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 Read what Angel has said

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PostSubject: Read what Angel has said   Read what Angel has said Icon_minitimeFri 2 May - 17:51

** Quotes

Things Angel has said :

• "My hair is actually curly. I just got it layered in New York and I straightened it last night."

• "Mmm-hmm! I love my hair! I don't wanna sound conceited, but I do-I love long hair. A year ago I was thinking about maybe cutting it, but I don't know. I'm never gonna cut it now! Never!"

• "Acting and mostly modeling. I just signed with T Management-[Aaron call over, "Tell 'em who that is!"]- it's Donald Trump. What I wanna do is is I wanna start modeling now and I'll get into acting more when I get older. I'm excited!"

• "Yeah, [the modeling] is for Steve Madden, Limited Too, and the little kids wear Stevies shoes."

• "Yeah, Aaron and I check out sites sometimes, but we don't have the internet now, so we can't anymore [laughs]."

• "If you lost my phone, you are getting me a new one!"-Angel
"Fine I will."-Aaron
"With what money Aaron?"-Angel
"I'll sing a show or something..."-Aaron (Conversation between Angel and Aaron at a show)

• "I appreciate what all my fans do for me and I wish them good luck in all they do and to always follow their dreams."

• "Oh yeah! [Aaron] could wink and someone's weird."

• "I like shopping now."

• "Thanks! I like it, too." (Talking about her outfit)

• "Oh, hey. I gave Aaron your letter and made sure he opened it."

• "I better get inside before I get noticed."

• "I totally depend on BJ. When mom's not around, I go to her for advice on anything. Whether it's on boys or school."

• "No, this is, this is b.s."

• "[Aaron and I are] basically half of the same whole."

• "When Aaron came up to me, he just slapped me five and said, 'Great to see my Angel again!' That really made me feel better than all the hugs and kisses because, well, everybody does that."

• "Nick is the best brother I’ve ever had. No offense Aaron!"

• "A twin is just like…the other half of yourself, while an older brother is a different person entirely."

• "I’m one of the three luckiest girls in the world, to have [Nick] as my brother."

• "[Aaron and I] still fight and hit each other!"

• "Nick’s not at home much but he still acts the same. Aaron’s still a bit of a goofball."

• "No, I don't miss out on anything. I'm a normal child, just like the others. But I get to experience what other kids don't. I get to travel where they probably will never visit. But overall, I'm normal."

• "Me? Singing? No way! I like to sing, but I don't have that extreme voice."

• "Of course, he's my big brother, I look up to him. Letting him go would be the last thing I'd do." (talking about Nick)

• "I really look up to him. I like being around him, but my sister always tells me to stop following him around. I don't follow him! She just says that." (talking about Nick)

• "Yeah, me and BJ are very close even though there's a bit of difference in age. Nick is very close to BJ, and I think I have a good relationship to Nick. Nick and Aaron are close. And of course me and Aaron. You can say we're best friends. Leslie always stuck to herself. But she's really happy when Nick is home. They use to do things together."

• "I don't want to be a Spice Girl!"

• "I worry about my brother whenever he is on the road, I am afraid that someone will try and snatch him."

• "Twins feel different from the way other people feel,we think alike."

• "Just like I said before, I am not into acting or instrumental like the others, and I have NO idea what I want to be when I grow up, I am"

• "I am older than Aaron by one and a half minutes but it really doesn't matter because we're still twins."

• "Aaron is my twin, but when he does stupid things I sometimes start to wonder!"

• "Leslie has a beautiful voice."

Things said about Angel :

• "Angel has a lot of potential for anything. If you think about it, everybody has potential for anything." {Aaron-Oct 02 POPSTAR]

• "But Angel, she's like an actress and a model and she wants to do something different, you know, from what the rest of the family has done, which is singing. She wants to be her own individual and start something... so maybe I wanna be a model now, you know? No, I'm just kidding. [Laughs] I think she'll succeed" [Aaron Oct 02 POPSTAR]

• "Angel Carter, we were on tour together (on Aaron's tour), we'd hang out more than I would hang out with anyone else, but we weren't "going out"...I should just say "no comment.." They're all good friends." [Chris Trousdale-former Dream Street Member]

• "No, I don't really snore that much. Nick does a little bit but it's not too bad, but Angel snores so loud it wakes the whole house up."[Aaron Carter]

• "It's a lot of fun. Angel and I have a great relationship. She watches out for me and I watch out for her. Life in the entertainment business can get tough and she makes sure I never get ahead of myself."[Aaron Carter]

• "Aaron and I are good friends. I'm also close to his sister, Angel. Aaron and I are not 'together,' but we hang out. We tell each other everything!"[Jade-No Secrets]

• "Angel actually helped me put the poop in [Aaron's] shoe!"-[Chris Trousdale from Dream Street]

• "Yeah, [Angel and I] definitely [finish each others sentences,] but at the moment we're apart for ages which can be really tough. There have been a couple of times when we've been apart when we've really needed to talk to each other and we've just called at exactly the same time. That kind of thing can be weird but we're not that spooky. We just miss each other loads!"[Aaron Carter]

• "Yeah brother comes out [on tour] sometimes, and uh, my sister Angel is umm, she is like part of the crew now, she does like uh wardrobe now, so that's pretty cool. I mean that's real exciting to know that, ya know, I have my family related with me in the business."[Aaron Carter]

• "I always see my little sister Angel checkin' out fashion magazines it's like an obsession to her she loves the clothes, the make-up, the models. I mean why not, it looks pretty glamorous right?"[Nick Carter (Fake ID Club Jr-MTV)]

• "It's a good thing that Aaron's tour is a family affair. Sis Leslie is a performer, while B.J. does their make-up and Aaron's twin Angel makes sure everyone is laughing. His mom, Jane, is his manager and his dad, Bob, drives the tour bus." ["M" Magazine]

• "Actually, Angel and I have the same exact personality. It's almost weird, because we act exactly the same, and sometimes, we are talking and we start at the same time and finish with the same word. It's really awkward."[Aaron Carter]

• "They're doing good, they're doing great, yeah. Leslie is actually starting to get into singing. And my sister Bobbie is starting to act; my twin sister Angel is starting to model."[Aaron Carter]

• "I was bitten by a garden snake. I was prodding it with a stick and it just turned around and bit me on the arm! I screamed because I remembered seeing someone on the TV who sucked poison out of his arm, so I tried to do that, too. My dad ran up to me and said that the snake wasn't poisonous, so I was safe. But for a few minutes, I thought I was going to die. Then Angel started trying to make it bite her so she could be the same as me!" [Aaron Carter]

• "Angel and I have a good relationship. She's always sweet and caring."[Aaron Carter]

• "Who needs my bro Nick when you've got a totally cool twin sister like Angel?"[Aaron Carter]

• "My sister Angel's cool to play with cause she likes to do wheelies. We're dangerous when we get going!" [Aaron Carter]

• "Angel is not at all jealous of me. She is more like a model. She doesn't want to be onstage. She has more of an interest in girl stuff - clothes, make-up, and that stuff. Angel and I have a special relationship. She is with me at my concerts and I like that. [With her there], it [feels] like I'm at home." [Aaron Carter]

• "Two years ago when I was in the hospital with pneumonia. My family came every day, but Angel slept in my room in a spare bed every night for three weeks."[Leslie Carter]

• [Angel] didn't want me to feel alone, so she'd go home for just an hour or two to shower and get dressed, then come back to be with me." [Leslie Carter]

• "Angel's my little sister, but when I needed help, she became strong and got me through it." [Leslie Carter]

• "Angel is the most easygoing person that I know. She is just always really happy for everybody, and I know that she will continue to support all of us."[Nick Carter]

• "My mom has a video tape of me and my twin sister, Angel, jumping on the couch singing "Twist & Shout'"[Aaron Carter(YM magazine 2001)]

Source : Angel Carter Net

Read what Angel has said Causeex4

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PostSubject: Re: Read what Angel has said   Read what Angel has said Icon_minitimeFri 2 May - 17:57

Merci. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Read what Angel has said   Read what Angel has said Icon_minitimeSat 3 May - 7:12

thanks babe Smile
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Read what Angel has said
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