to my b-day it was fun and I didn't cry once!


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Update(Big girls dont cry 2) Causeex4

Love is when I'm with you ... Cauz, my reason is you... I cannot breath A seconde
without you That's much i know Nothing eles ... Be my life, my world
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Cralwing Back To You
Cralwing Back To You

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PostSubject: Re: Update(Big girls dont cry 2)   Update(Big girls dont cry 2) Icon_minitimeFri 13 Jun - 15:02

Merci. Very Happy
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Update(Big girls dont cry 2)
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