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 Nick FanChat Interview Transcript

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PostSubject: Nick FanChat Interview Transcript   Sun 6 Jul - 2:21

Part I :

Nick: Hold on… Um… Ok so now what do you want?… Yeah…Yeah…Okay. Okay… So Why are we saving the video? I don’t understand what that’s doing. Ok, alright, so you let me know when it’s ready and i’ll start. let’s do this. Wait a minute, how am I going to be fed the.. ok.. ok,.. alright… so…alright cool. i’ll get on and do it…

It’s a little strange cause you guys can see me right now, or at least I think you can… So I’m going to start answering some questions now (..) all you out there. Um, before I get into that, real quick - so this is my studio. You know, Where the magic happens (..)

Anyway’s um. Alright I’m going to start with some questions, this is from - well if you don’t know. I’m Nick Carter, Backstreet Boy, little ol’ me.

Oh and just to introduce you to my new dog real quick, this is Maxi, say hi Maxi, she’s really scared right now. Maxi’s an Australian Cattle Dog. I’m hoping you guys can see me, and I’m not just talking to… anyways. Ok….let’s start this.

So this one is from Madelyn. It says..

Madelyn: What is the most important, what is most important to me when it comes to being on Stage?

Nick: Well, I think when I’m on stage the most important thing would be the way that we sound. The way that the way we sing onstage. Um, A lot of times we try to make it sound as close the record as possible because we do realize that there are a lot of fans out there that do really enjoy the songs from the past, so I think that in my opinion is one of the most important, to try to sound the best. So, now actually now that I can kind of clear this up real quick. Cause we just did this webcast on MSN and it was um, and it was, I was sick I was extremely sick during that show. so I didn’t sound the best. So just if you guys watched it. I hope you didn’t judge me on that cause I tried to sing good, but I was actually like really sick on that, that show at the 02 Arena. So Anyways, ok.

Leessee2112: What would you do if you were not a singer?

Nick: I don’t know, it’s hard to say what I would do honestly. Uh, I probably would do something involved with the ocean, but I like. I enjoy writing. I actually really enjoy writing screenplays. I enjoy writing music. Could’ve been like a sail boat captain. or actually, you know what else i could’ve been. I could’ve been like a scuba diving instructor. I would’ve go really deep into that. I started scuba when i was like 12 years old. So I could’ve probably advanced more in that. I still can. I’m an open water diver since I was twelve. Everything started when I was twelve.

Krissy (…): Hey Nick, What is the most meaningful gift from a fan you have ever received? Do you wear some of the shirts the fans give you? Kisses from Germany?

Nick: Well kisses back to Germany. I guess you’re asking why do I wear shirts that fans give me. Well, first of all because I don’t want to shop. I hate shopping and I um, so I don’t shop as much as I probably should. so I think fans probably started…

Ok… now they’re both on.. can you herrr me. ok I’m on, ok let’s do this… (now the real Fan Chat starts)

Literally the thing i was worried about was getting on here for about six minutes, by myself, which I did so, um, now we are in the Matrix and your on, you’re chatting with me. Nicholas Gene Carte (with a french accent). Um, this is my recording studio, in my house in Nashville. Welcome to the crissive. I’m nick and I want to introduce you to the new little tyrant, and she’s a Australian cattle dog, I just got her yesterday, her name is Maxi. I’ve always wanted an Australian cattle dog. Actually Laylah is a half Australian cattle dog. so that’s maxi.

The reason I call her Maxi. In the movie called mad Max, he had a dog that was an Australian cattle dog and it’s name was Maxi.

So Anyway lets get to business. Um.. I’m going to go ahead and start to answer some questions for you guys.

Madelyn (question repeated from above)

Nick: The most important thing to me is the way we sound as far as vocally, the way we sing. Trying to make it sound as close to the record as we can. it’s always the most important, even before dancing. We stress ourselves on being a vocal harmony group and uh, I think that’s what’s kind of kept us around forever. (is that) We, we try our hardest to sound the best we can on stage. So that it me is the most important thing. Sounding as close to the record.

So I can clear up something for you guys from the 02 Arena Webcast show. I was really sick, I was really really sick. I had strepthroat during that one, I’m not trying to vouch, I’m just . So just to let you guys know, It wasn’t the best show, so uh, that could’ve sounded a little bit better, so Hopefully you enjoyed it.

Lesse2112: Same question as posted above.

Nick: yeah, it would probably something to do with the ocean. I love the music industry and I love being an entertainer, um. But the thing that I would probably would have done would be something to do with the ocean. Maybe I would’ve been a master diver, and maybe an instructor, someday. It would’ve been kind of cool to in the future, if you look towards the future, you kind of see yourself living in the future, in the Bahamas, or something. Being an instructor and having a little business, it could still happen I think.

Krissy: What’s the most… (same question)

Nick: So Germany, Love you. The thing that - the reason why I wear a lot of the shirts the fans give me is number one, they are great gifts is I love them, They always have like really funny things that they say on them. and also to because I don’t shop as much as I probably should. So it kinda puts me in a position to where I think the fans are starting to realize that I don’t shop enough.I kinda wear the same clothes over and over again, but hey I’m touring. I got one suitcase you’ve go to give me a break, you know what I’m saying.

The most meaningful give: you know, the gift of love. to our music. loving our music and loving the only thing that we’ve done.

Christie Lee: Who do you credit as your greatest support in your career?

Nick: The person, or, the people that I credit the most would probably be the rest of the guys in the group. I, I credit them for showing me, um, a different side of life and a different side of a life, a different way of living. Cause I had trouble with my family and stuff like that, So they were able to kind of mentor me and teach me and um, and I think their influence has been amazing for me as a career. So I credit them for even having a career, cause without them it wouldn’t have been Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys.

Bengylena: What is your favorite thing to do on your days off in between shows?

Nick: the thing I enjoy doing the most is probably is playing basketball. I am really enjoying getting back into that again, getting back into sports.since I’ve been back home. So like playing basketball. I still play video games, what guy doesn’t. The thing that I’ve picked up now is, on this computer, that I’m talking on right now, um. I’ve actually got a couple music programs in there that I’m really enjoying. One program called LogingA and I’m doing a lot more writing for the third album that I’m recording right now. I enjoy writing music on days off, playing sports. I’m a diehard football fan. So hopefully when we’re on tour, on the US/Canda run, football will be back on…! Nothing but the Bucks and the celtics, baby!

Blanca: Have you regret sometime in your life having started so young, maybe too young in this business, not having to live the teenager experience, like going to high-school and parties?

Nick: Well look Blanca, um, as far as the party stuff. there’s so many parties being in the business it’s about time to stop partying as much, that’s one thing. and so I don’t regret that. Um, but you know there was a time when I missed being in school, but you know I realize I’m fortunate and not everybody lives the same life and other people are going to be benefited and blessed in other ares. You know, in being able to live life a lot differently. I think we have all our own paths, just be greatful The one thing I believe in is. being grateful for what you have, and I’m very grateful.

BSBAggi: Hey Nick what is your favorite song to perform?

Nick: My favorite song to perform, from the boys it would probably be, Siberia is a fun song because we don’t perform it to often, and um. Siberia is, Sometimes we throw it into the new shows, It’s one of those songs that the audience is like really quiet, because it’s the type of song, it’s such a touching and unique melody so I think that’s why I enjoy siberia. Now by myself I really enjoy singing I got you. the song that was written on the first solo record. I enjoy performing that song because it’s touching and amazing, and the melody is amazing.

Mykacho84: How do you decide what non-bsb songs to play live with BSB?

Nick: So that kind of answers the same. How do I decide. It’s hard you know. you just got to satisfy yourself but at the same time you’ve got to satisfy the people listening to you and wanting to hear your music. It’s kind of half a medium, a compromise. Trying to put yourself in, your in the fans minds. So I think that that is how you decide. You know, what is it. you think to yourself if you went to one of your favorite artists concerts, what would you want to hear. There would probably be some songs that they don’t normally perform that you would want to hear too. It’s kind of complex, but hey that’s my job and it’s fun. So..

Drummergirl1984: Hi nick my name is Robbin and I was wondering is it hard remembering all the dance moves?

Nick: It gets harder t the older you get o remember stuff period. and it’s fun, it’s fun to perform. it’s fun to add choreography to the song that’s you’ve done. and re choreographing is a lot of fun. Working with people like Richie Torrigan (sp?), we’re friends. So it’s just fun, it can be sometimes tedious to remember some of the things, some of the moves. If you mess up you just got to kind of go with it.

Vinna AllAbass: Nick, you mentored something in one of your bulletins that you had something in store for Europe. Can you give us a clue as to what that might be? World domination?

Nick: I don’t remember saying world domination. (laughs), no, um. Just what I was insinuating was embarking on recoding solo material again. i took a very long time in-between to come back with the boys and obviously not leaving the group, because I love them and um. i really I kinda went back to school and studied a lot more. I was kind of thrown into the frying pan wit the last solo record. That was what I was meaning. That I wanted to keep it secret, but I’m letting it out of the bag, cause I love you guys. At the moment recording in Nashville. It’s not anything you guys
are expecting so maybe, it’ll be great music so um, that’s what I mean by sunrise.

Marjet: if you could go back to one moment in your life, what moment would it be and why?

Nick: I think I would go back, it’s hard to say that I would go back because you know. everything takes you to where you are now, and I;m grateful for that and it teaches you so much and I’ve recently started to realize some things about myself . I think I would’ve talked a little bit more to my grandmother before she passed away. yah that would probably be something I would do, cause she was cool.

BrianHeartsBacon: Whatever happened to Frick and Frack?

Nick: ok well, Frick and Frack came out again on tour, and towards the end we started sayin’ - me Frick, me Frack, and doing all that stuff again. And, no, Frick and Frack are still there. You’ve just got to come see it and expereicne the Frackalicious and the Frickatrocious , and so no fick and frack still exist. it never ends, it never ends.

SOURCE : Into Backstreet

PS: Traduction sur demande !


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PostSubject: Re: Nick FanChat Interview Transcript   Sun 6 Jul - 2:21

Part II

KarinaB6: You said you like basketball do you like the Phoenix Suns?

Nick: I love, First of all here’s the thing about basketball. I’m a big fan of basketball period. I’m more of a - as far as football goes, NFL goes. I’m a diehard Tampa Bay fan big fan now - been for years. but basketball I like to play basketball, so kinda like to watch good ball, but um, I was always - when i was younger, I am a fan of Celtics - this is stupid but stuff was going on when i was younger, because of the color green - So I started liking them a lot , but then I jumped on the bulls bandwagon because of Michael Jordan and then, you know, you know moved to orlando was up i orlando all the time, so I watching orlando. i just enjoy good basketball and I thought that the celtics played really amazing basketball, so they deserve to win. And, um. we know Shaq, We’re good friends with Shaq back in the day. So yes, I like the suns cause Shaq is there.So, maybe the Sun will rise in Phoenix.

BBN30: When will you get another Nick’s Corner?

Nick: I would like to um, I’m going to probably do that more along the lines, probably when I start my own website, Also I was going to do that sort of stuff, a, net, or something at the moment, but uh, I will be like highly interactive with that. So I’m thinking about talking with Eddie and the guys from um, that run our website online, the BackstreetBoys.Com. I’ve got to get back into the, Nick’s Corner, I’ve just been kind of consumed ever since I got home with a lot of stuff so, if you guys want it, I’ll give it to yah.

Drina(sp?): Who is the person in my [meaning Nick] Do I admire the Most?

Nick: K, The person that I admire the most, is…I don’t know, I really admire Kevin a lot for his strength, and I admire, um, he had given me a book recently that was given to him when his father passed away and I’ve been reading it, it’s basically, It’s an old book, and it’s called Why Some Powerful Thinkers Get Positive Results and I try to apply, um, the sort of secret approach to my life. Changing everything, making everything more positive and thinking in a different way. It’s taken some time, but it’s definitely working and so that’s kind of like where I’m going now. Trying to get back to my old self, like when I was younger, when i first started. That joy and that funness that I haven’t allowed myself. So anyways He, I admire him for going through those hard times in his life, and I admire him for. I mean I admire so many people it can’t just be just one person. I admire all the guys in the group for the things that they’ve gone through and the things they’ve taught me as well. But I mean, I’m definitely blessed to have four great brothers.

NikitaCarter: How would you describe yourself in only three words?

Nick: The Um, three words would be, I mean the same thing we’ve said over the years. Fun, um, free spirited, so thats three words. I’m free, and I’m spirited. I like that. There you go, fun, free, and spirited. I like that.

SOSDLove/LuvBSB: I was wondering if you could make the world a better place, What would you do?

Nick: All we can do is try, to um, do the best for yourself. Then hopefully other people will be able to see it. and Maybe you can reflect that positive energy through music or um however, whatever way you can be an outlet. The best um, anybody has the possibility and the, you know just to change the world, I think. You can change your world and by changing your world you can change others as well.

NicksChick07: (Nick - you’re my chick. You’re my chick? Ok, I’ll take that) What is the feel for your next album?

Nick: I don’t know if you;re talkin’ solo album, mine, or the boys album because we’re doing both at the moment. But the thing that I’ve been racking my brain, that i’ve been trying to realize is that I think, um, I’m influenced by all sorts of music. I’m influenced by rock, I’m influenced by Hip-Hop by R&B, obviously from the beginning of Backstreet Times. [But} the one thing that’s consistent in all of it is that melodically, and I think some of the songs that we have done as a group have been, and I keep stressing on this, but we keep very positive sort of songs. Very um, It’s like I call them feel good songs. You know, you listen to them and they make you smile. They take about a moment, and they’re just great pop songs and I’ve come to a realization that I’m not trying to be somebody that I’m not anymore, I’m not going to try to be a rock star. I’m not going to try to be a hip-hop artist, I’m just going to be me. I’m just going to be who I am and I’m going to make that translate to the music that I’m going to record and write as a solo artist. And, um I guess we’re just going to see what happens. But I think I’ve kind of, I’ve kind’ve got an idea of where to go and that’s just create music that the Backstreet fans have grown up to and loved for many years and create music that’s very similar to that. Just create music that they want to hear and that’s that’s what it’s all about. You know, It’s time to embrace who you are and be that, and I’m cool with that. So I think I’m going to just make an amazing Pop record that’s kind of right down the middle and it’s going to be me.

DNEL: Nick if you could be a car, what would it be?

Nick: (laughs) I’d be a hybrid. I can say, you know, like, like dogs look like their owners, you know. I guess what I’m trying to say is I look like, what I would look like or if I could be a car because the speed that it is or because of the color. I don’t know, I think because, I don’t know. I’m a natural. I love nature and I love to do anything that I can to preserve, um preserve the planet and try to reverse some of the stuff that we’ve done, . So I really I’d probably be hybrid of some sort. Hey and a hybrid to because I’m also influenced by all sorts of different music and like, I work

Katorina: Mr Carter, (…) are you reading and answering personally your myspace mail?

Nick: The french like us? well I love you all. we’ve got to go there, I’m mad we didn’t go there. So anyway right now. I am, right now, The reason why I took down the video is because right now I’m reconstructing the entire page. We’re going to make it like a really nice classy sort of page to go to. (and) It’s going to have great information and all that stuff is still going to happen. Funny things that I do, um, but um, I do answer the myspace mail myself and I’m highly involved in it myself. Now that things are starting to pick up a little bit, I might give it over to somebody else to help me design the site and do all that other stuff. I’m going to always be highly active in talking to everybody. It’s difficult for me to get back to everybody because fortunately there is a lot of fans on the myspace page, um we’re trying to narrow in and and I’m trying to take care of everybody at the same time.

Charley: Will there be a tour dvd? We all want one so bad.

Nick: I think that we will be working on a tour DVD for the BSB show that we just did so hopefully if all goes according to plan and goes well we’ll go ahead and release that.

BaxterT: Do you get to go see other peoples concert? Who did you last see

Nick: Actually um, I went to the CMA, Country Festival, and I saw a couple of different artist up on the stage. and um, I saw, The last person I saw was billy ray cyrus on stage. Cause I came a little late but I saw billy. If i’m telling the truth that’s the last person i saw. I haven’t been to as many concerts as I would like to.

SOURCE : Into Backstreet

PS: Traduction sur demande !


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PostSubject: Re: Nick FanChat Interview Transcript   Sun 6 Jul - 8:08

Merci. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Nick FanChat Interview Transcript   

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Nick FanChat Interview Transcript
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