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 NY Trip !!!!!!

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PostSubject: NY Trip !!!!!!   NY Trip !!!!!! Icon_minitimeThu 18 Dec - 16:33

Thursday, December 18, 2008

NY Trip
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Wow! My trip was over so fast, but we all had a blast. Greg and I left early Friday morning and got to Buffalo about 2:30 was cold about 20 degrees and we loved the feeling of the cold air in our faces! It was snowing, so we felt like is was Christmas already, you know that magical feeling you used to get when you were a little kid, back when you believed in Santa Claus? Almost felt as good as that. We decided to take a short trip over to Niagra Falls to get a quick photo op at the falls. I nearly froze to death with the mist coming off the falls, the cold just soaked right into your skin.

After that we headed west to Chautauqua where my Dad lives. It is about 70 miles away, so we got there and got settled in quickly. My brother Steve and Nikki's flight was delayed and they got stuck in New Jersey until late that night. We went to Andriaccios Restaurant with my Dad, Linda, and their eccentric friend, Woody, who kept us all entertained! I had my favorite fish fry, Haddock, and we all had a wonderful time. Greg got to meet my Father for the first time, and I could tell he liked him alot. My Dad is the funniest man I know...Aaron comes in a close second, but I think he realized now where he gets his sense of humor.

Steve and Nikki got in about 10pm I think, and lo and behold we get a call a short time later from Nick saying that he and Aaron are driving up from Tennessee and are just down the street! Greg was exhausted and he went to bed, I was tired too but I stayed up to serve the boys some chili my Dad made. Then they and Uncle Steve managed to find a sled and they proceeded to get all crazy sledding down the hill in front of my Dads house. Believe me, it is a steep hill! If you can't stop it looks like you will go right into the lake at the bottom!

Nick looks soooo skinny to me but he looks healthy. Aaron is back to his old happy self again. Nick has been helping him get his positivity back again, getting him to read Norman Vincent Peale. It's so nice to be back together again. Love will truly win in the end.

More to come...

Source : Jane Official Myspace

PS: Traduction sur demande !

NY Trip !!!!!! Causeex4

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NY Trip !!!!!!
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