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August 6, 2009
Dancin is fun...
posted by Nick Carter

I'm officially sweating my ass off as I type. RoRo and Chosen got us Daaaaancin. YEAH!! The choreography is GREAT. We hired Fli to Organize it and help with the next World Tour. Its like old times again. I really think that your gonna be suprized. ( YES I KNOW HOW TO SPELL "surprised" LIVEDAILY.) lol. Anyways, The show is going to be packed with so much. The stage is going to be visually explosive. Were talking about bringing out dancers again. And with the new music. Especially songs like STMH. I believe that this will be one of our BEST ALBUMS AND SHOWS EVER. I think it has something to do with the quality of songs that we chose. It not only amps us up, but it makes us feel like were back in our zone again. The feeling of Electric flows through not only us , but everyone that watches us dance and prepare for this amazing process. As you can tell. I'm very HAPPY!! teehee . I know that i always say it , But I'm so lucky to be a part of something so special and so unique. Think about it? How many people thought we would still be here? Were what they call a BOYBAND. And from their eyes we are supposed to die. Well, I say that we are here to stay. Anyways .i gotta run their calling mee.. see ya

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